Learning to Fly Without Wings

The word ‘want’ has a great power within its walls.  We want peace, we want compensation, we want truth, and we want justice.  The very energy of the word ‘want’ is a place of entrance and exit with timeless swinging doors.

The vibration of want is a #13 vibration, it asks one to go to the edge of who they know themselves to be and jump without fear into their true soul light. It asks one to learn to fly without having wings.  It asks one to dive into the un-seeable with fear laced with courage. The number 13 is all about the courage ‘to be’ while you stand at the center of the storm. It houses an array of unseeable outcomes and possibilities.

As you sit in the center of all you once were and all that you are intended to become, you come to point of clear concise knowing. The longing for what you thought you once wanted seems fleeting as a spring breeze. So many wants and needs fly right out the window. In 2022 we find out exactly what we are made of, what our heart needs, what our soul wants. Humanity is a microcosm of a deluxe macrocosm that expands without asking any ones permission.

In the recognition of your cosmic totality there are truly no needs, there are no desires, there are no wants. All is automatically filled by its corresponding thought of completion, all having a cosmic common denominator. In this completeness you enter a place of pure emptiness; a place where you are echoing within what is empty and ready to receive in fullness without doubt. In the emptiness of all that you are, there is a complete fullness. Within this thought lives a truth that seeks to be seen.

On this planet of daily duality it would be a very bland world if everything were homespun vanilla. The ups and downs of who you know yourself to be, has created the character lines of your heart. Walking both the path of poverty and prosperity has given you the ‘pauper and the prince’s’ viewpoint and seasoned your Soul well.  Move forward from a point of enlightened choice observing all outcomes simultaneously. See the bigger picture of planetary wants, beyond the human needs.