Saint Germain: Take the Planet in Your Arms

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Saint Germain!

It is with joy, yes, in my heart, that I have this opportunity to come here to talk a little bit with you. The Journey is almost over. Many of you are still there at the beginning, a little tired, disappointed that you can’t go much further. Never forget that you create everything; never forget that what happens is the result of what you emanate. You may not have emanated in this lifetime, but it may be the result of long-generated emanations. So don’t get discouraged, keep going.

At every rock, at every obstacle, it is not enough to just push it aside to get the passage back. That obstacle has to be removed with action, but not with the action of simply getting it out of the way; it is an action to be learned, it is a consciousness to be acquired. So as long as you take the obstacles away with your hands, just in order to get through that path, it will get bigger and bigger. And then, just ahead you will see it again, only it will get heavier and heavier and bigger in size. Until it gets to the point where you can no longer get it out with your hands, and you have to find your way out to clear that path.

Such is the Journey. Those who can’t stay on the path, it is because they are taking the obstacles with their hands, they don’t understand. “Why did I go wrong, why did I come back?” And the answer, almost in unison: “It’s my fault, distraction, mistake…”; and you move on blaming yourselves for not being able to stay on track. And I can assure each one of you that the error, that mistake you condemn and judge yourself for, is caused by the Journey itself.

So the great purpose is not to judge yourself, that you have made a mistake again. Observe what decree the error happened; what caused the interruption of the journey? There is your answer. And only then will you be able to move forward and probably not interrupt again. Do each decree with understanding, not like machines that read it, repeat it 6 more times, complete the 7 times, and that’s it, it’s over. By acting like this you are a serious candidate for having to go all the way back again.

So stop judging yourselves. Look carefully which decree made you come back, there is a big obstacle to be overcome. You get tired of situations too easily. The purpose of this Journey is exactly to clear each of those obstacles, or shadows, or problems, whatever you call them, from your own path. The Journey doesn’t hurt anyone, on the contrary, the idea is always to move you forward. So don’t judge yourselves, or find it funny to have to go back to the beginning again. There is nothing to laugh at, there is something to analyze and to understand.

Every day new people will start on the Journey, and there will come a point when everyone will have to do his or her own walk and control. There will no longer be that daily transmission showing you what has to be done. So those of you who are still in the back, start learning to do your own checks, so that you don’t make mistakes again just by distraction or by not being properly involved in what you are doing.

This Journey is a Journey of transmutation and elevation, so that you learn to know and believe in the powerful beings that you are. You just have to use the decrees of the Journey. For those of you who are already there, in a little while you will be free to repeat as many decrees as you like. For the rest of you, there is still a long road ahead. Nothing will change. The Journey will continue to be the way it is eternally, starting today, starting a year from now, starting whenever you like; it will only end when the Earth ascends, and all its inhabitants along with it. Then, I assure you, all the decrees will have already been impregnated in your cells, and it will no longer be necessary for you to repeat them constantly.

You just can’t get discouraged. Look at each of the alerts that appear during the Journey. Misunderstanding one decree is not the other’s problem, it is not the other who will explain to you what you don’t understand. It is up to you to look inside yourself, to be in your Divine Presence, and to ask her to explain to you what you don’t understand. Each one of you has an interpretation, his own and appropriate to his soul. So it is not your brother or colleague who will tell you what it means, the understanding has to be yours. If you cannot understand and ask the other, which Journey are you following, yours or the other’s? Because he will give you the answer according to his journey, not yours.

So if you don’t understand what the decree is, ask your Divine Presences, ask me, ask your masters, never the other. You can exchange ideas, and they are very welcome. To study together is one thing, to ask another in isolation is a little different, because when you are studying in a group you will hear several interpretations, and it’s up to you to define which of those interpretations fulfill your heart. Now, when you ask a single person, you will get that person’s interpretation, which is not necessarily what your heart expects.

So be very careful with that. The Journey is not to be followed by the opinion of others, it is your understanding, it is your learning, it is your evolution, not based on what the other thinks. Learn, my brothers, to listen to your own Divine Presences, which is nothing more than Creator God in action. Learn. Do not depend on the other for anything. The question, the doubt, has to be answered by you, not by others. And if that decree has brought you so much doubt, be sure, something there is implied for you to stop and analyze, it is to get your attention. Do not be discouraged. Keep going, and you will see how, little by little, the Journey goes on, and that fear of making another mistake goes away. And when you realize, you have finished it, and a great transformation has been made in each one of you.

I just want to leave you with a message of hope. When a strong storm falls, it can do a lot of damage, it can even kill. The storm does that smiling? Is it acting provoking so many transformations, without caring what happens with the results? Why was that storm formed? The answer is: Nothing that happens in your world comes from anyone else but you. Each one of you creates what happens in your world. You reap what you plant, you reap what you emanate, nothing is out of order, everything happens for change, for you to see what you have created.

Someone might ask, “But did I create war?” Yes, you and a bunch more on the planet. You feared it all along. You created this egregore of fear and certainty that this would one day happen. Therein lies the answer: nothing but the consequence of what you have emanated and continue to emanate. It is up to each one of you at this moment, on this planet, to emanate Love and Light. Don’t feel small, don’t feel powerless, don’t feel incapable, because if this is emanated, this also reverberates. If everyone on the planet vibrates Love and Light, new grids are created; and the more Love, the more Light, the more negative grids are countered.

So what can each one of you do at this moment? Emanate Light, emanate Love for the planet. Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the planet. It is the consciousnesses at a global level that need to be changed. Forget the conflict, emanate Love and Light, emanate Peace. Even if you don’t know any technique, take the planet in your arms as if it were a small animal that you love very much. Feel the planet in your arms and just as you would emanate Love and Gratitude to a small animal in your lap, emanate it to the planet. If each one of you does this movement, you will see the result.

Embrace the planet, show all your Love and Gratitude to it, show the planet how much you love it. And this wave of love that will go out from your heart, will envelope the planet Earth and reach every heart on it. It doesn’t take much, a few seconds, just embrace the planet; show it how much you love it, how much you love everybody on its surface, and you will see the result. You can, you have this power. There is no greater force in this world than Love. Love destroys anything negative. But it has to be from the heart. Do this as many times as you wish per day: embrace the planet, feel it tiny between your arms, but the Love that will be emanated there, Gaia will know how to receive and multiply it all over her surface.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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  1. marla

    not buying into it…”So as long as you take the obstacles away with your hands, just in order to get through that path, it will get bigger and bigger. And then, just ahead you will see it again, only it will get heavier and heavier and bigger in size. Until it gets to the point where you can no longer get it out with your hands, and you have to find your way out to clear that path.

    1. CFneal

      Something rotten in Denmark, eh?
      Nah, I with you; ain’t buying it.