Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: No World War

The problems upon Earth seem never ending including an unprovoked attack by Russia upon their Ukraine neighbours. Some people are understandably questioning why our ET friends stand aside and let it happen. The answer is one I have given a number of times – we must allow you to exercise your freewill, but we will draw the line if any attempt is made to use nuclear weapons. At a stroke we could make all of them inoperative if we so desired.

You must find your own way out of problems that are created by you. We try to influence you to make the right decisions. After all you are now on a new timeline that has no intention of allowing living as you have done previously. The New Age is going to bring peace and goodwill to Earth, and that energy will subdue the lower energies that have no place in your future. You have earned your upliftment into the higher vibrations, and those who are ill at ease in them will find themselves at an appropriate level in due course. One thing you cannot do is to remain at a level that is vibrating too high for you as that would be very uncomfortable.

The prospect of another World War is totally out of the question, and it is becoming more apparent to more of your population that “killing and destroying” achieves nothing at all. When big nations square up to each other it is nothing more than flexing their muscles. Certainly care should be taken to keep calm and find a way out that satisfies both sides. Fear is the underlying reason that countries share but how about taking this opportunity to broker lasting peace. It may not come overnight but everything has to commence at some time. The people are fed up with wars and it is about time that leaders took a peaceful view of the problems they face.

You would get an enormous shock if you knew how much of your money has been spent on armaments from World War Two onwards. It does not take much imagination to realise that in a peaceful situation you would all be well off and enjoying life. You can still achieve it but there would have to be some dramatic changes in the world. Where are the leaders who can meet such a challenge – they are amongst you now but not yet ready to reveal themselves. There is much to look forward to so be assured that there is a wonderful future beckoning.

Conflicts that result in the loss of life are most depressing but one can be assured that karma is involved, and as unlikely as it seems their fate was written into their life plan. It is understandable that you find it hard to believe but there is always a purpose to what happens in your life. It is however true that some souls can lead their life so that parts of their planned karma are unnecessary. Be assured that there are higher powers that oversee your lives and can amend your karma accordingly. It is often said that you cannot get away with anything and that is true, because if your actions or deeds do not catch up with you whilst upon Earth, they can be deferred to an appropriate time in another life. It is a system that means you do not get away with anything and will eventually answer for it at some time. It could not be fairer and means you do not have to be concerned about justice as it eventually comes to all souls. Lessons are being learned all through your life and that knowledge carried forward into your next life.

Look at another aspect of how things are managed to give you the best results, for example the family you live with are all involved in each others life plans and you could even extend that to your place of work. It sounds too involved to be true yet it is and has been one of the main factors in ensuring your lives are productive where your experiences are concerned. If you go astray and look like walking into a difficult position that is not your life plan, Spirit will use their abilities to try and reverse the situation to get you back on track.

It is often said “be careful what you wish for” as your thoughts attract things to you that can fulfil your desires. Now that is fine where they are positive, but consider what might happen to you if they are negative. Indeed you only have to focus on such matters and you may be attracting the wrong type of situation to yourself. So the message is to open your eyes to the possibility that you can attract negative issues to yourself. Be positive in life and wish the best to others and in so doing you will attract the same for yourself.

What is great about this time period is that as the vibrations lift up they will bring a more relaxed feeling to people that will increasingly bring happiness to everyone. Eventually the present negativity upon Earth will give way to harmony, and the negative vibrations will no longer be able to exist. Of course these changes do not happen overnight but slowly but surely you will notice a decline in negativity. Every soul can do their part to bring the changes about at the earliest by only carrying positive thoughts.

Mankind still has lessons to learn and that will be taken care of by those who oversee your activities. The fact that many of you feel a pull to a life that is different to your present one, clearly suggests that it is a memory you carry of a previous life. It tells you that you have had other lives to your present one and the memory still lingers with you. According to your needs you will switch to different countries from time to time. It means that you carry those experiences with you and clearly they have some bearing on your attitude in your present life. Keep your eyes on the future and you will find that the positive changes are already coming along waiting for the most ideal time to be introduced. As individual souls you project your desires and the energy joins up with like energy providing a powerful force for change.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

17 Replies to “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: No World War”

  1. Harriet

    OK, there are a lot of terrorist leaders, including ours. But it will end and we need to help it along.

    1. Maureen Callahan

      More nonsense and disinformation about an “unprovoked attack on the Ukraine.” Your American tax dollars have funded more than 11 biolabs developing genetically specifically altered diseases to attack Slavic people ie Russians (Rh x factors). THESE LABS ARE LOCATED THROUGHOUT THE UKRAINE !!! Those labs and underground tunnel systems are used for child sex trafficking, weapons, drugs, adrenachrome and God only knows what else are being moved thru one of the largest tunnel systems in the world. Putin had no choice but to act. You sound like a lazy moron spewing this bullshit from MSM.

  2. Phil

    I have no idea what’s going on in Ukraine and I’m surprised how does everyone manage to know? thank you for connecting me to the proper Source of Intel

  3. John Robbins

    I agree Adrienne. Putin is indeed fighting against the cabal only in one of their very last entrenchments on earth.

  4. Harriet

    Maureen and Adrienne,
    You and we fix it by loving everyone unconditionally, forgiving everyone including ourselves, getting rid of our fear, hatred, racism and judgment. We need to start thinking, feeling, saying and behaving with positivity. Also, stop dwelling on all this negativity and goings on in the world. When you do, you are giving the negativity more negative energy. Just be aware of what’s going on but don’t become a part of it by giving it energy. Giving it energy by dwelling on it keeps it from going away naturally. Example: covid would just disappear if no one thought, talked or worried about it. But the MSM and most of humanity is so focused on it and giving it energy, it’s not going away. The energy we give to negative ideas and feelings would serve us 100% if we use that energy to love everyone and forgive them and not judge them. Yes, Putin is a terrorist, but this Earth is so negative, it produces human monsters and it’s not his fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. We are all results of a very, very harsh and violent planet. Most of our parents did not teach us to love everyone. They taught us fear, hate and how to hurt others. When people hurt in any way, they aren’t in their right mind and they hurt others. We are all negative because we grew up this way. It’s not our fault. We can change this pattern now with love, joy, kindness and positivity. Many articles here explain this. Open your emotions and thoughts to their teachings. Try it, you will eventually see how it makes sense and you will feel much better. We are naturally good people. Everyone knows this deep down. We need to act like it.

    1. Neil

      “Yes, Putin is a terrorist…”. Try doing a little research on Ukraine and the western backed coup of 2014 which deposed their democratically elected president and installed the puppet dictator Porochenko. This is business as usual for the destroyers of worlds….Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Serbia/Yugoslavia, Yemen, Palestine, Central America, Africa, Vietnam, Korea…see a pattern yet?
      Don’t dwell on it, I agree. But please, turn off that TeeVee…

    2. Maureen Callahan


  5. Maureen

    What BS If humans don’t know things that have hidden from them for ions HOW are they supposed to fix it? We are being farmed for blood, flesh, minerals and our children. FREE WILL has nothing to do with it. STOP BUYING THEIR CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. IT’S NONSENSE. THEY WANT YOU TO NOT FIGHT BACK THEY WANT YU TO BE STILL DECEIVED.

      1. Neil

        Mike Queasy…the miraculous cut and paste artiste spectacular! Don’t forget to change the header date, Mike!

      2. Maureen Callahan

        We are on to your BS and that goes for for Salla too. Let us not forget that fake Irish black satanic pig with her fancy lightning. Acting like your brain dead and grateful for it.

  6. Adrienne

    Absolute nonsense!

    First of all, Putin did not start a war, but a Special Operation to once and for all rid Ukraine and the world of this WEF/NWO cesspool of utter corruption…

    unless of course you’ve concluded the media is telling the truth, for once.🙄

    Putin has been fending off the Western cabal for ages. That ought to tell us why they’ve been demonizing him for years.

    They were hedging against the inevitability that sooner or later Putin would quit appealing to the UN and NATO about the bioweapons labs and broken treaties about encroaching Russia’s borders and go out and fight the fight.

    Putin is in a monumental battle against the cabal, which has its Sorros militias in there pretending to defend Ukraine while it’s really the opposite.

    Russians are the ones defending the Ukrainian people!

    Pray that Putin succeeds.
    The world depends on it.

    1. Susla

      I agree. That higher self of Mike is not a very clever one. So I guess his higher self is just him self, making up stories, bases on his bias.

      1. Patrick G

        I agree too. The cabal need to be defeated. They’ve been around far too long trying to destroy our lives. My cousin’s wife is from the Ukraine and she believes, unfortunately, that Putin is evil because of the corrupt MSM continuing to tell lies. My family and friends feel the same way. They’ve all been brainwashed believing what the media tells them.

  7. alan

    Hello and GO*D Morning Beloved Like Myself;)))
    Question; If more people Forgave the past and the Ones who started the world wars would that help the people pf the earth and the Mass Consciousness of the Planet and therefore change out future???
    Always Love. alan;))))