Matthew Ward: Ukraine, Russia; Vaccination Pushback; No WWIII; Holographic ET “Invasion”

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with the assurance that all major happenings are right on target with the divine plan to liberate Earth from all vestiges of darkness. Although much of the action still is behind the scenes, some is quite obvious, but the public doesn’t recognize it as the significant progress it is. Such is the case of Russia and Ukraine.

As mentioned in a previous message, the person seen as Vladimir Putin is the look-alike double who replaced the Russian president about two years ago when the Illuminati finally were able to assassinate Putin because he consistently refused to cooperate with them. They portrayed him in mainstream media as a murderous dictator because he eliminated their operatives in Russia and they accused him of horrible things they themselves did. What is important in this moment is that the double, initially one of the Rothschild puppets, now is working with and protected by the light forces.

Russians are not wantonly bombing cities as reported by mainstream media and often depicted by old or photo-shopped photos and film clips. They are destroying laboratories that produce and store bioweaponry and other Illuminati entrenchments, but like most of the rest of the world’s people, the Ukrainians don’t know that and they are frightened, anxious and sad. Even if they knew about the strategic targets, explosions and foreign troops still would be traumatizing.

Later on they will know the truth about what is happening, and some among the hundreds of thousands who are leaving the country already do—they have been working with the Illuminati. In time, all peoples will know that what some say is “an unprovoked war” or “a dangerous invasion” has another purpose, too. It will reunify a population that was separated when new borders were established to put regions with abundant natural resources under the control of Illuminati-installed “democratic” governance.

The United States president seen publicly also is a look-alike double and he has to say and do whatever he is told, including advocating that everyone be vaccinated. Far from having the results the Illuminati want, demands to end all “pandemic” requirements are quickly expanding in that country and many others, and leaders who haven’t yet succumbed to public pressure, will in a short time. The peoples are fed up with mandates that are damaging psychologically, economically, academically and, as medical specialists are rightly saying, health-wise.

Another timely item on the Illuminati agenda is a world war, and they are pushing their puppet national leaders to escalate the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This plan will not succeed, either. There will be no WWIII.

The drama of technologically-produced effects during opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics has motivated the Illuminati to consider something else on their agenda, the illusion that an extraterrestrial civilization is invading Earth. So, what we said some time ago bears repeating: We have been told they no longer control the technology required to produce a holographic invasion, but if that is attempted, universal family members will turn it into spectacular entertainment.

“Please ask Matthew what God meant by ‘The roadway will have potholes and bumps here and there…’” Ordinarily we would not be so presumptuous as to expound upon God’s words, but we know what he was referring to and have his permission to speak about the “potholes and bumps.”

As you can imagine, some pertain to what is happening in Ukraine and how that may play out. There could be another false claim about a new virus variant that results in another lockdown; if defiance were to turn violent, national leaders could declare martial law to restore order. To incite fear and all-out rebellion, mainstream media could call it military coups overturning legitimate governments.

Attempting to vaccinate the world’s population could become harsher than heretofore, and if that aroused armed resistance, it also could lead to martial law and the likelihood of the same media outcry. Governmental policies could result in mass rioting between opponents and supporters, and if any major changes from what is familiar seem ominous to the populace, widespread reactions could be troublesome.

Except for the current situation in Ukraine, the aforementioned situations are only possibilities. It is the energy of billions of thoughts, feelings and actions that will determine what is to come day by day, and, dear family, whatever that may be, you are well prepared to handle it fearlessly and help others deal with it. Please keep in mind what else God said: “…when you feel like the powerful multidimensional family members you are, happenings will hum right along.”

“Who selects volunteers and what are the criteria? Do they know that’s why they’re here? How many are there? Is each given a specific mission? Are all performing their missions well? Do they live longer than other people’? How many are in ET special forces? How do they differ from other volunteers?” 

First let us say, love is why spiritually and consciously evolved souls leave their homelands and incarnate on Earth to help these members of our universal family who have been living in the darkness of control, deception and atrocities. It is a testament to the powerful extensiveness of love that far more souls volunteer than are needed.

Now then, members of the highest universal council select souls that have had many lifetimes helping third density civilizations, thus have the experience and inner strength to manage what they know awaits. But, just as it is with every soul that incarnates in third density, volunteers forget at conscious level what is known at soul level and they have no idea about a mission. However, they are consciously aligned with their souls’ messages—intuition, instinct, conscience, inspiration and aspiration. Most heed that strong guidance and make free will choices in line with their missions, albeit without awareness that they are.

They number in the many millions throughout the world—we don’t know the exact figure—and the majority don’t think of themselves as lightworkers, lightwarriors or starseeds, terms most often used to designate volunteers. When the earliest group came nigh onto a century ago, darkness blanketed the planet. As the arrivals became older and felt they had “a purpose,” so to say, it was difficult for them to do anything except BE the light and, with rare exceptions, that is all missions called for back then.

Most still do. Light in abundance is continuously needed to raise the collective consciousness of a third density civilization, and all volunteers have the opportunity to benefit the society by living from the heart—God said, “The heart is the seat of the soul”—thereby beneficially influencing people whose lives they touch. However, some souls’ cumulative lifetime experiencing prepares them for specific roles such as community or regional leaders, judges, engineers, scientists, teachers, visionary medical personnel, inventors, artists, investigative journalists, or innovative entrepreneurs. That doesn’t mean everyone in those various fields is a volunteer, but those who aren’t may be advancing in evolvement by accomplishing what they chose in soul contracts.

It is much easier at the time of volunteering to feel confident about performing well in specific positions than it is to live in a third density world with its many obstacles and temptations, and some souls strayed from their missions by putting undue importance on financial gain, acquisitions, social status or fame. Not only did that seriously dim their light, but instead of influencing others in positive ways, their lives exemplified the opposite and persons who admired their success emulated them. The souls who have transitioned lament their choices, and the hope of all light beings is that those on Earth who likewise strayed will “see the light” and return to their missions.

Volunteers come from civilizations where physical lifetimes can be a thousand years or longer. In some cases, individuals have a farewell celebration with family and friends, then dematerialize their bodies and the souls incarnate in a civilization where they can further advance in awareness. But on Earth, bodies of volunteers become ill, age and die, and the souls’ contracts contain a life span choice, so there is frequent turnover in the ranks.

When they transition to spirit life, myriad others remain and new ones arrive. Almost always that is by birth, but now and then they come as adults who aren’t seen publicly during the short time their bodies are adjusting to Earth’s lower frequencies. In these few cases, all documentation needed to establish a lifetime history is put into place so the persons can integrate into the population without question as to their background and qualifications. They come to replace members of the extraterrestrial special forces who transition or because their expertise in many fields and fluency in numerous languages will facilitate planning or negotiating international matters.

Members of the force number in the thousands and they’re stationed around the world wherever they are needed. In addition to the great difference in size of this group and the other volunteers and the occasional arrival of an adult, souls in the force also differ in other ways. All come from the most highly evolved civilizations, where they held responsible positions. They know who they are and none has ever strayed from his or her mission.

They retain their innate abilities of manifestation; dematerialization; teleportation; astral travel; telepathic communication; being present in spirit only, thus invisible to bystanders; and “reading” thoughts of others, nearby or distant. Those extraordinary abilities—that is, in persons on Earth—enable these volunteers to be especially valuable in intelligence agencies, the sciences, medical laboratories, information analysis, military forces and governments.

And, a few are prodigies, which shouldn’t be surprising, and a few are what you call illusionists. That may seem a frivolous mission, but it is purposeful—by walking through a brick wall or producing an automobile out of thin air, for instance, they are showing these are possible. Thoughts about any possibility precede developing—more accurately, activating—the ability to accomplish it, and those entertainers are stimulating their audiences to contemplate how such feats can be managed. You could say they are the wayshowers to Earth’s peoples discovering their own innate capabilities.

Let us add that it is members of the special forces who reduced the toxicity in “vaccines” and erased the programming in the chips as well as preventing detonation of missiles’ nuclear warheads and causing other weapons to malfunction. Of particular importance to us, they are our information sources on the planet about what is happening there.

Regardless of the capacity in which volunteers are serving, they are indispensable helpers to Earth’s civilization. The love-light energy they radiate by BEing there is stirring the peoples to awaken and make their world what they want it to be.

Beloved brothers and sisters, all light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.


**Channel: Suzanne Ward


11 Replies to “Matthew Ward: Ukraine, Russia; Vaccination Pushback; No WWIII; Holographic ET “Invasion””

  1. Charl

    They took the toxic stuff out of the v’s so 450k dead and millions harmed is okay. What a joke.

    1. P.S.

      From what I understand, the shots were going to be 100% fatal. We’re looking instead at Russian Roulette, which means a considerable number of batches were tampered with/destroyed. That’s an improvement.

    2. A lightworker

      They succeeded in making certain batches less lethal. Clearly the deep state wanted many more casualties, to really sell their “this is a deadly pandemic narrative.”

      Yes people still died, yes that’s indeed awful, but we’re still in a war. They’re doing the best they can to help us.

    3. Susla

      Most people took the jab voluntarily. Did they research or did they blindly trust others?. Divine would always want you to go within, and not trust others in such matters.
      People should learn to grow up, and take responsibility for what they choose, and they chose the jab.
      Very few may have been unable to quit the job?!?!?, and I feel for those few.

      I understand too, what P.S. does. That this was going to be much worse. I read that USA should have only 90 million people left in 2025, according to deep state statistics.

      Do any of you know the rumour that Pfizer did NOT get money from government/Trump. So their v are not part of warp speed?, they just wanted to be in the money making game?

  2. Göran Rudengren

    I want to again look for the evidens of what ome persons here are writing. Listen to what your “heroes write and say and you will listen to a language of vilence, nonsense, hatful speak and other things. Liten to what Trump said and the person that you say is not Putin but do what he shold do. You can get evidens that the dictator candidats have no faculty to spak in a humanitarian way and has no real knowledge. It is not something that other people say about them, it is facts.

    1. A lightworker

      According to youtuber Brad Johnson, not only is that not Putin, but not-Putin isn’t even in control of Russia. Some younger unseen guy is actually in charge.

      Brad Johnson also doesn’t call Trump or Putin white hats / good guys, but “counterforces.” He’s described Trump as someone who has mingled in dark circles, but nowadays he’s fighting for the right side — so he’s no saint, but he is doing good work. A rothschild has called Putin a “traitor to the NWO”, so clearly he too once mingled in dark circles.

      I think you need to have a level of toughness, roughness and familiarity with how dark forces operate if you want to actually destroy evil in the tangible, 3d world. I don’t think that your average love-and-light spiritual teacher could manage to become president of a huge country, win the support of the military and then launch a military operation against satan-worshippers, all while dodging assassination attempts.

      That said, if you actually listen to a speech by one of those guys in full, and not just a youtube compilation cut to make them look bad, plus you listen with an open mind and no bias either way, you may find that they’re more inspiring / uplifting than you’d thought. I agree that they’re no saints, but it’s also easy to get unfairly biased against them by the constant propaganda.

      1. Phil

        According to my guidance, there have been “soul swaps” in key persons, which cause them to flip. Soul swap contracts are of a very high vibration and cannot be comprehended by the Cabal. They are initiated when a quorum of light-energy has been achieved in the lower densities by the ground crew. It will be interesting when trial time comes. Do we judge the synthetic human personality, or the soul? Because the people being tried, won’t be really the “same” as those who committed the crimes.

        1. A lightworker

          I’m not sure if that’s what happened to specifically Trump and Putin, but I very much agree that is happening.

          I’ve also been told that the bad guys think very much in terms of rewards and incentives and punishments. They can’t really wrap their heads around someone doing something just because it’s the right thing to do, even if they have an “evil” option available that’s more beneficial to them personally.

      2. Susla

        I agree with you A Lightworker.

        Trump is not perfect, but who is?. Imperfect people of this planet, cannot get a perfect person as leader.
        Trump is not perfect, and that is perfect. Putin is not perfect, but as long as they take out some bad guys I am happy, as I am not able to take any out (I am not in those circles, and dont know how to make such strategy etc.).