Potential Utilization of our Free Will

Once we learn that we are the creators of the qualities of our lives, we also realize that we can improve our lives by intentionally being joyful and playful. Whatever mental and emotional level we are vibrating at creates a resonance for our ongoing experiences. Living joyfully creates joyous experiences.

We are created to be able to choose to focus our attention and express our feelings freely in life-enhancing ways. We can learn to control our focus of attention in every moment. We can intend to be open to all positive, high-frequency energies and to be clear of limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can learn to just be present in awareness. We can allow thoughts and emotions to pass through our awareness, while we maintain a state of compassionate wisdom and perhaps having fun. Our focus and alignment with the energy patterns is what we get back as experiences.

Our focus can include intentional awareness of the eternity of our Being, our presence of awareness. From this perspective we can choose to be compassionate and kind in all encounters, because we control the energetic levels of our thoughts and feelings, regardless of outside stimulation. Responding to threats and intimidation, from a perspective that cannot be intimidated or threatened, we can successfully remain in a higher octave of energy. While we are in a positive, high-vibratory state of being, negative energy disappears into our former dimension.

We can experience very negative, threatening encounters and while maintaining a perspective of gratitude and compassion for all that is happening. Interfacing with the light at the heart of all we encounter, we can align ourselves with the consciousness of the Creator and enter a realm of amazing beauty and joy. It is all available to us to share with one another.

We are the creators of our new world through the rising frequency resonance of our energy signatures. While we pay attention to the present moment, opening ourselves to feelings of the energetic patterns around and within us, we can always know our eternal presence. Our progress in expanding our consciousness is a process of intentionally choosing to be positive, open, clear and present in every moment.

**By Kenneth Schmitt