The Exquisite Beauty of Divine Love, Joy and Miracles

Divine Love defies all description. It is simply sublime, yet all embracing, and so loving – as no hu-man can possibly express. It is purer than pure. It embraces exquisite beauty and with it comes a deep and abiding joy!

The Joy of knowing that one is loved beyond love. This love is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient, omnibenevolent.

The deepest sense of safety, or being at home, and often sheltered, nurtured, held in the eternal embrace, which never fails.

There is such deep inner joy within me this morning, as all is shifting as beautiful Divine Love is being poured into all souls on earth.

I am feeling this intensely this morning.

The deepest love, the deepest joy, always comes in sacred moments. When we become aware that life’s greatest gifts lie ever in the present moment, and in those treasure moments, when crystal clear clarity arises, when one finds infinite joy in just being, in the tiniest of flowers, in expanse of heavens, in Mother Earth and the beautiful gifts she brings every second, every moment.

I had a little boy visiting yesterday here for the first time, and my home is filled with books and crystals and roses – and sacredness. I fill my home with what brings me the greatest joy and that which I love and treasure.

His face lit up, when he saw the crystals, his mom cautioning him to not touch anything. I invited him to go and look at the crystals and to feel them. For I saw he was a star child and that the crystals were talking to him, energizing, welcoming.

Then I told him that he can choose a handful of the smaller crystals and take them home with him. His face lit up. He was in heaven! For me that was the gift: to see a child’s face light up with joy, and I knew that those crystal would bring him even greater joy the more he worked with them!
Let us remember that the greatest love lies in giving love – and in spreading little joys wherever you go. What to give out in love, kindness, generosity, joy and blessings always comes back to you ten-thousand fold.

I was reminded this morning, how years ago, when I was searching for a confirmation regarding the Intergalactic Fleet, and their crystal technology, that one day a total stranger walked into my office, with long hair, and beautiful eyes and then just handed me a parcel, and said, that he gifted these to me. I was stunned. There was something about him, which was other-worldly. His eyes talked. What spoke was that he moved his body in a different manner than humans do. He hardly spoke and then he simply walked out and disappeared!

I asked my staff who he was, as he did not give a name. They did not know and had never seen him before either.

When I opened the parcel, there were crystals in there – and I had up and until that moment never seen crystals before! But I felt the intense energy. And all I remembered from this strange encounter was that other worldliness which embraced me. Those crystals opened a whole new conscious awareness within me.

Now I know that he was indeed not of this earth, but from outer space making himself visible to me, and gifting me, with a sublime gift, which brought me joy and confirmation.

There are many beings walking amongst us from the Intergalactic Federation, and we are none the wiser. Yet we will always remember such encounters from the Christed Extraterrestrials because they exude a loving presence, which goes beyond words.

If you walk through life unaware, and unconsciously you will miss out on the greatest joys and love and miracles, which tend to come to us, in magic moments.

The Divine Love will guide us in miraculous ways, and is all abiding, and more we appreciated the simple daily joys, daily miracles, daily loving encounters, the more aware and conscious we become. The more is given.

There is so much now unfolding, in love, joy and miracles!

**By Judith Kusel


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