The Great Quantum Transition: Operation In Ukraine Part 2

At Co-Creators’ assignment, Lightwarriors conducted an operation in the South of Ukraine to destroy on the Subtle Plane the giant parasitic structure of Darks.

Its center was located in the Zaporizhia region, on the Khortytsa Island, located on the Dnieper River.

The structure covered the territory from the Iberian Peninsula to the Urals. It consisted of thousands of ancient sacral and cult objects (dolmens, cromlechs, henges, cairns, mounds, steles, etc.).

Black Archons reprogrammed them to siphon off of human life energy during the thousands of years. Dark Hierarchy and parasites consumed this vital power not only on the Subtle Plane but also on the surface in all European countries.

The infrastructure originally served the Light by supporting the cult of the World Egg. DIsclosure News Italia narrated it (see – Operation in Germany. Part 2).

Recap. The World Egg (aka Cosmic Egg) is a part of the cosmogony of many Proto-Indo-European and other cultures and civilizations: Vedic, Zoroastrian, Greek, Egyptian, Phoenician, Chinese, Scandinavian, Polynesian, Dogon, and so on.

The World Egg was regarded as the beginning of the Universe, and all entities come into being by “hatching” from the “egg”. It symbolized the union of two complementary foundations (represented by the egg white and yolk) from which life emerges in its most fundamental, philosophical sense.

The Temple of the World Egg infrastructure consisted of thousands of megalithic constructions built by the Higher Light Hierarchy on the unitary project. They all had orientation along the sides of the world, according to the Solstice points.

By turning this global net into a vampiric one, Black Archons filled it not only with the energy of men tortured during tortures, executions, and sacrifices.

A huge boost also came from the old Logos of the Local Universe. Darks managed to make a copy of it filling it with a deadly virus that could disintegrate and destroy the Local Universe in due time. They divided the copy into thousands of fragments and on the Subtle Plane distributed them throughout the continental parasitic network centered on Khortitsa Island.

The core of the former Universal Logos, when it existed, contained the maternal cell of our Universe in all its dimensions. At that time there were 12 densities in Pleroma. Now it has only one – 14D.

Our present Local Universe gravitates toward the same. After Ascension and a reboot of its current Logos, there will be only one unified body of manifestation with appropriate zoning, but no division into dimensions, per se. But that is another story.

To disrupt the Transition, Black Archons were preparing to activate the infected fragments as quantum bombs to end Earth and the Local Universe in one blow.

Co-Creators decided to get ahead of them and instructed the ground team to assemble all the parts of the former Logos and annihilate them.

Before the operation began, things got very complicated. When the team arrived at Khortitsa, the first thing they felt was the terrible energy of the Island.

Not only there but everywhere on the continent, where there were the planetary World Egg Temples, Black Archons built repositories of withdrawn life energy that were both the environment for their embryos on Earth and “fuel” for their future bringing up.

For centuries, the strongest toxic power accumulated here, combined with ritual altars where blood sacrifices were performed, poisoned, like Chernobyl, everything around for many square kilometers.

One of the Lightwarriors’ targets on the Island was the famous Black Stone. In its field ancient shamans put a copy of the World Egg Temple structure, loaded with a program of destruction.

The former and present Satanists carried out their sabbaths around the Black Stone. Earlier, it was located on the bank of the Dnieper but a few years ago it was moved to the local museum out of harm’s way.

The museum was closed for repairs, and Lightwarriors did not see the Stone. Near the door, they met a guardian who was moonlighting as a private tour guide.

The team refused the tour, and the personality of the guide did not inspire confidence, especially his energy and angry yellow eyes. When Lightwarriors asked him about the original location of the Black Stone, he immediately became suspicious and insistently questioned why they needed to see the magical places of Khortytsia. Lightwarriors excused themselves by saying that they read about it on the Internet.

After a polite goodbye, the group went on in search of Bragarnia Hill which is also home to ancient Temples. Lightwarriors quickly found it along the narrow Witch’s Path that led them directly to the shrine.

The way to it was indicated by scattered feathers torn from a black raven. One more confirmation that Satanic rites on Khortitsa continued as before.

The main expedition work was scheduled for the next day. But first, the group members wanted to make sure that the planetary World Egg Temple as the central point of the whole parasitic network, is indeed on Khortitsa.

For many years, the Shambhala Lords have specially trained Lightwarriors to be attentive. Life, especially the lives of such men, is full of signs and clues. It is necessary to look more carefully and attentively into the events, the hints and tips from the Higher Light Forces are in it all the time, one only needs to notice them.

The clues on Khortitsa, too, were numerous: from the egg-shaped clocks in the hotel rooms to the decorative figures above the beds, and the monument in the courtyard, etc.

But the key hunch came to the team leader at night, like an epiphany. To check it, he turned on the computer and opened a map of the world. Everything was confirmed: the Island is exactly in the middle of the territory stretching from Spain to the Urals. Khortitsa is the center of the energy balance.

What was in this place originally, at the creation of Earth, if this Portal was chosen to settle a copy of the former Universal Logos core?

It turned out that here was the Gaia’s Universal Portal, the direct projection point of the Ray from the Universal Logos, bypassing all intermediate Portals, including the Galactic Logos.

That same night, Darks attempted to disrupt the Lightwarriors’ mission. From the Astral Plane, Archons struck the Subtle Bodies of one of the group members with lightning. As a result of the severe electric shock, her entire bio-field was deformed.

Early in the morning, the Black Guardian of the Planetary Temple appeared in her dream and threatened her, saying that what you want to take away does not belong to you. And get the hell out of here.

In the Guardian, she recognized the museum guide. Later, Lightwarriors recalled his wary demeanor, how closely he had followed them as they walked to Bragarnia Hill, trying to figure out what the group was going to do there.

Just in case, the team leader asked Karma Lords to reconfirm their credentials. The Hierarchs confirmed and clarified that this territory the Darks consider theirs. No more, no less.

Lightwarriors went again to Bragarnia Hill to the planetary World Egg Temple. Its base, from which the construction of the whole stone structure began, was a large cromlech. It is located in the southwestern part of the complex and occupies the highest point of the hill.

Inside, near the entrance, Lightwarriors discovered the remains of a flint stele and fragments of pottery with rough grooves on the inside and outside. The sharp stele was used to perform sacrifices and in the ceramic jugs, the blood was collected.

In the cromlech was also found a miniature bronze pendant in the form of a snake image – the symbol of Yaltabaoth, a serpent with a lion’s head.

Not far away were three other shrines, laid out in stone in the shape of eggs. The first one was in the form of a snake which enwinds the egg. The second was the burial of the Black Priest. In the third, there was a quadrangular altar.

At the top of Bragarnia Hill, Lightwarriors began their operation. One half of the team stood in the center (“yolk”) of the stone circle east of the center of the Temple, and the other half was in the circle west of the center.

Then, simultaneously, they pulled in selves all aspects of a copy of the poisoned Universal Logos. One part of the team absorbed the parasitic fragments scattered from Khortytsa to the Urals, the other from Khortytsa to the Iberian Peninsula.

After all the aspects had been concatenated into selves, Lightwarriors assembled them in selves in the form of two eggs. After that, the team sat down next to the Temple to wait for the reaction of their Monads and organisms.

Then, the group walked along the Witch’s Path for a while. They were shocked by the sight of the trees, whose trunks were burnt, as if by hellfire.

And they were incinerated from the base, where it comes out of the ground. Inside, the trees were intact. But they were still dying from that necro-fire. It was a terrible sight. Lightwarriors had already seen something like this during their op at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming…

Soon, the group members felt that the reaction of their bodies to the retracted Logos fragments was normal and they could proceed to the next work. They merged the two eggs into a single whole and restored it to its original form.

After the operation, Lightwarriors annihilated the entire continental infrastructure of the Universal Egg Temple on the Subtle Plane. Another ground team immediately proceeded to remotely cleanse and restore the entire European field of this network.

That was the end of the day’s work. The initial task they fulfilled, and all that remained was to wait to see what would happen next.

Next, while in Lightwarriors, the assembled egg suddenly activated and began to turn into a black hole and suck the surrounding matter into itself, including their Monads.

The group members tried to block it, thanks to their experience in such matters. It was another crash test for them. By the next morning, they managed to suppress the self-activated black hole and eliminate it.

But the structure of the egg was still in them. They had to wait and hold on for a while longer to try to find out if it still had other programs.

It was very hard, the vibrations were very high. Their Monads were a kind of sarcophagus, beyond which this egg must not, under any circumstances, breakthrough. Lightwarriors were getting worse physically.

Soon, the team leader, who was constantly monitoring the overall situation, reported that some kind of higher Demonic entity was beginning to be born inside the egg. It became obvious that in addition to the function of the quantum bomb, this copy was the seed of either Yaltabaoth or some previously unknown creation of his. It is not for nothing that the World Egg is depicted as enwinding by a serpent.

The essence continued to slowly grow in Lightwarriors. It was the second half of the day, and they went down the drain.

The observation continued. Soon aspects of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, as well as World Mother Sophia and their son Yaltabaoth, were spotted in the germ of the demonic essence.

The state of Lightwarriors was approaching death. In this situation, the Council of Higher Light Hierarchs decided to liquidate this cosmic egg.

At the moment of this op, a hurricane of enormous force struck Khortytsia Island. The whirlwind passed precisely over the museum, where the Black Stone was located, in the field of which the shamans placed a copy of the Khortytsa structure of the World Egg.

The roof of the museum was blown off, and Lightwarriors understood that Co-Creators from above had finished what the ground team had failed to do.

To annihilate the egg within the selves, the group traveled to the highest point of Khortytsia. There Lightwarriors simultaneously performed a collective inner Monadic explosion. As a result, the entire Earthly network of the formerly poisoned Universal Logos was erased.

On March 3, 2022, at 08:37 AM CET, Siriusians’ Lunar Tracking Station at 23D transmitted the following message:

“On the plateau of the pyramids at Giza, there are bursts of blue-azure GRISPO energy (cleanses and changes the dimensionality of space), with a splash of dark orange LECAS (accelerates programs for the formation of new matter). The wave of energies spreads along the continental zones and reaches the 8th parallel.

On the European continent that once adjoined Atlantis, towers are emitting low vibration waves. Argorians have to redirect them back, and smooth out and purify the space with blue FIRSCO energy.

At present, the Eurasian mainland is under great strain due to the negative psychic emissions of humanity.

Argorians direct these toxic waves into particle-scattering filters. Their team covered part of the territory with a dome and installed quantum cones not only to remove low vibration energies but also to stabilize the mainland plate.

Darks psy-generators are working at full capacity, creating interference in space. Argorians have to clear it with an ultrasonic wave transducer setup.

Mass hysteria, fueled by MSM, leads to a change in people’s minds, which is to Dark Forces’ advantage.

We understand that this is a difficult time for earthlings and a challenge for all to remain HUMAN. Therefore, the Higher Light Forces support all who can withstand high vibrations and be stable for the sake of themselves and their loved ones.

Don’t forget that all men are in transforming sphere-capsules, and they are filled with what they radiate. Selection by freqs continues all the time, so everyone is responsible for their well-being.

Everything is in your hands. It’s up to you to choose whether to make heavier the sphere or go up in vibration. It all depends on your thoughts. Everyone is going through the Spiritual Exam now. “

**By Lev