Ashtar: We Are In Your Skies

Dear Brothers of the planet! Earth! I am Ashtar Sheran!

It is with joy, always with joy, that I come to you today. We have been very present in your skies, (present I speak in physical form), where you can see us. This is happening all over the planet. We are preparing people, little by little, for our appearance. Of course, the vast majority still look on with mistrust and fear. But be assured that the moment we appear, everyone inside that ship emanates so much unconditional love for you, that this energy reaches the heart of everyone who sees us. And that fear, that fright, almost instantly turns into bewilderment and surprise. And this is how we are transforming the hearts of many.

Of course, those who still have the power of information on the planet, like to put catastrophes, like to put invasions, attacks by beings from outside, on the inhabitants of this planet, in a supposed war for power and domination. It would be very interesting if you all already knew, that this has already happened a long time ago. The only difference is that they didn’t arrive destroying everything, they undermined the planet little by little, making you the humanity you see today. I would say it was a mental invasion and totally planned, but we always like to point out that none of this happened, because you became simple puppets.

You have free will, and everything that was presented to you at one time seemed very good, seemed pleasant, brought you joy, brought you happiness; showing you that the rest was not important, the important thing was personal pleasure, no matter how that pleasure was achieved. So you were getting addicted, getting used to everything that was given, in the pursuit of this “supposed happiness and illusory pleasure”. It’s nobody’s fault (if there is a fault); it’s not the fault of those who put it all out there, because they saw in you the craving for it, they saw in you the craving to separate from Source, to separate from Source, and you made that choice. If you had not made the choice, everything would be different today; I would not be here talking, nor would the other Beings of Light, because you would have evolved a long time ago, or rather, I would say that you would not even have left the Fifth Dimension where you were.

So it’s not our place here to put all the blame on those who came here and brought the gifts. Those who wanted to, who resonated with those gifts, accepted the gifts. We understand easily, the difficulty you have to get rid of these addictions, to get rid of all this “supposed joy” placed by them, to get rid of those moments of total absence from the world, so that you don’t live your own problems. Believe me, we understand. But we have been telling you, and showing you, that there is another way for you to feel happy, joyful, and free from problems. It’s all about just one thing: “Believe that vibrations make their way. If you vibrate low today, you will reap the result tomorrow; likewise if you vibrate high, you will reap gifts.

So, we are placing for you a new choice, a New World, only that in this New World, the vices, the subterfuges, the thoughtless, dishonest, false attitudes, which you are used to, do not fit; only the attitudes of love, solidarity, friendship, love for your neighbor, love without expecting anything in return. For many of you this is impossible, and you take it as a truth: “it is impossible”. And I would say that this truth grows every day. Now, if you open your hearts and let all this love in, let this love that is inside bloom, it has not died; you all have this love inside, which is the spark of Father/Mother God. If you let it grow, you will live this love wonderfully and easily.

Unfortunately, you can’t serve two masters; either you serve the light and start a journey of cleansing, of letting go of all the things that brought you those so-called joys, the addictions, the attitudes, or you stay in them. There is no serving both; you either serve the Light or you serve the Third Dimension. We have been doing this daily, minute by minute on our ships. Each one of us who is above your skies, is almost all the time focused, in a great egregore of love surrounding this planet. Our intention is that this egregore will suffocate all others, because love is the strongest and most resilient feeling in the universe, and it can destroy anything.

We didn’t leave, we are all here. Because exactly why, because we need to emanate so much love to this planet, we need a huge number of beings emanating this love. And I can tell you, that this egregore of love of ours has already encircled the planet. Unfortunately, it is quickly consumed by the negative grids that are there. But we keep going, and we don’t give up. So just think, if each one of you takes the path of love, the path of light, you may not be strong enough to generate a large egregore, but at least you won’t be inflating those negative egregores anymore, and that’s already a great achievement.

I wish we could emit a great ray and destroy all the negative grids on your planet; a great ray of love, but we cannot. Because you will have free will until the end, until the last human is in the Third Dimension. When he is gone, you will be in the Fifth Dimension, or wherever you are supposed to be, and then the free will is gone. But as long as there is the Third Dimension and you are in it, there is nothing we can do to encroach on your choices. Your soul choices are always respected at all times. We wish it were different, that we could step in and act in the way we think is right, but we can’t do that.

“Project Earth” is not over yet, Father/Mother God has not finalized the project of free will, so there is nothing we can do that is against your will. So it all depends on raising the consciousness of the planet. You are almost there, but you still oscillate a lot. When we think: “Now it goes!”, you fall again, you can’t keep yourselves elevated. But we hope that very soon you will reach this great potential of consciousness, so that we can start the new phase. A troubled phase, a difficult phase, but necessary, because it will be the phase that will uproot all the lies, all the falsehoods, all the bad things that have been presented to you and that you have enjoyed. And what will be the difference? You will realize what you have caused yourselves and the planet with every single gift you have been given.

Nothing has gone unnoticed, nothing has gone unreacted to, and it will be up to each one of you to choose: “I choose to continue as I am, since I am here, I will continue. Or those who will choose: “No, I want to change, I want to evolve” And then, yes, we will have a lot of work to absorb all these souls that will come thirsty for information, for energy, for treatment, for healing. And be assured that we are ready, each one of us, to do whatever it takes for each inhabitant of this planet to make his or her ascension.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


22 Replies to “Ashtar: We Are In Your Skies”

  1. Sara

    If you are up there bring your @$$ down here and show yourselves Nephilim!!! Stop BS ing and show up already. All I’ve seen here is BD talk for years now.<– you are NOT God.

  2. Linda

    Just one little comment. There is techno capability now to project holograms in the sky. Are we sure we are seeing what we think we are seeing?

    1. Sara

      No your not seeing what u think–> it is technology’s holograms–>>it’s all a big nephilim lie!!!! They sure talk a lot of peace and love but if you haven’t noticed this world is going down the hatred route not peace and love–> you’d think if they were helping things would be getting better, but they’re getting worse! Of course I still believe in loving people!

  3. John Sutter

    If there really were these Galactics all they need do is break the media stranglehold. The fact that this has not been done to me indicates there are no Galactics.

    The mass media of news and entertainment is their most powerful weapon.

    Most people are too weak minded to think anything but what they are told.

  4. Peter

    I’m in Toronto, Canada. I have realized a couple of days ago that everything that I perceive is fake and we are being manipulated. I’m awake now, but terrified because I see who the beings are that control us and I see what they are doing and how they are doing it. I also see that others can’t see how they are being manipulated. Today I feel that something wants to come out of me badly. My heart is pumping and it feels as if someone inside wants to get released. I started listening to it. It brought me to this site. I want to get it released but I don’t know what to do…

  5. Mike Ohira

    Indeed, this article is directed to the sheeples of earth. I’m fed up with so much of just talking again and again about their intentions for earth and us humanity, just feeding us similar information time and again. Ashtar and his ships have been roaming around planet earth since the 70’s and what are they saying to us now? “We are in your skies”.

    Why don’t they just land here with a couple of ships and have that broadcasted to the world. Isn’t that fast and simple? We are all ready. All they need to do is ask the White Hats for their cooperation. In fact, the Galactics have advanced technology that they could do all that by themselves with no need of assistance from the White Hats if they wanted to and I’m pretty sure every one of us would be grateful should that happen, the only exception would be the dark ones. And should this happen right now, I can’t imagine the amount of joy, pleasure and happiness this would bring to the people of the world. There are so many of us suffering due to old age, diseases, the jabs and all that and lots of people are ascending each day.

    Now he is like saying “I’m very sorry, there’s not much we can do for you because you have free will”. Is it our fault that we have free will? 3D humans have fallen into negative behaviors without realizing because of our limited consciousness and that was the kind of world we lived in (duality) so we can’t be blamed for becoming the sheeples we are.

    And Ashtar, how much longer do you expect us to wait? No matter how long it may take, there will be quite a number of humans who would opt for 3D because many are addicted to low consciousness old earth experiences and not able to adapt to higher dimensional life in New Earth.

    1. Finch

      Most of these channelers also have $240 personal sessions available, or a book series they’d like you to purchase. One claims to be the twin flame of an archangel. Another has been pictured with a Rockefeller. It’s a showcase for the work of charlatans and worse.

      1. Mike Ohira

        Good question, John. There are so many versions of Ashtar I think only you can tell which is the real one.

      2. Ioana Maria

        How do you know if a message is from the real Ashtar Sheran or from a false Ashtar (an entity in the astral plane that claims to be Ashtar)? You have to look deep into your heart and if you feel love, peace and joy, the message is from the real Ashtar. If you have a bad feeling (“heavy heart”) it is a fake Ashtar.

  6. Douglas A James

    Ok Ashtar. People will let go once they don’t have to worry about $$$$$$$… It’s so simple people have to feed themselves via $$$

    1. LaurentS

      That is the point. A few people control the resources of everyone. So almost everybody is focused on survival or just having enough, nothing much else. The only ones who are full time in “spiritual mode” are the channels and the “spiritual coaches”, and they generally ask money for their “help”, even when they “teach” about abundance!

    2. PS

      The financial system is set to flip where that won’t be such a concern. There’s a better system already up and running behind the current corrupted one that will take over when fiat dies.

      Is it NESARA? Some say yes. Some say no. The agreement among truthers is that there is a better system ready to go and it will remove the debt slavery we’re under. Just removing the debt slavery and tax slavery will do wonders all on its own.

      1. Mike Ohira

        I think you’re talking about the QFS (quantum financial system). Nesara/Gesara and all that will not function unless the QFS is first set in place.

    3. Daedalus

      Its not at all about “this small clique of inhuman impostors control all the wealth in the world”. Its about humans – their mentality, and how to unprogram ourselves from someone who often puts parasitic ways of living on pedestal and live in eternal chase for something they will never catch. So, we spend our lives in futile chase … while the same “elites” use the humans as “currency” within their game of barter.

      Once enough of people say “I cannot support this unsustainable system anymore” – its over for any “elites”.

      Many are obsessed with trivial things and forget how its simplicity within them that hides the true abundance. Then they completely forget about that abundance they hold, and they just need to unlock it within themselves.

      Sure, people will say “we all need money to live”. Thats true, for now. But you dont need every possible “shiny” crap. You need basic stuff. And many are beyond help as they try to cram materialistic stuff into the spiritual holes they carry within themselves. This causes a spiral of self-destruction within many, and is peaking right now in this period of time. Because no matter how much one could try to put the materialistic wealth as “placebo”, it will never be enough for them …

      1. LaurentS

        @ Daedalus, basic stuff is different for everyone. Rare are the people who can live with what only sustains their biological life. The problem is not people who work too much to get unnecessary things, but people who have to spend all their time and energy just to afford for them and their family a home, enough food, education for their children, a few distractions (because we aren’t machines), and health insurance. In the USA, there are millions of “working poor.” This is the same in the other western countries. The rest of the world isn’t a better place. This economic problem is parallel to the increase of billionaires. Always less money for the employees, while always more the shareholders, the “elites.” After WWII these two groups used to receive the same % of income from the production. The plan behind the unbalance increasing since the 80s is obviously to reduce populations by poverty effects. History shows how poverty always reduce populations…
        People who spend all their energy and time in working can’t take time for understanding the world they are in. No time for ourselves, no spirituality.

        1. Daedalus

          You havent understood what I meant. As long as one supports the system, and many will because they think they “dont have a choice”, they will keep the “elites” afloat.

          Even more, you could remove all “elites” and new “elites” will come to their place. Because nature of corruption and greed is within many humans present in ample ways.

          This tells you that there is a root problem within human programmed false “nature”, and no matter how much you try to “red-i-stribute” the assets, there will always be those who will plainly abuse it.

          Even if both sides have sufficient levels of basic needs, one side would have more and other would have less. There would be a conflict along that line.

          This tells us what is required – a complete unprogramming from the old ways. We think in misery, we get the misery back. No redistribution and “equalization” will help with permanent solution of that.

          And this is why there is no yet financial collapse, the financial collapse is following the collective consciousness. But it doesnt seem far away, either … because the happenings already show to people what is of true worth, and what is merely fleeting.

          1. LaurentS

            @Daedelus. I agree with the idea we produce our political, economical, societal systems, our personal life by the way we think. My comment above was about to have the possibility to change our thoughts, so the systems. People need time for themselves. They are drained to survive. They are economical slaves. Check the “Maslow pyramid” (the hierarchy of needs) if you have time.