Great Quantum Transition: The Fiery Knives Part 3

These days, a strong stream of radiation from Galaxy M81 has been captured, aiming at Earth and the Sun.

It is part of a cluster of 12 Galaxies orbiting a common center of mass. They form a structure of two pentagons, or two rings – an outer and an inner one with a central core.

The outer ring consists of five large Galaxies: the Milky Way, Andromeda (M31), and three Galaxies in the Constellation Ursa Major (M81, M82, and M101).

The inner ring consists of five small Galaxies.

They are invisible because they reside in another dimension.

The central core of this macro system is two Spiritual Galaxies rotating on the same axis.

In the center of each is a Spiritual Sun of gigantic size.

These are primordial worlds.

From them, the seeds of life scattered to the surrounding stars.

They are the homeland of many Teachers of humanity.

One of the cluster’s Portals is located near the Ursa Major.

A group of humanity’s Teachers came to Earth by this bridge.

They reside in Northern Shambhala.

Other Stars and Constellations, such as Sirius, Ursa Minor, Lyre with Vega, Herdsman with Arcturus, Taurus with the Pleiades, Swan, Eagle, and others, also are in the cluster and emit energies loaded with different programs.

The Sun and Earth are part of this macrosystem and located on its very periphery that experienced the negative influences of Dark races.

Having settled in neighboring Galaxies, they violated the Law of One and began to destroy their worlds which became uninhabitable. Now they seek to find a new habitat by conquering peaceful planets.

The task of the Light Hierarchy is to save the Earth and the Solar System from the destroyers by moving them as far as possible. This movement affects many Star systems, so it takes time.

Our Local Universe is not completely clean yet. A tail of destructive energies stretches behind Earth. How long it will last depends on humans.

The radiation of M81 in the form of pulsating fiery knives of several milliseconds is accompanied by the release of such an amount of energy as our Sun emits for several tens of thousands of years. It nourishes the embodied Lightwarriors, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and other Higher Entities.

Currently, a spacecraft that arrived from one of the stars M81 is on duty near the Earth. This huge ship consists of Subtle fiery matter and coordinates several operations at once, acting as a position indicator and gunner for several ops simultaneously.

One of them is aimed at our luminary. Parasitic races have covered it with a vampiric grid through which their spaceships and complexes on Earth are energized. The Sun periodically broke through and burned it, but the Darks immediately restored it.

Now, by fiery knives from M81, Co-Creators are removing this network and the entities that parasitized it.

At the same time, the part of the Galactic Arm in which Earth is located is being cleared. We came out of the infected part into the clean one but still carry the infection that goes on with us. Cosmic viruses introduced by Black Archons have mutated and are trying to infect unaffected areas.

This is their last agony. In these healthy areas, Archons cannot contaminate everything, and some parts are not affected at all. To speed up the purification, Co-Creators use M81 radiation as an antivirus.

Another target of the operation is Earth. On February 22, 2022, at 02.00 PM CET, 25D Argorians joined it. Their task was to put additional protection around the planet to reduce too strong M81’s fiery knives.

On command, they formed a circle, holding a network of fine silvery LIBRO energy for running the magnetic fields. Pulling the net, they flew apart and lowered it to contact with the atmosphere.

The net lay on the outer boundary of the air sphere and began to flow around the planet. Then it entered the atmosphere and slowly descended to the cortical layer. Gaia reacted with a flash of Light that she accepted protection.

Through the net cells slipped the sparks of dark gray energy FAMIGO which affects magnetic fields, and marsh-colored GEARD energy of false information.

At the command of Co-Creators to “Light the Fire”, its flows neutralized the negative energy coming through the network.

Then, completely different energies – of Love, Health, and Life – flew on Earth. The Divine streams poured in to open the hearts of people who saved a Spark, a Source’s Particle, and it shone brighter.

With the help of these energies, Co-Creators and Argorians removed all the parasitic suckers with which the Darks pumped out the vital energy of people during mass meditations on 02.22.2022.

A lot of black cells and rigid structures of Dark egregores and their essences entangled the whole Earth on February 22. Through them, they actively vampirized the energy of numerology of this day fueled by mass meditations of those who believe in the miracle of that Portal.

When all the cells and suckers were removed, Earth was filled with soft, emerald energy of renewal, fluid, not the rigid transformation of DNA. Inside it, like a tree, grow more and more new branches, thin and more sensitive.

It’s our new DNA fractal that has incredible adaptability to higher dimensions. That’s why we focus so much on being clean inside, like a crystal. Then, the incoming energies will neutralize all the accumulated negativity and accelerate our adaptation to 4D/5D.

Not only the fiery knives from M81 come on Earth these days, but also other powerful energies that many years 3D System has tried to block. The stronger are the flows of transformational codes for the new space, the stronger are the efforts to maintain the old world.

The 3D System needs controlled chaos and will support it at any cost, as always did but today almost exhausted its strength. Therefore, on the eve of 02.22.2022, a new spike in tensions has begun in Ukraine, around China, and in other countries.

The mirror date with six twos had a powerful force, suggesting the choice of the world in which we want to live. The choice is to remain in the old consciousness (viruses, war, enemies, resentments, and duality) or to get rid of fear and move into a different state (unity, creativity, prosperity, transformation).

The System tries to erase this transformational force and prevent new energies from gaining a foothold in space. But it does not mean that they cannot gain a foothold in the minds of those who see the inside story.

The old 3D reality is crumbling before our eyes; 4D is still too fragile to fully consolidate. That’s why all of us felt so stormy last days even without being merged in the news.

When tensions in space reach their peak (humanity as a whole is exhausted and overheated), point discharges will occur everywhere, as Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee have repeatedly done by fiery knives, natural and social cataclysms.

Space is sensible. It adapts to the radiation of the creatures inhabiting it. Each of our choices, deeds, thought, emotions, sigh, and heartbeat is recorded in space. Then, it reproduces our aspirations on the holographic screen as a collective reality.

The more fear, hatred, and division are present in our thoughts, intentions, and deeds in everyday life, the more these qualities space will dig back and dipper into us, imbue us by them and build events on their basis.

Make YOUR choice.

Let go of the old reality with its programs and all your fears, resentments, emotional conflicts, and righteous anger.

Live your life as much as possible, and let the positive transformations inside you occur.

Turn off the news.

The necessary information will find us by itself.

Don’t be afraid of a global war – it won’t happen. Everything will soon be over as quickly as it started.

But there will be testing the adequacy of perception, provocations to hatred, condemnation, a sense of justice, and other horror stories.

The negativity will continue to gush out of TV screens, as it has done for many years, but we are not obliged to bathe in it and draw in our loved ones.

Don’t get involved as much as possible.

Allow only bright thoughts and emotions into your space and send your inner Light to those who need it.

Everything will be fine and nothing else. Peace to our home!

**By Lev