Collective Meditation Every Sunday

Greetings to You!

Collective Meditation every Sunday at 11:00am EST/New York. State the intent of the meditation, which is for anchoring higher light, and fully activating the Ascension Timeline on Earth now. Bringing peace and freedom to the planet.

Find yourself in a relaxed state and position, and begin with  afew deep, calm breaths. Place your hands on your chest, right over left, bring focus to your Heart Center. Recite the Soul Invocation Mantra: I am the Soul, I am divine light, I am divine love, I am divine will, I am divine design.

Begin visualizing the Great Central Sun, waves of light emanating from there, reaching and washing all of Earth. See the light from Central Sun entering your being through the Crown Chakra. Moving down to all of your chakras, and flowing out from your Root Chakra into the Earth’s core.

With each breath you take, see the light within your Heart Center expanding, so grand, enveloping the planet. There are no more low frequency timelines existent for Earth, only 5D and above. With each breath, visualize you are infusing the 5D Earth reality with your Soul’s light, and activating this reality in the now. Recite a few times: I, with Earth and humanity now exist in the 5th dimensional reality.

You can if you so choose, to call upon the Angelic Realms, your Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, your Star Family, to join you, to amplify your energies, your intentions, your visions for the new reality on Earth. All is Light, All is Love, All is Well. So It Is.

12 Replies to “Collective Meditation Every Sunday”

  1. Renata Cappers

    I see a time when military covert teams, subterfuge and secret services go underground to wait and see if they are further needed or allowed in the new grounded spiritually effected universal economy. During this time there is a reintegration of individuals remembering their higher personal callings, callings which may be vastly different from their previous employment as soldiers. The created maze of perceived risks and imagined enemies is clearly seen as a past shadow, and any interest in what these warriors have done in the past is lost.

    I see these newly grounded service people knowing their connection with Earth and finding solace in nature’s wonders, while experiencing their healing/shift to a higher point of consciousness. The Earth is peacefully blessed by their teamwork and leadership skills.


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  3. Mare

    Yay! Can’t wait. I will have a herd of 7 horses participating too.
    Infinite love and gratitude. 🙏♥️

    1. IzzieK

      Can we do his meditation too even if it is not Sunday? I find the words so beautiful and for the good of all so I want to do this meditation alone too, not just on Sunday. Isthis OK?