Intense Frequencies

Over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, March 5th and 6th, 2022, there have been multiple “Geomagnetic Storms” and solar winds above 500 km/s (kilometers per second) driving waves of plasma particles into our planet—“Coronal Mass Ejections” which have announced their existence via floods and tornadoes–some of which have been devastating such as the tornado in Des Moines, Iowa in the USA.

The “KP Index” is rating energetics as being at “Storm” level.

The main chart used for the “Schumann Resonance” (also known as “Power”) by cosmic researchers reached a reading of “49”; however, many science researchers are saying that whatever the ratings are listed as being, they should be multiplied by “3”, and if this is true, then Earth/Gaia’s frequency and amplitude has been in the past several hours (and it is mid-afternoon Eastern Standard Time) actually an astounding “147”!

Even the “49” reading on the chart was accompanied by a black-out portion.

Our planet has, however, received such an enormous amount of LIGHT—profoundly pulsating with brightness and soaring into all creation—that energy levels in human physical vessels have been zapped!

People are reporting feeling burned-out, extremely exhausted, weak, and have lacked sleep for about three nights.

Some are reporting that they have slept but have awakened as if they had no sleep at all—tired and drained.

Others have stated that they kept awakening off and on all night or awakened between 2:00 AM and 3:AM without returning to sleep, thus remaining awake until morning crept over the horizon.

Lack of having normal sleeping patterns is a major “Light Activation Symptom” (also called “Ascension Symptom”) because a shift in the DNA in the cellular atomic and sub-atomic structure is “awakening” dormant records as well as creating new ones—“downloading” of Higher Knowledge.

We must remember that LIGHT is performing two functions.

On one hand, a tremendous cleansing of our planet is happening to clear-out old disharmonious collective consciousness energetics, and on the other hand, sacred frequencies are being “transported” to our planet for transformational purposes—the “re-birth”, “upgrading”, “regenerating”, “revitalization”, and “renewal”—all terms used to explain the HIGHER VIBRATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS ELEVATION TO SOURCE FREQUENCY.

The process is daunting, and it is vital to obtain extra rest, hydration, and to remain anchored to the LIGHT through having a regular daily spiritual practice.

Otherwise, as has been discussed previously, the LIGHT does not move easily through the physical vessel.

Instead, it is blocked by old programming in cellular records attempting to hold on to “business as usual” when it has been evident for a very long while that this is a “New Now”.

The “labor” of “re-birth” is arduous enough without people working against it by their lowered levels of consciousness which keep insisting on warring with other nations, being materially greedy, forcing religious indoctrination, putting dangerous chemical drugs on the market for research, various groups hating each other, etc. etc. etc.

As long as a large percentage of collective humanity continues to show forth disharmonious thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, LIGHT will need to intensify to bring DIVINE ORDER to planetary creation while at the same time, as mentioned above, sending intensified LIGHT into those of a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS so that they can receive a GREATER LIFE FORCE of protection and wellness which can shield them from the harm of those lowered in consciousness who seek to “program” them.

Sometimes family members and friends have become “programmed” and endeavor to force others into the “programming” that they support because they are unaware of having received it.

It is a waste of words to try to reason with such persons.

A time is coming when they will finally realize that they have been “programmed” and will seek aid from those of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is one of the reasons why those known as “Lightbringers”, “Lightworkers”(Spiritual Teachers, Vibrational Healers, Gurus, Acharyas, Spiritual Scientists, etc.) need to self-nurture.

They are being called upon (and will eventually be called upon much more) to give knowledge to those who have refused it earlier.

As one of the world’s scriptures teaches: “Peformance of one’s mission in life is a necessity” (BHAGAVAD GITA).

The LIGHT is encoded with messages and is sending them swiftly and intensely into the DNA of those who wish to receive them.

Free will is still in process.

We have the choice of continually elevating as LIGHT streams into our planet at heightened levels or come to the LIGHT “kicking and screaming”.

Either way, LIGHT is soaring because it belongs to SOURCE, and as the GITA also states: “No one can work the destruction of the IMPERISHABLE ONE”.

I always, of course, respect other Divinely revealed scriptures, and so, I suggest that whatever individual paths may be, there are verses which teach the same principles.

The problem arises when people do not study or contemplate or meditate on what they “claim” to believe in relative to various holy texts.

Thus, they often do not know the difference between what is truly revealed and what is contrived by mankind for certain purposes.

LIGHT will continue to be fast, potent, and intense as March of 2022 is “on stage” because we are in the portal of the “Vernal Equinox” in the Northern Hemisphere and the “Autumnal Equinox” in the Southern Hemisphere.

Keep up with what is occurring in the world so that you will know how to focus your prayers, but do not become a part of the chaos through heated discussions, debates, or watching hours of television news.

“Be in the world but not of it” (Yeshua Ha Messiah).

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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  1. alan

    “Judge NOT and Neither CONDEMN ” Well said Dr. Schavi .
    We ARE the givers of Life whatever we Focus on We give life to.
    Focus on bad we get more bad , Focus on GOOD we get More GOOD.