Wisdom of the Council: Insights from Conduit of Divine Light

You are living in exciting times. You are here for the greatest transformation of human consciousness that has ever occurred, and you are either seeing something like a war or a pandemic or a crisis, or you are seeing consciousness in action, love in action, transformation, transcendence, and revelation.

Do not lose your way. Do not get discouraged. Do not fight against yourself or anyone because we assure you the battle never is out there. It is about consciousness in the moment and being present to a grander perspective, a higher awareness where anything and everything is possible for you and for all of humankind. 

You can look around at current events and say, ‘Oh, that’s terrible,’ no matter when you listen to this. You could always find something every day in your news, in your media to say, ‘Oh, that’s awful, and that’s terrible, and that shouldn’t be happening. No, really this shouldn’t. No, no, really, this really is bad. No, really this is awful. This really shouldn’t be happening.’ You can justify and fight for your limitation and entangle and judge. And there is no judgment from our side ever, but you are either holding yourself in limitation and separation or you are embodying the master that you are, the wayshower that you are in this moment, and creating new pathways, new levels, new frontiers. You cannot do that if you’re entangled or feeling victimized.

There will always be something that, if you want to look outside of you for why you cannot find happiness within you, there will always be something you could use—what’s going on in the world or in your family—as to why you cannot experience joy in this moment. And there is no judgment from our side ever, but that’s how powerful you are. You are either perceiving Heaven on Earth or Hell. They’re not out there in the afterlife. They’re states of consciousness here and now. They are a way of perceiving reality. They are a state of consciousness determined by your vibration and your frequency.

The only thing that changes anything is energy. The only thing that changes anything is energy. The only thing that changes the body, the only thing that allows for spontaneous healings, the only thing that creates transformation in the body and your relationships with your families, with your children is the energy that flows forth into new forms of manifestation, and this energy can only change through consciousness.

The greatest transformational force on your planet is love. The most powerful force is love. It could also be explained as consciousness because as you elevate your consciousness and your awareness there is only love.

So consciousness and awareness and love are what create change and transformation, but you do not have to entangle with lack and limitation and separation to experience the expansion that occurs through the elevation of your consciousness and your awareness because consciousness is what summons the energy for grand, glorious manifestations in physical form. Consciousness, the elevation of consciousness and awareness is what moves the energy needed into form to create change.

When you really understand this, you no longer react to the external world. You will never again experience fear. You would not worry about anything. You would not struggle, and you would not suffer. And if you want to positively contribute to humanity and create a path forward out of suffering, the answer is consciousness, the consciousness that results in an unwavering force of love. And it is that force of love that can do the impossible because of the level of consciousness that summons the energy for great change.

Consciousness is what moves energy into form. It’s the formula for all of creation. You have this awareness. Now watch it create miracles in your life and in the lives of others.

You can forget who you are. You can choose thoughts, behaviors. You can lower your vibration and your frequency. You can create stories and beliefs, and you can focus upon them until you completely forget who you are. You can blame it on everyone else because this is who they told you you were or who you weren’t, and this is all the struggle and the things you went through, and this is why you can’t be who you want to be. You can fight for your limitations, or in this moment you can perceive yourself into a level of consciousness and awareness where the truth is always available to you. And in that truth you remember you are free, and you always have been. You are divine, and you always will be. And it was never about anything out there. It was all within you. It always has been. It always will be.

**Channel: Sara Landon


4 Replies to “Wisdom of the Council: Insights from Conduit of Divine Light”

  1. Harriet

    Sensationalism gets old after awhile. We aren’t living in old Roman times. What we have is something we can change for the better. Look forward to the wonderful new. The New Golden Age is here, just look for it. Feel It. Believe it. You were all born to love, don’t deny it any longer.

  2. Neil

    Yes, you are free…to pay your taxes. Don’t quit your day jobs just yet, light twerkers, this is still a prison planet and your wardens want to see you suffering or dead. I am reminded of the old story of the Christians who were fed to the lions in a Roman colosseum. Apparently, they sang songs of devotion whilst being torn apart from limb to limb. Perhaps they were thinking that they were not really being devoured by hungry lions, it was just an illusion…
    “Trust in Allah, tie your camel.”