Argorians Update: New Energies

On March 5, 2022, at 09:11 AM CET, through the Siriusians’ monitoring base on the Moon at 23D, Argorians’ space squadron send new info about its current work on the energy transformation of Earth for 4D/5D.

Through the Lunar converter-repeater, Argorians’ spaceships direct the Galactic energies of 6-dimension to the planet.

In the diagram (below), these flows’ vectors are marked by triangles directing the radiations in a spiral to its center where Earth is located.

This spiral is a new, 5D fractal of the planet on the Subtle Plane. The fractal originates in the Earth’s bio-energy field.

Gradually unfolding the vectors, the spiral radiations form a 5D world in a 6-dimensional space from the red energy ERMA.

The zero point of the fractal is connected to 3D reality.

Through this point, the Argorians’ fleet (8-pointed star above on scheme) loads programs into the Earth’s Hologram to receive quantum energies.

A fractal is formed from a blue power that carries new knowledge.

Energy flows are directed along separate vectors and their combinations, and accumulate in the Earth’s aura. Namely:

Vectors 1-29 bring the white energy ASTEMO which unites the entire spectrum;

Vectors 21-22 stabilize the processes disrupted during the restructuring of the planet’s core and condense 5D plasma for the start of a new life;

Vectors 37-38 transmit quantum energy for accelerated climate transformation by means of inter-dimensional impact;

Vector 43 brings red energy ERMA which expands the perception of the human brain and forms thought forms;

Through Vectors 60-61, people with unrevealed consciousness are irradiated with several energies at once.

FERMAGO – yellow-pink energy (light orange) cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code for the development of intelligence, love and the desire for creation.

Regulates the reincarnation on the planet;

The red energy ERMA transforms the Earth’s bio-energy fields.

The finished 5D plasma accumulated in the planet’s aurf is condensed in the Argorians’ communication center and is introduced from the aura of Earth into the Subtle Bodies of people, taking into account the state of their consciousness.

Next, the selection of earthlings by their radiation is carried out.

The repeater of the Moon directs vectors (marked by numbers) of the following energies:

1-30 – ASTEMO white energy which forms Intelligence plasma of space from new information, combines the full spectrum and corrects the operation of the entire system;

31 – FEARO light green energy stimulates the new thinking;

32 – ARTREM dark green energy preserves all parameters of ultrasonic space processing;

33 – ERCADO orange-gold energy carries an impulse of power fields’ contractions. Forms new Time programs;

34 – ERLAGO red-pink energy builds a new information field of the planet;

35 – CHERGEN black energy increases kidney capacity, sorts and removes particles of Evil (chyrons) from planet;

36 – KEGIFOR light emerald color energy changes the properties of matter;

37 – ERMIGO -brown energy with a yellow tint transforms spent energy;

38 – ERGINO bright green energy gives an impulse to the development and awakening of the vital forces of matter. It accelerates the oscillatory movements of magnetic fields, equalizes the energy of the planet, and maintains a climate change and the work of the Hologram;

39 – SLAGO pink energy forms the information field of space;

40 – SFARGO yellow-lemon-colored energy cleanses matter from outdated Intelligence and helps to adapt to space filled with new wave impulses;

41 – FUARO dark yellow energy with a brown tint promotes the 5D matter creation;

42 – FIADO blue energy stabilizes mental development;

43 – FIRSCO energy of the blue spectrum cleanses and directs human thinking;

44 – GAMO bright pink energy with yellow inclusions contributes to the construction of new information structures;

45 – FEARIS dark green energy forms Intelligence layers;

46 – KAROS dark purple energy compacts the particles and clears space for new formations;

47 – CHERGO light brown (or beige) energy regulates the Earth’s particles emission;

48 – FEARO light green energy forms new thought-forms;

49 – SFIRO bright yellow energy neutralizes side effects with increased pressure, coronary, and planetary;

50 – MIRO crimson with gold energy is feeding into the upper atmosphere for conditioning, purification, extraction, and sorting of plasma. Opens parallel dimensions. In small doses, it has a beneficial effect on plant growth, produces natural selection in the animal world;

51 – GLASS brown energy accumulates the remnants of knowledge from previous development’s stages of civilization.

52 – GRASIMO violet energy synthesizes the 5D plasma, neutralizes the side effects, removes remnants of unnecessary knowledge;

53 – GRIKADO dark blue energy forms the life support structures of Earth in 4D/5D;

54 – URBACH red-brown energy transforms all kinds of matter on the planet;

55 – SFARGO lemon-yellow energy cleanses matter of outdated Intelligence and strengths adaptation to incoming quantum flows;

56 – FERUS light brown (cream) energy changes the development programs of planetary structures;

57 – TRIOX blue-violet energy cleanses the space to stabilize mental development;

58 – LIBRO gray with silver energy regulates the interaction of magnetic fields;

59 – GASIG dark brown energy destroys the 3D structures, and prepares the platform for 4D/5D;

60 – CHERGEN black energy sorts and removes chyrons;

61 – BAROGS maroon energy helps to condense the finished plasma for the formation of 5D matter;

62 – ERMAGO dark blue with silver energy regulates quantum flows from other dimensions;

63 – GELUS blue-violet (purple) energy gauges the accumulated mental plasma, determines the strength of resistance to external influences in the molecules of all protein organisms, as well as the strength of resistance to wave quantum pulses;

64 – LEKAS dark orange energy loads temporary programs for the formation of the new matter;

65 – ERMO blue and gold energy forms the environment for a certain type of matter by insetting the initial temporary development programs into it;

65 – GAROL pink-cream-colored energy helps to remove 3D frame, information structures, their residual effects, and changes the planet’s development programs;

66 – SLESURIS dark pink energy builds Matrix structures of 5D plasma and ensures its preservation;

67 – SFALIS light yellow energy changes men’s thinking process;

68 – KEGIFOR light emerald color changes the properties of matter;

69 – BLISKORI – blue-white energy, forms mental abilities and contains the entire spectrum of necessary energies;

70 – FERUSARIS dark cream-colored energy changes the programs of wave structures, and accelerates development;

71 – SFIRO bright yellow energy neutralizes side effects;

72 – GLEGES dark lilac energy cleanses near-Earth space from unnecessary particles;

73 – FEARZIK green-brown energy changes magnetic fields to destroy the spent structures;

74 – GASIG dark brown energy removes the 3D structures, and prepares the platform for 5D;

75 – BAROGS dark maroon energy compacts finished plasma for the formation of 5D matter;

76 – FERIDO blue-green energy impacts brain structures by magnetic impulses.

The energies of March will be very strong, as a new, 5D fractal is being formed for humanity. The main thing for people is to stand on their feet.

All the shaking that occurs in the human body does not need medication. Use everything you knew, combining it with tips on how to properly interact with the new energies of Light.

Remember that you are the one. People are waking up all over the world. We send Light to the darkest points. This is our greatest help to our brothers and sisters caught in the epicenter of events.

**By Lev


2 Replies to “Argorians Update: New Energies”

  1. Steve Filkins

    Wonderful news. First heard it on YouTube and found transcript here. This particular message is doubly confirmed by sessions which Allison Coe has done with quantum hypnosis. She has had clients speak of rainbow light coming from the South and changing everything about the world SOON. We are all hoping that soon is really sooner and not later, right? Blessings to all!

  2. Mara

    Way too much esoteric info! What happens to people whose DNA has been altered by the spike protein? I guess no one is there to answer!