Why the Federal Reserve Note’s Decline Is FAR Worse Than Reported

Americans are waking up to some uncomfortable truths. One of these is the fact that government bureaucrats and the corporate media regularly lie about what is going on in the world.

They tell us the Federal Reserve Note “dollar” is strong and price inflation is completely under control. (We use quote marks because a true dollar is 24.057 grams of silver, whereas the Federal Reserve Note is a form of counterfeit.)

Millions of Americans now notice rapid price inflation and a good portion of them are pouring into physical bullion.

To illustrate just how much nonsense is baked into official inflation data, we are presenting three charts…

The first is a chart of the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) over the past year. This one is a favorite of Wall Street and central bankers who want Americans to think the Federal Reserve Note is stable, or even getting stronger.

US Dollar Index, United States, Feb 6, 2022

The DXY is very often cited in the financial press and incorporated in trading algorithms. Anyone who doesn’t dig deeper would have the impression the U.S. dollar got much stronger over the past year. They would, of course, be very wrong.

The trick is that the DXY index simply measures the dollar against other major unbacked fiat currencies around the world. It is not a measure of actual purchasing power. Not in the least!

The only real utility for this information is among currency traders and charlatans using it to convince people the dollar is much stronger than it actually is.

The next chart is more useful to ordinary Americans. The data is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and purports to measure the dollar’s purchasing against a basket of real-world goods and services.

While it is closer to the actual truth, this information has also been used to mislead. Bureaucrats have been busily modifying it over the years to hide the erosion in Americans’ purchasing power.

2021 Dollar Decline Chart

In times like these, officials would almost certainly rather people just focus on the DXY index. The first chart looks better than the second if you want Americans to stand patiently while being shorn by inflation.

Unfortunately for the political class, it is impossible to hide rising prices for virtually everything.

They developed novel ways to tamp down the inexorable rise in the Consumer Price Index, such as “hedonic adjustments,” geometric weighting, owners’ rent equivalent, and substitution. Government officials have baked outrageous claims right into the data. Ground beef is equivalent to steak and living in an apartment is just as good as home ownership — that sort of thing.

The real inflation numbers may be close to double what’s reported officially. Alternative data sets are out there, but, predictably, bureaucrats are quick to dismiss the information as conspiracy theories published by fringe economists.

John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics (ShadowStats.com) is perhaps the best known of these. How does this “fringe” economist calculate inflation? By using the same methodology the Bureau of Labor Statistics itself employed in 1980.

That’s right. It’s the same calculation minus all of the tricks deployed to confuse people over the past 40 years.

Consumer Inflation Official vs ShadowStats 1980 Based Alternative

It isn’t a pretty picture. We are back to 1980 levels of inflation rates.

The only difference is most people don’t realize just how rapidly the Federal Reserve Note “dollar” is falling. We can blame the surging numbers on dishonest bureaucrats and unquestioning journalists.


3 Replies to “Why the Federal Reserve Note’s Decline Is FAR Worse Than Reported”

  1. Susan

    John, this NESERA/ GESARA arrangement is supposed to replace the shyster system you describe, and I’m not so sure I believe in that either.

  2. John Sutter

    We have a debt money system. If there were no debt we would have no money. Bankers create money out of thin air through double entry accounting. The money they create must always be repaid at interest. This is unsustainable since the only way older debt can be serviced is through the creation of more debt.

    They do this until the debt pyramid collapses and then the banksters move in and take possession of real and tangible assets such as land, gold and businesses. This is not by accident, it is all by design. This is what was done during the great boom period of the roaring 20’s and consequent bust of the great depression. The Federal Government even went so far as to declare insolvency and pledged, through contract, that the whole of the United States was owned by the Federal Reserve, including the citizens themselves. We were sold as chattel to the banksters.

    This is what the Great Reset is. It’s the same play as the Great Depression. The international Bankster Cartel of Rothschild has created such a mountain of debt (that we don’t really owe) that it can never be repaid. The banksters simply will wipe out all old debt and currency systems and replace it with a new digital currency used globally. In wiping put out the old debt they have lost nothing – since the money is in fact nothing, it’s a magic trick, dark magic. And through the dissolution of old money systems they will take possession of absolutely everything. As Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing and be happy. Schwab, it should be noted, is not German, but a Rothschild, and therefore Jewish.

    The House of Rothschild has also been gobbling up Gold through the creation of fiat currency for centuries. It is believed they have trillions of dollars worth of Gold. Their greed and malevolence knows no end.

    Their goal now is genocide of billions of people and complete and total enslavement of a small surviving population.

    This is all too much for the average brain washed lemming to grasp. The only way these so called “Galactics” could help us would be to break the death grip they have on the media and tell people the truth. This has not happened. Therefore I don’t believe they exist.