Joy, Love and Gratitude

My heart and soul are overflowing with gratitude. To me this is a huge sprouting forth of new life and new beginnings and indeed that which is now coming more and more to the fore, as we are all asked to step up in mission and calling and further into Soul Mastery!

I was severely challenged for the last few weeks, yet when I needed help most, it would just appear. It was indeed another learning curve in trusting the process of ascension, and also knowing that tests will come up and the tests are indeed initiations. Once one comes through it all, one has shed more layers of the whatever has been before in the Old Earth, the old egos, the old personas, the old programming, the old way of life, and one is indeed now being prepared to step into the next level of ascension.

When one has come through such initiations there is just immense joy, love and gratitude.

Words are superfluous. So are thoughts. The gratitude and love and joy just flows through one. All one can say, is “Thank you!”

We all need to be dissembled before we can be reborn into the new Lightbody form and that dissembling, is not only happening in the physical body, but in the emotional, mental, spiritual and all 12 bodies.

We are surrounded by the Divine, for the Divine is in and around is day and night, and our own Ascended Masters, the Archangels and Angels, unicorns and dragons. We are surrounded by benevolent Beings from intergalactic to universal to multi-universal. They are here assisting us, but no one can assist you, if you do not ask, nor if you are not ready for it, because you still cling onto the old, and indeed will not let go of the old, in whatever form and the greatest of all, is forgiveness of self and others, and letting go of all shame, blame and guilt. The latter is often the greatest of all, for so often we tend to beat ourselves up over something which happened years ago, and then simply hang onto all the guilt. Until you love yourself so much, that you will not hold onto any shame, nor blame nor victim mentality, you are not free! You are imprisoning yourself! Your soul is greater than all that you impose on limits on it in this lifetime and is indeed beyond anything you can comprehend with your limited human mind.

Once release comes, the heart center fully opens, and one can only feel and experience pure unconditional love for self and others and the Divine and thus gratitude rises and overflows. This in indeed highest of all Divine Gifts.

The true state of the Soul embraces all of these, and indeed finds joy and love everywhere and in the expression and finding of joy and love, gratitude is the natural outcome.

Love, Grace, Joy and Gratitude are all keys which unlock the greatest potential, the innate genius within, and more than this, bring inspiration, awakens the creative force within us, and energize was well.

I wish you love, joy and gratitude for this most beautiful day!

**By Judith Kusel


2 Replies to “Joy, Love and Gratitude”

  1. Marjorie Churcher (prefer Jane)

    I have only recently (days) found this site – it’s amazing and has settled many questions, particularly with regard to Karma; but more so Acceptance something which has been a huge issue all my ‘conscious’ days. Thank you so very much.