Solar Being: We Are Bringing the Light from this Portal

Dear beings of this beautiful planet! I AM ANIMANI, a Solar Being!

I couldn’t help but come here today, to bring not only the energy of the Central Sun but to bring consciousness, to bring the necessary energy so that many of you can perceive what is around you. The Light comes in its greatest intensity. This portal is transformative, it is transmuting, it is enriching. Like all portals, it has a time when it stays open; the day it is noticed, is its great peak, is when it opens to the limit for the Light to enter.

So today, just let yourself receive this Light; just let yourself feel this Light. And it doesn’t die out at the end of today, it will continue for a few days ahead. So notice your emotions. Those who vibrate high will be able to vibrate even higher; those who dream will be able to dream even higher; those who love will love even more; but all this abundance with balance, with consciousness, with responsibility.

At this moment of this great reception of energy from the Central Sun, you can reverberate all that you want, be it for good or for evil; being aware that the speed of return will also be fast, be it for good or for evil. Do not worry about those who use this portal to elevate their evil beliefs, and try to unbalance the planet, for they will get nothing; they will get it back as fast as it was emanated.

Pay no attention to anything negative, think only of a happy world, a perfect world, an elevated world. What would this world be like? A world where everyone has the right to everything, a world where there is no hunger, no misery, no one sleeps on the street, everyone works for the benefit of the All; everyone participates in the construction of the world. And those who are contrary to all this, no longer exist there.

The light that is coming into this gateway will lift all the energies of your hearts. All the light that is coming in today will boil all the energies of your hearts. If these energies are of love or based in love, this will be propagated into your pathway and into the pathway of the planet. The opposite will also happen, only it will not be propagated on the planet. With each great portal the chaff is separated from the wheat, and less and less, the negative energies will accelerate on the planet. There is no way this can happen anymore. Those who vibrate negative will get their share back, but not the planet.

We can say that this portal is very special, because of the amount of energy and the kind of energy it will bring to the planet. So I can only say to each one of you, enjoy it, think of that wonderful world you wish for. Think about your dreams, but never forget, that the big dreams have to be good for you and for the Whole. Selfish dreams will not materialize; dreams of easy wealth will not materialize; dreams of abundance like haughtiness, will not materialize. So know what to dream, know what to emanate into the universe.

Illuminate your bodies with this Light, and see yourself 100% healed of any imbalance, of any disease. All that counts is belief, is faith. Then everything will be possible, it will only depend on what each one emanates. Be Light, emanate Light, live this Light. And start observing, all your life’s journey from this day on; start observing.

There is only one point that is good to remember: The Light shows those little corners that you have made a point of hiding for a long time in your own minds and hearts. But all will be shown, all will come out. The great wisdom is to look at these spots with love and decide what to do with each of them, because they will no longer fade, no longer hide, no longer be shadows on your path; they will stay there bothering you, drawing your attention, until you decide to look them in the face and resolve them.

Don’t miss this chance. Don’t put these points aside, deal with each of them. At first many of these points will seem difficult, painful, hopeless, but we can say that if you look at them with love, the solution will come easily and simply, and certainly with as little pain as possible. There is no more fear, no more running away, nothing will remain hidden, everything will have to be dealt with. This will be the big point you have to reach in order to continue on the path of ascension: clearing your shadows, clearing your points of pain and suffering.

The choice is yours. With shadows, no one will go to the Fifth Dimension. There is no use in pushing forward, they will have to be dealt with one day. So let it be now, when this Light is intense and will favor all answers and solutions. It only remains that you want to resolve each one.

We are the Solar Beings, I am one of them, and of course there are thousands of us on your planet at this moment, potentiating all the Light that arrives; and no human being, no living being on this planet, will not receive this Light. Those whose consciences do not allow them to make decisions, such as animals, each one will be dealt with later by the Beings of Light who are on the planet. Do not cling to anything. The liberation of many will come soon.

For those who have consciousness, such as yourselves, and choice, it will be up to each of you at this time to decide what you want: to keep your shadows and lose the New World, or to take courage and deal with each one.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


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