The Andromedans: How to Talk to Us

It is our time to welcome you to new beginnings. Today is a new beginning.  We say that because in your hearts you grow more each day. Every day you start anew. Hatred you watch on the news can be erased by starting the day fresh.

Every day has possibilities. You ate too much junk food and now you feel like you have ruined everything; so tomorrow don’t eat junk food. Every day you can make choices for the better. Every day you wake up say to yourself, I have a clean plate, what do I want to put on my plate? Do I want to put crap that I don’t want to do, or do I want fill my plate with beautiful things? No one takes the time to start new each day.  They wake up and do the same thing they did yesterday. Don’t like something, so don’t do it the next day.  You have the power to change. You have the power to say, today I am looking for a new job.

You have the power to say, today I will take the stairs. Today I will try on new clothes. Today I will clean out my closet. Today I will examine what I want to change.  And then just do a little bit each day.  Overhaul something. Clean out the pantry and replace it with foods that are appealing. You don’t have to do it overnight but each time you go to the store buy one or two more healthy items.  People think something has to happen for there to be a change. I need to get a divorce, I need to move to a new state, I have to sell my car. OK ya, you might want to do those things, but why aren’t you creating the patterns now? Can you clean out the car and get it ready to sell? Can you talk to a realtor? Move yourself in the right direction. Don’t wait for things to be forced upon you… I never took care of the car issue and now I am without a car.

What we suggest is to do the following. During the day today go through your house. What would you like to change? Write a list.  Prioritize the list. Then each day work off that list. Have I hired a carpet cleaner? Did I get new bedsheets? Next look at your personal finances. Where can I cut back and save.  Where can I afford to buy new things and where can I sell things. We suggest you work within your budget. You do not need to buy the designer brands. A swap meet or an exchange with a friend may be all you need. For life’s biggest questions we will tell you this. Whether you move to a new state, get a divorce, it doesn’t matter. You would follow the same process. Prioritize a list what is important to you.  Then work off the list. Want a divorce, talk to an attorney. We want you to get to the state where you are happy; you are happy with things in your life and you have overcome your burdens. You carry baggage around with you all day long. Remember each day you start anew. Did I clear out my bag? Did I clean my dish? Don’t do the same thing day after day thinking somehow its just going to work out. You are the creator of your reality. Create it how you want.

Our message today is of great importance because energetically a burdened mind cannot connect with us.  We wish a greater connection with individuals on Earth.  When your mind is burdened you become cloudy.  We wish to see many humans unburdened and open to the possibilities of ET communication.  We are here to assist you but first need you to become a better version.  Imagine what your heart would say if you could get clear guidance yourself.  Imagine how many doors would open for you if you could clearly get communication from us.  We ask you to please upgrade your lifestyles so we can talk to you.  From our vantage point there is so many possibilities for your outcomes.  True connections start when you are happy.  True spiritual connections can occur when you lift the weight from your shoulders.  There is no reason that you and I, up in my spaceship, cannot connect.  Every human has the gift, you were born being able to communicate.  Every one of you we should be talking to, giving you guidance and lighting your path.  Take the steps necessary to clear your burdens. Open your eyes and see we are your friends.  We will guide you through this time.  When you need help go back to your list.  What did you want to change?  What steps are you making to change?  Are the burdens lifting?  We’ll be here when you are ready.  Look forward to speaking to you when that time comes.  The world will become easier for you when you make a list and tackle it.

Peace and love, The Andromedans.  Many blessings to you, we are your allies, and will speak with you soon. Much love to you all!

**Channel: Krista EnergeticLeigh