Parisse Deza: Response To Les Meyers’ “Why Don’t We Just Take Them Out?”

Tonight I read a short post on Operation Disclosure by a frustrated reader posing the pertinent question:
Is it wrong to use Negative 3d energy to take out the remaining Cabal if it hastens arrival of 5d Positive Vibration for ALL?
As this theme is right down my new age alley, I decided to write a complete reply to be published in response to him on the site.
Parisse Deza: Response To Les Meyers’ “Why Don’t We Just Take Them Out?”

The reason we don’t just take them out is that we can’t just take them out.

The root cause of anything physical is in the thought field, rooted in the psychology of a situation. If we actually were able to physically overpower the cabal and take them out, that would not solve the problem, because the core of the problem, the level of thinking from which the problem stemmed, would not have been affected; symptom removal, ala allopathic medicine, does not cure anything. It creates the illusion for awhile that things are better, but the disease itself is then driven deeper into the system, hiding, waiting to find an escape route back to the surface. Disease is always trying to leave the body. But reacting to it and trying to stop it keeps it in the body, worsening all the time.

Disease is the best analogy for what is going on on our planet. The approach of trying to kill out disease by treating symptoms is the reason that going to a medical doctor is the third greatest cause of death in the US. Iatrogenic illness, a term coined by the AMA itself, is illness caused by the diagnosis and treatment of a medical doctor.

So, even if our guns were bigger than theirs, the root cause of them would not be addressed, and they would reappear over and over like a bad habit, because they actually, literally, are one!

The cause of the chronic disease of evil on our planet is lack of human connection with the divine in which we are living at a higher vibration of energy, can think and behave correctly, and access our divinely-bestowed power to create. We have come to believe we are limited little egos, stuck down here at the mercy of everything. This false belief disables our divine power to create what we would prefer to have, in this case, freedom and happiness.

This statement is a premise, a basic truth, not an aphorism. It is consummately practical, because the entire universe is created from, and based upon, vibration, energy frequency. Until humanity realizes this and takes it seriously, nothing will completely change our situation.

So when you ask, “Is it wrong to use Negative 3d energy to take out the remaining Cabal if it hastens arrival of 5d Positive Vibration for ALL?”that is actually completely impossible to accomplish, because “5D positive vibration” – the world we are destined for evolution-wise – is not 3D reactivity vibration. The means does determine the end, and we can’t get to a 5D frequency by running 3D energy through our bodies. If you run 3D, you get 3D.

This is why this global process of removing the cabal has been so hard and long.

Most people are still looking at this as a literal war against evil we have to win, instead of as a cooperative venture with Source in bringing in a new age. Fighting is futile. You can’t create what you want by fighting against what you don’t want. Spring does not fight off winter in order to be born. Winter goes away because the energy of Life moves from the contraction of winter into the expansion of Spring. The energy of Life is now moving us out of the old paradigm of ego and suffering into the remembering of what we really are and freedom. All we have to do is cooperate with Life’s natural way and stop being old paradigm humans.

For humanity, this is a matter of maturing and literally becoming a new, higher level being, one that operates in alignment with Source energy, never fighting against reality, but putting all one’s energy into creating the new state instead.

Like Bucky Fuller said: 

Life has handed us the new model. It’s love, peace, and happiness. We have the new model. We just have to use it.

The way to remove the cabal is simple. We all must stop obeying them. We must, as a unified group, pull our energy out as completely as possible, piece by piece, from the old institutions and do what we want to do instead. Obeying or protesting will not work. Protesting to our jailers to convince or try to scare them into letting us out of jail is hopeless; those entities are psychopathic. They represent the worst in us. We have to stop listening to them entirely.

But humanity is learning this lesson the hard way. Why have parents allowed their children’s mouths and noses to be covered over by school authorities, knowing it has been making them sick physically and psychologically? The authorities are blamed for this abusive behavior, but it is actually the parents’ fault!

The answer to this question is at the root of our dilemma in general. And the root is not being at a high enough consciousness vibration to see and feel the truth immediately and to be able to act on it. (We can blame “mass formation psychosis” all we want for this, but the truth is, people choose to turn off the truth inside themselves because it’s too challenging to their normal view to admit!)

Only connection with Source energy can do this for us, and that means we have to face our issues, our fear, our anger, our grief – everything – and feel what we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel for so long that we don’t even know it’s inside us anymore. We have taken our pain of isolation from the Source and buried it so deep that when it is triggered by the oppressors who took over our free will in the process we either freeze, flee, or fight. Attacking an outer enemy who is simply reflecting our inner state does not change anything. Living in reaction continues the painful cycle of suffering.

So humanity is facing an internal struggle with itself. There is a lot of drama and empty excitement for the ego in the view that we are fighting a war against evil. The ego is all aflame with self-importance about winning. The adrenaline rush is its adrenochrome. But it can’t win, and it is the problem in the first place. For us to eliminate the cabal we must eliminate them from our thinking, and the ego with it, so that we realign with our original nature, one with Source energy, know we are free and act that way. It is a choice we must make now – either ego self or Divine Self.

When humanity throws away its masks, and its fears with them, and starts to act in the self-responsible way it was created to be, then the cabal will disappear, because no one will be paying any attention to it anymore. This healing of the global psyche is what will change our world, and that comes from reuniting with the divine within, remembering what we really are and acting that way.

As Gandhi said in uniting the Indians in disobedience to free themselves:

        We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.

Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

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11 Replies to “Parisse Deza: Response To Les Meyers’ “Why Don’t We Just Take Them Out?””

  1. Harriet

    What Parisse Deza is saying is ‘real’. It’s a reality we will be living within 20 years. Why so long you say. It’s because there is so much in this world and our societies that needs to be ironed out, changed for the better. Yes, occupation of the lighter levels of existence has begun, and millions want this new reality, and every day thousands if not millions more. And the naysayers will not be able to stop the love of Self, Humanity, Earth and everything that Source encompasses. As surely as you deny the new reality of love and light, there are millions more who are living it.
    A hundred times we were told to keep our mouths shut. Don’t give advice not asked for. Don’t try to convince people of this New Golden Age. And they’re right. It’s like preaching religion to people who aren’t ready to hear it.
    But I will say: instead of hate, revenge, judgement and self pity, try thinking all positive thoughts and feelings. Keep doing it and see which feels better! Eventually you will start feeling joy and happiness and bad things will stop happening to you. You won’t have to wait for the whole world to exist in the loving and happy 5th dimension, you can experience it right away yourself! I know, I found it true for me and mine, as well as the countless others can attest.

    1. Linda

      Harriet – I love your response and can easily relate to thinking positive thoughts and putting dark thoughts out of mind. It’s so interesting and surprising when we attempt to control our thoughts. Thank you!

  2. AA-G

    Use LOVE/LIGHT energy. Team Dark hates it. Blast each and everyone one, but note that some of them have been “droned” so they have no soul anymore. Seriously. (All world leaders have been droned. It’s a disgusting process.)

  3. Bob

    The survival of Gaia and all of her sacred life is predicated on the geniuses of this civilization to step forward in fearlessness and enable others to recover their memory and regain self-realization and self-determination.This is the story now being written. The end of the story for every being here depends on the ability to recover the memory of skills you have acquired through the trilennia; to recover the essence of yourself.
    Communication is the only effective weapon against secrecy and oppression.
    For now we can begin our own release and recue with WORDS. That is what is special about Era of Light and am grateful for it.
    We can be free again.
    We can be OURSELVES again.

  4. Juanita F J Ellis

    Really you don’t have to live here on Earth with these pieces of crap you all get watch us get tortured and slaughtered .As far as I am concerned you all are liars leading humans on a false path that you all are here to help us and that the dark forces are going to be gone.How many years that we have been believing you.I tell you what and then you excuse is remember you choose to come to Earth and experience this fucked up life.Enough Humans trust in yourself obviously you can’t trust those who ride both sides of the fence and we are not helpless as they want us to think.I know that I am shutting down this site and for all these false blogs.Just trust in yourself and Christ Jesus.And the rest very disappointing.

    1. Linda

      Juanita, I agree with you that human beings are NOT helpless and yes, we have a great deal of untapped and under utilized power. When we learn to close up our wallets and stop buying the unnecessary garbage, trinkets and crap the mega-corporations (owned by world leaders) want us to spend our hard earned money on – because it’s trendy and cool or will increase our social status – we will be in a much better place to finally work as a determined and God blessed world team to rid this earth of dark thoughts and evil intentions by those that HATE human beings. I can really understand your impatience because I feel the same way💕