Archangel Metatron: Living Life Lawfully

Greetings and many blessings to you.

Picture, if you will, a magnificent, white lotus flower. It is at the peak of its bloom, with perfect open petals atop a green, lotus leaf. Every petal is in perfect symmetry and the whiteness of each petal is as pure as the driven snow. In its perfection there is nothing to change yet, as it ages, it becomes less perfect; the petals begin to brown and then drop off. Eventually, it dies. However, its seeds have been sown and so it will be replaced by many more, perfect blooms. It is an endless, natural cycle of birth, growth, death and birth that is part of the laws of nature, specifically the Law of Cyclic Return.

All living things live under Spiritual Law, including humans, meaning that no law can be evaded or intervened upon without invoking consequences. As technological, scientific and medicinal research and discoveries for mankind make significant advances, so too does the risk of intervening in the major laws, inadvertently causing catastrophic changes to nature that cannot be reversed in the short term. I am talking here about major problems on Earth such as climate change and the increase of extreme weather phenomenons such as earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones.

It is not just the weather caused by man’s thirst for knowledge and quests to change the course of nature. As science attempts to stop ageing, cure disease and even bring people back from the dead, the consequences can either be rewarding or dire, particularly if the techniques are not trialled properly or done “under the counter” so to speak. Meddling with the laws of nature cannot be taken lightly and humans are now beginning to pay the price.

There are many awakened souls who are working to raise the energies upon Mother Earth and amongst humankind, and there are signs that their work has not gone in vain. However, there is much work to do in stopping practices whose only focus is financial gain at the sacrifice of human, animal and plant life. The laws contravened when killing a fly are enough to set other laws in motion, so imagine the effects of the travesties occurring at the hands of those whose actions have killed many, plundered the sea, poisoned the air or ravaged the terrain for their own gain?

While everything is as it is, the message I have for you today is that every single one of you has the power to change your thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and actions in terms of how your decisions affect the energies of the Earth. You also have the ability to send powerful healing to the Earth. While it may seem to you that you have no power, the opposite is actually true when you lift the boundaries of how you affect change and the manner in which you do it. You must think universally, globally and etherically, claiming your spiritual mastery in tandem with the laws of nature and the universe when you meditate and send love energy and healing to the planet. You must also connect to the lightworkers of the world and enact the Law of Group Endeavour to ensure that the healing you are sending goes out through all lightworkers and ascended souls to create maximum impact. Do not ask for the greater good without at first making sure you are grounded and protected, asking that it also be for your highest and best – there is no need to sacrifice energy to ensure the survival of the planet!

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every thought creates form and every decision you make will affect change and cause some kind of impact on yourself, your environment and on the energies of the planet. Not one person can claim that their existence on Earth has no impact on the planet as a whole? When you reflect on your life so far, what imprint have you left and how can you ensure that your existence on Earth is a useful, helpful and lawful one?

I AM yours in service,

Archangel Metatron.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


3 Replies to “Archangel Metatron: Living Life Lawfully”

  1. Daedalus

    This “Spiritual Law” has been crossed and trampled over again and again …

    And climate change is fake – one just needs to check articles from decades ago … many “predictions” never came to fruition, but were just fear based nonsense intended to make sheeps one flock so to more easily take off their wool.

    Wake up people – were on our own … but even being on our own we have more power to change this world than we can imagine at the moment.

    1. Emma

      I agree.
      And this channeling seems to lack light, even though it cleverly starts of with almost a beautiful poem about white flowers to lure the reader.