They’re About To Get Away With The Biggest Crime In Human History

Something extraordinary happened on March 1. After two years of ritual humiliations and ceaseless gaslighting, Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin finally conceded the Russian capital was under siege from a “true psychological information attack.”

He was referring, of course, to the harassment and threats that the city’s businesses now face as a result of Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine.

As Russian media explained, Sobyanin has vowed to protect the citizenry from these horrific and unforgivable attempts at demoralization:

“The Moscow authorities will do everything necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the city and the protection of its inhabitants… The actions of [foreign provocateurs], the mayor noted, are aimed at undermining the management of the city and creating an atmosphere of chaos.

“The statesman said that they are trying to split us, shake us up and quarrel. “We are not afraid of external enemies when we are united,” Sobyanin emphasized on his page on the VKontakte social network.

What an incredible turn of events.

Sobyanin destroyed 200 businesses in two weeks, fabricated “public health” data, injected and tagged Muscovites like animals, and canceled medical care for their children. He held the entire city hostage, and ordered the elderly to choose between indefinite house arrest or getting the clot-shot. Just to list a few of his triumphs.

The man who soul-raped Moscow for two years is now protecting Russia’s capital from “enemies.” He is now shielding Muscovites from a “psychological information attack.”

psychological information attack

“The Moscow authorities will do everything necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the city and the protection of its inhabitants.”

There are a million Sobyanins. Probably a Sobyanin infests your city hall or governor’s mansion. Your president or prime minister is undoubtedly a shameless Sobyanin.

Sergey Sobyanin: keeping Moscow safe from “psychological information attacks.”

For two years, the Sobyanins of the world have been frog-marching us off a cliff.

They thought they could get away with it — the final triumph over the human spirit — but no, we aren’t so easily deceived!

Finally, sweet justice!

Russian tanks are rolling through…Kharkiv….they’re on their way….they’re…. coming for you, Sobyanin…you…. you better watch out…

This morning I was thinking about that boy from Krasnodar who was shoved, screaming, into a COVID Ziploc bag.

I don’t know why exactly, but his screams bubbled up to the forefront of my mind.

“Denazifying Kharkiv” is going to be 2022’s “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

They’re going to get away with it, aren’t they?

Darn it.