From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Nodes

Quantum currents to Earth are intensifying with each passing day. They rigorously cleanse and transform the planet and us, remove destructive and dead-end programs, and actively generate everything of potential value, opening the way to new opportunities and new life.

These processes were sharply accelerated with the transition of the North and South Lunar Nodes on January 18, 2022, to the new zodiacal Axis of Taurus-Scorpio. This Axis is related to the evolutionary cycle of life and death, prosperity and destruction.

As long as the Nodes remain on this Axis until July 18, 2023, the pursuit of peaceful creativity, stability, security, and trustworthy relationships (North Node in Taurus goals) becomes paramount.

It can be achieved only through a deep transformation, throwing off the ballast of outdated views, concepts, and programs.

We will be helped by our accumulated willpower, the Spirit force, the ability to fight and overcome crises, to keep the balance of the material and spiritual (the basis of the South Node in Scorpio).

In astronomy, Lunar Nodes are points of intersection between the Lunar and Earth orbits where eclipses occur.

The Node in which the Moon, crossing the ecliptic (the planet’s orbit) is directed upward, toward the Earth’s the North Pole, is the North or Ascendant (Dragon’s Head, Rahu).

The opposite Node in which the Moon heads downward toward the South Pole is the South or Downward Node (Dragon’s Tail, Ketu).

Solar and Lunar eclipses occur only when the Moon is in one of the Nodes of its orbit. Because of the Lunar precession, the Nodes move along the ecliptic, making a complete revolution in 18.5 years.

The Lunar Nodes Axis, or the projection that connects them, denotes the Vector of our development.

When the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up on this Axis during eclipses, it’s a key turning point in our destiny when we can change our lives.

At this point, we choose which path to follow: the evolutionary, ascending one, indicated by the North Node (Rahu), or the devolutionary, descending one, indicated by the South Node (Ketu).

We either decide to have a new and evolving experience, or to drift along with the current, obeying old attitudes, habits, and stereotypes.

On this Axis, the Scorpio sphere is an area of transformative destruction, risks, dynamics, and intense and relentless struggle. The Taurus sphere is the area of creation, preservation, accumulation, and stabilization.

As with any polarity, both directions are united in their opposition. Without the dynamics of development, stagnation and degradation occur.

Without stabilization, the preservation of what has been achieved, and the accumulation of resources, the risks of a permanent crisis grow.

The energies of the planets that rule the signs, Venus (Taurus) and Pluto (Scorpio) are also antagonists, closely related in their underlying meaning.

Venus – Pluto:

Beauty – ugliness;

Creation – destruction;

Love – hate;

Peace – war;

Life – death;

Accumulation – the risks of preserving and multiplying resources;

Money from one’s labor – large resources from the exploitation of others;

Material values – Spiritual energy;

Body – Soul.

As the rising North Node has moved into the sign of Taurus under Venus, there are the following challenges ahead of us in the coming 1.5 years:

Build a prosperous material world around us;

To be a creator, not a parasite, destroyer, and exploiter;

Remain calm and composed, refuse to be conflicted about non-principled issues, not leave behind scorched earth;

Be patient and hardworking, pragmatic and practical,

Not to take risks, be satisfied with what we have;

To earn by our labor, not by taking over someone else’s capital and material resources;

Strive for autonomy and financial independence, not to get into debt pyramids and speculation;

Build reliable friendships and mutually beneficial relationships with others.

To achieve these goals, it is important to consider the energies of the South Node in Scorpio which will be our foundation. We will greatly benefit from our abilities:

To move from stagnation to dynamism, to change, and to renewal;

In time to destroy what is outdated and has no prospects for development, and inhibits our progress;

To fight difficult circumstances, and to overcome crises;

Listen and respond to the promptings from the Subtle Plan and intuition which will tell us exactly what we should part with.

There will be six nearest eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio Lunar Nodes Axis:

The Solar eclipse on April 30, 2022, at 20:42 UTC at 10° Taurus 28′;

The Lunar eclipse on May 16, 2022, at 04:13 UTC at 25° Scorpio 18′;

The Solar eclipse on October 25, 2022, at 11:0 a.m. at 02° Scorpio 00′;

The lunar eclipse on November 08, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. at 16° Taurus 01′;

The Lunar eclipse on May 05, 2023, at 5:24 p.m. at 14° Scorpio 58′;

The Lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023, at 20:25 at 05° Taurus 09′.

These eclipses will reveal how well the Taurus-Scorpio polarities are balanced in our lives. Are we able to dare to get a new evolutionary experience and change our lives, or will we remain in the usual quagmire?

Eclipses in the South Node in Scorpio will maximize whether or not we have the necessary experience to achieve our North Node in Taurus goals?

Do we have a reserve of strength (mental, physical, energy) that allows us to be stable in crises?

Whether we are capable of holding the line, dealing with challenges and difficulties, working in overdrive and over-risk mode?

Do we have the strength of will and spirit, are we able to activate the hidden resources of the body and psyche to withstand external challenges and threats?

Can we fight; stand up for our interests on matters of principle, especially when it comes to life choices and security?

Do we know how to mutually benefit from the resources of others to achieve common goals?

Are we able to easily throw off the ballast, to part with outdated attitudes and habits, unnecessary things, to give up the past, to destroy the outdated to build the new?

Do we listen to our intuition and are we able to rely on the Subtle energies to move toward our goals?

North Node eclipses in Taurus will maximize our ability to gain new evolutionary experiences by drawing on the South Node in Scorpio.

How do the energies of these stelliums affect what is now happening in Europe and the world?

Co-Creators give new information about global events. Higher Light Hierarchs are very much hoping for human adequacy and peacefulness. The war in Ukraine will end as unexpectedly as it began.

The Darks and the Lights now receive different information about peace and war. All of it is true, both. The main question is what kind of data we choose for ourselves because there is not and will not be any consensus.

A lot of people who get off the ground can get overwhelmed by all the information the MSM is bombarding them with. The info is dumped in bits and pieces to get them used to it. People are indeed suffering. All those who are simpler and have less pride are asking for help. The rest suffer in silence and get drunk. Words don’t reach them.

Don’t get involved in the news, less contact with technology. Many who are deeply and firmly hooked on TV news and completely submissive fear getting sick. The fever rises, joints break, the whole body hurts, the head splits like a migraine.

Out of habit, they explain it as a virus. Yes, it is a virus – of fear. In its global spread, the military egregore is actively involved. Its tentacles keep probing the protective cocoon of each person. If the Guardians put up additional protection, the tentacles go on standby at a comfortable distance.

A Black net scattered now on the surface, all over Europe. It connects to the population through TV screens, computers, phones, smartphones, etc.). The purpose is to generate energy and thought-forms of a lower frequency.

It comes, first, to the local transformers, then, sent to the European capitals. From there – to the main center which on the Subtle Plane looks like a power shaft. It glows with energy and pulses it upwards, into the egregore. Its huge black cloud covers all of Europe, only Portugal and Spain are partially touched.

The most important thing we can do when our roof is going is to try to catch it. The energy has to go out freely. We can’t clamp down and try to stop the flow. If we do, it hits the blocks and deforms all of our Subtle structures.

When it passes through us easily, it is like a fast and turbulent high mountain stream that carries stones and branches, purifying it, and only then, the purest and most transparent energy of the Source is inflow.

So much of what is coming out of our physical and Subtle Bodies, as well as the space around us, is NOT directly related to us. We are here as conducting tracks, and our job is to be conduits, filters, and purify. This is what we have been taught before incarnation on Earth.

Everything is energy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of filling it has in it. When pain and fear arise, ask self, “Why am I here?”, “Why do I want this?

Yes, this is aerobatics.

But also those who find themselves in situations like this are the best of the best – strong in Spirit and Will.

And they have enough knowledge and experience, everyone is in their place.

We just need to help others to remember, stabilize, and maintain inner balance as best we can.

We choose how our activation, awakening, and Transition will take place.

The stronger we are, the greater the load we take on ourselves, the tougher the scenario.

It is our choice and only our choice.

And who knows, perhaps this little dot on the map, where many energetic and timelines now intersect, is meant to unite us and remind us that we are all one and indivisible whole.

**By Lev