The Great Quantum Transition: Operations In Ukraine Part 1

On the Subtle Plane, many races are closely watching what is happening now in Ukraine.

Co-Creators and Galactic Committee have covered this country with a huge quantum dome, preventing the energies of war from escaping its confines. The more we kick about this subject, the more we stuff ourselves with TV trash of what is happening and fear, the more we let the deadly toxicity in.

Ancient crystals are now awakening in Ukraine, whose positive influence Darks is trying to block.

The same crystals are also awakening in other countries, saturating people with powerful transformational energy.

And each of us can use it for our future or drain it to the negative forces. The choice is ours alone.

Before the current events in Ukraine, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors’ ground teams were conducting operations in that country against Black Archons and their gigantic infrastructure reaching far into space, into the Dark and Grey eons of the Local Universe.

One of these ops has already been narrated (see – Disclosure News Italia, Destruction of The Death Nest. Part 1). Now five more operations in other parts of Ukraine can be disclosed. One of them Lightwarriors ground team carried out in Chernobyl.

Since April 26, 1986, a huge number of studies and publications have appeared, analyzing and explaining the causes of the Chernobyl tragedy in the most detailed way from all angles.

The most important thing was left out of the picture: what was happening then and thereafter on the Subtle Plane.

For the ground team, Chernobyl was a continuation of their operation in South Yemen in which Co-Creators and Lightwarriors eliminated the 3D Anti-World of Earth (see – Operation Cain Part 1 and Part 2, Disclosure News Italia, September 17 and 19, 2021).

This topic, as it later turned out, was directly related to the Chernobyl tragedy.

The group arrived in Chernobyl on the morning of the next day after returning from the Arabian expedition. There is still a 30-kilometer exclusion zone around Chernobyl which is impossible to enter without a special permit. But for the money you can, as they say, do anything.

Inside this zone, there are three other zones and cordons, 10 kilometers each. The outermost cordon is called the Dytyatky checkpoint which is where the Lightwarriors drove in and out of Chernobyl.

The most difficult thing was to get directly to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (it is located 18 kilometers from the village of Chernobyl) and to its fourth unit which exploded on April 26, 1986. But the group managed to do it because it was from there they had to conduct the operation.

To this day, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is a gruesome sight: abandoned houses and equipment that were used during the liquidation of the accident and, accordingly, filled with radiation.

The most terrifying place is the ghost town of Pripyat, a couple of kilometers from the Atomic Power Station (APS). This town was purpose-built next to the nuclear power plant and was intended for APS employees and their families.

Houses blackened by radiation, windowless apartments looted by looters, Soviet and Ukrainian coats of arms on roofs, communist slogans, and other symbols of Soviet times. Playgrounds with rusted-out rides. The observation wheel, which was never used by kids – its grand opening was scheduled for May 1, 1986.

It was as if time had stopped there. Lightwarriors could not stay in that place for long because the radiation was too high. In the summer, when it is hot, radiation reaches 2000-2500 mcR/h, and dosimeters go off the scale and break down.

Places of contamination constantly migrate due to the rains. For example, local workers told that one year they collected clean mushrooms in one place, and one year later the dosimeter broke down from what was collected in the same place.

The most toxic places are, of course, near the nuclear power plant. The soil is contaminated with cesium-137, strontium-90, and uranium isotopes which have a half-life of many years. Other radioactive elements have already had time to decay since the accident. Nevertheless, it will be thousands of years before people can live free there again.

Although there are squatters in the Chernobyl zone, too, who refused to leave their homes, today they are very elderly people. They live normally, run their household, eat mushrooms, and drink well water. And nothing happens to them! Here is another example where the power of human life once again defeated death.

The group was primarily interested in the question: what was in Chernobyl originally, at the Earth’s creation, and what was there at the time of the disaster?

Lightwarriors were very amazed when they discovered that one of the 12 planetary Flower of Life Temple was located directly beneath the 4th unit of the Chernobyl’s APS.

Exactly as has happened in other locations of the global Flower of Life system, its infrastructure has been taken over by Black Archons and Dark Hierarchy for their anti-human purposes.

In the Flower of Life Temple in Chernobyl, they created a backup Portal of the three-dimensional Anti-World, and, in case of its emergent activation, loaded it into its Matrix.

Earlier, it was Portal of Light that contained the Aspect of the Local Universes’ Logos embedded there during the Earth’s creation. Thus, it was also a Temple of Light, providing the energy and information exchange of Gaia directly with the Universal Logos. There were twelve such Universal Temples on the planet.

Dark Hierarchs used the entire Divine structure for their vile purposes. In particular, they created there a natal-incarnational Portal (Birth Womb) for the second Primary Black Archon (the first one was the Black Fire Archon).

This Supreme Demonic Entity, called the Archon of Radiation, could exist and move freely in the world and the anti-world through the Chernobyl Portal.

Its Monad consisted of aspects of the former Local Universe Black Co-Creator and the Dark Goddess Lilith’s Monads and radioactive elements as the body of manifestation on Earth and in three-dimensional reality!

Black Archon created this monster in the hope that it would help him carry out another crazy plan to take over the Local Universe and Pleroma through absorption by the anti-world he created.

The implementation of this plan began on April 26, 1986, at 01:11 local time, at the moment of explosion of the 4th power unit of the APS, located at the spot of the former Universal Temple of Light and the Flower of Life, transformed by the Hierarchs of Darkness into the Flower of Death.

Thus, the most dangerous attempt in history to take over our world by the anti-world was undertaken. One of the main trump cards of Black Archons – radioactive elements – was actively used.

These elements are the cancer of our Universe, its three-dimensional reality. This is the manifestation of karma at the level of Planetary and Stellar Logos. This is the slow decay of the physical world.

Radioactive elements have unstable cores. In decay, they emit deadly radiation that kills all life. But that radiation was the life energy for Archon of Radiation and its supposed offspring.

In the Periodic Table of Elements, there are now over 50 radioactive isotopes. Like a virus, they penetrate the various elements and infect them, with the result that, over time, the entire elements become radioactive.

It means that we have been living in a slowly dying, decaying, semi-radioactive Local Universe, where the number of radioactive elements is constantly increasing.

If no one did anything, our Universe would die of radiation death, a state in which all of its elements would become radioactive, and there would be a general collapse as a result of the uncontrolled transition of elements into each other.

The implementation of this plan was going fine, but slowly. But Archon of Radiation, powered by the deadly elements, was only growing and getting stronger.

The attempted takeover of our world by the anti-world became real on April 26, 1986, when a critical mass of radiation was accumulated on our planet. It was facilitated by the presence on Earth (including Ukraine) of a huge number of nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, and repositories of spent nuclear fuel.

Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Galacom, and friendly cosmic races managed to prevent the catastrophe at the cost of enormous losses. Including blocking the activation of the Latent Black Holes which DNI narrated earlier (see – Destruction Of The Death Nest. Part 3).

To capture the Local Universe and Pleroma, Black Archons used radioactive elements as boarding hooks to pull the critical mass of our world’s substance into the anti-world through the Chernobyl Portal.

During the explosion of the APS’s 4th reactor, a huge black hole was formed that began to quickly consume Earth and the Local Universe. But its rapid growth was stopped at the cost of the self-sacrifice of the Higher Self of a man who died in the explosion of the 4th power unit. He closed this black hole with his Monad and saved the planet and humanity.

His physical body was never found, and his Monad turned into a shadow as a result of contact with a black hole, just as the bodies of people disappeared during the atomic explosion in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (see – DNI, Operation in Japan, Part 1 and Part 2).

DNI deliberately does not give this man’s earthly name, but it is well known. His feat made it possible to stop the critical growth of the Chernobyl black hole on April 26, 1986, and to buy the time that Higher Light Hierarchy needed for urgent action.

It was counted in minutes and seconds. Black Archons had placed the Primary Matrix of Radioactive Elements of the Universe in the Chernobyl Portal. It meant that the radioactive decay virus had already begun to spread rapidly through the Universe and decompose it precisely from our planet, from the Chernobyl Radioactive Portal, using the infrastructure of the planetary Flower of Life Temple and the Aspect of the Universal Logos!

And this Aspect opened direct access and situation controlling of the Local Universe’s Logos. In the entire Greater Cosmos, this Aspect was only on Earth!

It also turned out that the Monad of Radiation Archon is partially composed of part of the Universal Logos Aspect, which makes the monster invulnerable. Such a combination Lightwarriors have never seen before. And the structure itself, with its ability to directly access and control the Universal Logos, was similar to what the group saw on Easter Island (see – DNI, Easter Island Ops Parts 1 and 2, August 6 and 9, 2021).

By the Plan of the Higher Light Hierarchy, the ground team began the operation near the 4th unit of the Chernobyl APS, at the site next to the monument to the liquidators of the disaster.

Lightwarriors began with the Universal Primary Matrix of Radioactive Elements, the bearer of which, as mentioned above was the aspect of the Local Universe’s Logos. The team attempted to save the Aspect, separate it from the destructive part, purify it, and return it to the Universe’s Logos. To do this, they installed the Pleromic Reality Crystal and the Absolute Life Matrix into it.

It did not work, although brought a positive effect: on the physical plane, smoldering radioactive decay under the sarcophagus of the 4th Unit was suppressed. It contains up to 96% of the nuclear fuel loaded in the reactor.

Lightwarriors saw that the reaction was still going on there. So they decided to proceed with the complete splitting of the Matrix and the destruction of the aspect of the Universal Logos along with it. The Pleroma Evolutionary Committee authorized the op.

As a result, the Universal Radiation Matrix was completely split along with the aspect of the Universal Logos. The Chernobyl Portal was also erased and its destructive connection to the Universal Logos was cut off.

The next job was the liquidation of the Chernobyl Backup Matrix to restore the three-dimensional anti-world on Earth.

They also tried to capture and eliminate the Archon of Radiation who was in the Chernobyl Portal, but he outsmarted everyone by escaping to the backup Portal. He was there, out of reach, but blocked, and later annihilated.

After the destruction of the Universal Logos Aspect in which the Universal Matrix of Radioactive Decay was placed, the question of restoring this Aspect arose, for even the absence of one part already carries with it the absence of 100% Logos integrity.

Co-Creators decided to try to synthesize this Aspect artificially. They commissioned Lightwarriors to do this work, given their positive experience with the creation of an artificial aspect of the Solar Monad in Peru (see – DIsclosure News Italia, Operations in Peru, Parts 1 and 2, 14 and 16 August 2021).

The word “artificial” was inadequate to describe what Lightwarriors did in Peu. It was a completely authentic Aspect, indistinguishable from the original, for it was nurtured and composed of aspects of their Monads, abiding in an environment of Love and Absolute Light.

Following the same pattern, the group members began to create the Universal Logos Aspect from the aspects of their Monads. This was much harder than synthesizing the Solar Monad aspect in Peru.

The Universal Logos Aspect was much larger in volume and vibration. The Hearts and Monads of Lightwarriors were working at their limit. The Aspect maturation lasted several days.

In the end, for the first time in history, an artificial Aspect of Local Universe’s Logos was born. It consisted of Lightwarriors Monads’ parts. They needed to unite them to complete a holistic form.

It was canceled. At the last moment, Co-Creators decided to go for an unprecedented experiment, the essence of which the Lightwarriors did not immediately understand.

On the evening of one of the next days, Co-Creators moved the prototype of the Universal Aspect from the team leader’s Monad into his Pleromic Body which is on a higher level. It was an attempt to create a Universal Logos, more perfect than the current one.

Co-Creators wanted to uplift the Logos to the Pleroma’s level and automatically pull the entire Local Universe after it. As a result, the Pleromized Logos was created and is being studied comprehensively.

Then, another interesting experiment followed – testing the ability of the man’s Monad to temporarily perform the functions of the Universal Logos! This experiment was conducted with the team leader’s Monad.

In the course of it, Universe’s Logos traffic was temporarily linked to Lightwarrior. In other words, his Monad was temporarily transformed into a semblance of the Universal Logos, performing all of its tasks.

It was a very interesting but at the same time difficult experience for Lightwarrior. For this, his Monad was temporarily reconfigured according to the scheme of the Universal Logos Matrix. On the whole, the experiment was successful, in some parameters, the Monad coped with the functions performed by the Universal Logos. But by several characteristics, it still fell a little short of its level.

In conclusion, how insidiously the catastrophe of a powerful APS was set up. The technical errors of the personnel have been analyzed in detail in numerous studies and examinations.

Almost all of them ignored that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was built on a tectonic fault. Black Archons took advantage of it, creating a seismic shock. This triggered a chain reaction of further critical events which began to unfold rapidly and inevitably. Further is well known, and all the blame was cast upon people.

(To be continued)

**By Lev


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  1. Holistic

    What exactly is the point of this story? If the English were more clear, one might have a better sense of what is being described. Hurts the psyche!

    1. Happy

      The point is, there is always a war between darkness and light in the universe. Many planets were born but then destroyed by dark forces by all means. Nuclear radiation is a naturally lethal element that dark forces deliberately detonated nuclear plants to slowly kill humanity and planet earth. These stories are described in great detail about the history of what happened.