From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Tuning

No one has any doubts that incredible and miraculous transformations of our bodies into the multidimensional Sixth Race are taking place. We are all morphing into crystalline beings.

Since the end of 2021, the individual Veil has been removed from many of us to move to the next dimension. This is a certain planetary-scale algorithm for translating people to the density of the fourth dimension.

Over the past decades, a lot of men have been actively worked on their energy. In terms of their level of development, they even exceeded Gaia! By luminosity, they became Light carriers.

There have always been Saints on Earth, or in modern terms, Light Bearers. However, even they eventually died in their dense three-dimensional human bodies.

Now Co-Creators and Galactic Committee have launched the procedure of SWITCHING to the physical Light bodies. An unprecedented evolutionary corridor has opened.

When the personal Veil is removed from us, we are being prepared to switch to another corpus.

After removing the Veil, our biology begins to transform through the steps of the fourth dimension. At the cellular level, higher potential energies are fed into our body, and their vibes in the truest sense of the word shake our cells.

Our organic matter vibrates at new frequencies, gets used to it, and at a certain moment accumulates a critical notch after which the freqs’ scale switches one octave higher.

There is a change of “wiring” in our body. The movement of atoms and molecules in our cells is activated at such a high rate which our body can already cope with at this stage without harm to itself. So we step on to the first stage of the fourth dimension.

For a while we adapt, integrate a new type of energy exchange into our physical life. Then the cells begin to supply the next highest frequency. It will continue until we completely enter 4D.

During mutation, many issues concerning our health become non-working, and therefore irrelevant. The new 4D/5D matter has other physical qualities. In the next dimension, different laws work.

This is especially true for the analysis of the causes and consequences of hereditary diseases, birth injuries, karmic drag, and so on. If we sort it all out now, looking for their origins- it’s like clinging to the last century.

We all have a family inheritance.

Sometimes, and maybe often, it is not in our favor.

Now we have the right to simply cancel all this, break contracts, and choose other options for our future.

Today, it is already of no importance.

There are people among us who were switched in advance to the intermediate phase of the Light Body, the so-called Transition Body of silicon.

When moving even to the initial level of the fourth density, genetic differences become more noticeable and pronounced.

Over the years, not all earthlings have been transferred to the silicon body, but only those who consciously participated in the redistribution of space high frequencies to Earth.

Now, their corpus has very high energy conductivity and resistance to radiation.

But even they find it difficult to hold the pressure of high-frequency energies from the fifth dimension.

Today, the next stage of the Transition is accelerating which will not spare anyone.

This is the transformation not into silicon (there is no time for that) but completely into Light Bodies.

At the moment, it is desirable that we have, more or less, a physically trained corpus, and accustomed to loads. A very high energy potential is being loaded into us. Our body is experiencing stress.

People who do sports, have such an opportunity, or habits, or culture, at the time of Transition, such a lifestyle can be very helpful.

There is an effective tool to raise our frequencies – through a conscious connection with the Source, with our Spirit. The Light enters Earth, the Creator is coming. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, whether in our family, in the State, and in the world in general.

Now it is more important for us a new type of thinking and relationship with ourselves through mindfulness meditation and stopping our mind (Ego). This way we will help our body get rid of diseases faster, even without the psychosomatics so loved by the Disclosure News Italia contributors.

That is why many do not practice healing and energy cleansing. Without a change of mindset, it is ineffective.

The great transmutation of matter is already an irreversible physical and physiological process going on in the cells of our body at the molecular level.

The reformation will be accompanied by the birth of new organs with previously unprecedented vital functions, including the capacity to interact directly with the energies of Earth and the Greater Cosmos.

We live in a timeline in which people perceive the material world with its absurd scenario, passing by their eyes and ears invisible energy processes affecting the Nature, and conscious and unconscious people on Earth.

Starting from December 21, 2021, until the vernal equinox on March 20-21, 2022, those who have switched to 4D will be tuned with a high-vibration frequency field of the fourth density.

At the beginning of March 2022, the high-vibes’ 4th dimension has already spread to 56%. By the autumnal equinox, which in 2022 will occur on September 23, it will reach, as forecasted, 98%, and by mid-November will be fully stabilized.

After the autumnal equinox of 2022, the 3D and 4D layers will be separated from each other by 100% different vibrational fields. The scenario vectors of the 3D and 4D Matrices will begin to live a parallel life in their individual realities.

With each passing day, the intersections of destructive and constructive karmic programs between the minds of people of the 3rd and 4th dimensions will be finally separated.

Before switching to 4D, each of us needs to go through all the necessary tuning and transformation of our body, raise the vibes of our bio-field and consciousness to this level.

Modern society demonstrates the complete absence of any unity in material and Spiritual development.

From the moment of the autumnal equinox, this process will accelerate and will lead to the separation of all the people of Earth by vibrational fields.

Humanity has already been divided into two opposite camps, choosing the path to Light and going into Darkness.

Men who have chosen their option clearly differ in freqs, Soul purity, and awareness level.

A person living by the values of material society often unconsciously chooses the path leading to the destruction of his Soul. Many conscious 3D people living in large cities are increasingly experiencing spiritual discomfort and are trying to escape from the metropolis and move to the suburbs or villages.

They are driven to such a step by inexplicable feelings and desires which they themselves cannot fully understand due to the low vibrations of their Subtle Bodies. Many of them try not to watch TV news but they are still immersed in 3D and their personal inner world.

Life in a stone metropolis willy-nilly forces us to connect to the egregores’ fields, thereby unconsciously submitting to public opinion and values imposed by the ignorant population.

This destructive scenario immures us in a 3D Matrix, so we don’t have enough energy for our Spiritual and moral development.

From the moment of the spring equinox to the summer solstice, depending on the individual vibrational development of the Subtle Bodies, the vector of future events of life will be determined for each of us.

Conscious people will have a final transformation of their physical body.

The values of material life will be of secondary importance.

At the same time, emotional difficulties will arise due to a small number of 3D files and material thinking algorithms.

But gradually the center will shift to the Spiritual world, and by the autumnal equinox (September 23, 2022) it will reach a stable balance in the consciousness of renewed men of the new world.

For the first time, most 4D people will be able to perceive the spaces of the 4th dimension in full. It cannot be said about those who remain in 3D, who will plunge headlong into working out karmic programs which will be reflected in the relationships between relatives, neighbors and friends.

For every 4D person, the narrow thinking of 3D inhabitants will cause rejection, unwillingness to maintain close contact and previous communication.

Life on Earth will be blessed when city men consciously turn to Nature. Because only there they stay in comprehensive energy contact with the Absolute, and only there life becomes real and helps the tuning for the Transition to 4D.

**By Lev


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  1. Harriet

    I like this article. More of the changes and timing are explained. Good that all will ascend, unless they dont want to join us, but it sounds like most will join. In the 80’s they said “all will go and no one will be left behind”, if they want to go. After they see the 4D and 5D wonders they will join. I think cocreators are moving this along because the Deep State is formidable and persistent. Let’s get us to a higher frequency so the deep state can’t bother us any longer. And so we can join the Galactics. I so much want to be a part of this.