Fifteen Signs You Are A Spiritual Warrior

Being a spiritual warrior is a path that one is born to follow and to walk with pride. 

There are many spiritual paths out there that can be given to a person – healer, empath, spiritual warrior, etc.

Some people are called to walk more spiritual paths at once, especially if they are very old souls who already achieved a complex view of the universal laws.

In this article, I am going to talk about how to tell that you are meant to be a spiritual warrior, and what this means for you.

Being a spiritual warrior is a special, yet difficult path to walk on, that is meant to challenge you and to make you deal with lots of ups and downs.


Being a spiritual warrior means that you are called to fight against ignorance and darkness, by raising your spiritual awareness and level of consciousness as much as possible.

The path of a spiritual warrior also includes a lot of spiritual healing done, as well for yourself and others.

Basically, you will be called to heal yourself and others indirectly through your actions, so that you and the people in your life reach the highest level of spiritual awareness possible.

Raising your spiritual awareness and your level of consciousness happen when you are involved in processes of healing or when life puts you in all sorts of difficult situations, in which you are called to find the solution or the way out.

Being a spiritual warrior often requires being a stand or a rock for yourself and others, standing for what is right, and protecting the spiritual truths.

If you recognize yourself in this description and you think you could be a spiritual warrior, have a look at the following 15 signs and qualities of a spiritual warrior:



If you were born to be a spiritual warrior, you most definitely have a feisty side that sometimes shows up. 

This does not mean that you are an aggressive person, or that you manifest this feisty side all the time, but it is most likely to come out when you need to defend yourself, someone you love or a cause you believe in.

Because of this side of yours, you can come across as a “strong person”, “strong personality”, or even “impulsive” in some situations. 

This latent side of someone’s personality can also be expressed through leadership qualities and an affinity for power and leadership positions.

Sometimes it could make you feel drawn to people who have a feisty personality or who are natural-born leaders.

Either way, this is the first sign that you were born a spiritual warrior.


If you were born a spiritual warrior, you were probably fascinated with the spiritual and metaphysical side of life since you were very young.

You may have not had the courage to tell anyone, but you felt at an early age a curiosity to explore what is beyond the material side of life, and all that the human eye cannot perceive.

This is because your warrior spirit is meant to manifest in the spiritual side of life, therefore you need to understand this side of life as well as possible.

You may be drawn to healing arts, metaphysics, religion, astrology, and anything related to spirituality in one way or another. 

You feel the calling to explore this side of life as much as possible and doing it will bring you great fulfillment.


Another sign that you are a spiritual warrior is that you start noticing you have a mission to cleanse and pay off the karma of your family. 

You could realize this by noticing the difficult experiences that life throws at you, and by feeling that there is a greater force preventing you from fulfilling your purpose and Divine Mission.

This force is the family karma that adds up to your karma and which ends up being like a heavy bag of rocks you have to carry everywhere you go – it makes you move forward slowly.

You will feel the urge to do all sorts of spiritual activities that help you cleanse it, like family constellations, and all the prayers and rituals that are meant to ease your family karma.


One important sign of a spiritual warrior is that a part of their Divine Mission is breaking generational curses. 

This is related to the family karma I was mentioned before but is deeper and heavier than that.

Generational curses are curses that have been in the family line for a long time, affecting the lives of everyone born in it.

If in a family line there is a generational curse, is affecting all the direct descendants of the cursed person.

Sometimes, the curse could be more specific, as to affect only the firstborn or only the males, etc.

The main idea is that if you are under such a generational curse, but you are spiritually aware of it, your mission could be to break it so that future generations don’t fall under its effect as well.

How do you know that there is a generational curse in your family? Easy.

If there has been severe bad luck affecting multiple members of the family, descendants of one person, there probably is one.

If you are born in a family that is under the effect of a generational curse but your vibration is higher than your family’s, your Divine Mission could be to break the curse. 


Because you came here to pay off heavy family karma and perhaps even to break generational curses, you are quite different from the rest of your family.

This means that there are very high chances that you are a higher vibrational soul than the rest of your family. 

When one person has a higher vibration than their family, they usually end up being misunderstood by it.

They may not share the same common values and core principles as their family, as they may have a deeper understanding of life in general.

They may see the bigger picture where their family fails to do so, or they could have lost interest in trivial things, which means that they and their family have little left in common.

Not to mention a spiritual warrior is unlikely to follow the conventional path in life and will create their own, unique path.

Their family may not understand or support this, which will create even more sources of conflict.

Thus, the spiritual warrior of any family is oftentimes the black sheep or the misfit in their family, being judged and misunderstood by them.


An important criterion that a spiritual warrior must meet is experiencing their spiritual awakening.

A spiritual warrior must be spiritually awakened to fulfill their mission of defending the truth and protecting others.

They must be able to understand the deeper meaning of everything that happens and to see that which cannot be seen by the physical eye.

Experiencing their spiritual awakening will make them more connected to the Divine and the deeper truths in life so that in any situation in which they need to act like the spiritual warrior, they know what is the truth that they need to defend.


Being a “spiritual warrior” may sound like a fascinating or like a “cool” thing, but in fact, the life of one is never easy.

If you are a spiritual warrior you know that your life could be a series of challenges and spiritual tests that never seem to end. 

You may find yourself oftentimes wondering if you’re ever getting a break or if things could ever start going smoothly for you.

The reason why this happens is that spiritual tests help you pay the heavy karma and break the generational curses – that is, if you pass them, of course.

Another reason you are given so many spiritual tests is that you can grow spiritually and develop more compassion and empathy through these tests.

These tests are going to be very hard on you, pushing all your buttons, activating all your triggers, and oftentimes breaking your heart and your spirit.

You will have to rebuild yourself after some of these spiritual tests, but the good news is that you will emerge as a wiser and stronger version of yourself.

Developing more compassion and empathy through these tests is crucial for a spiritual warrior.

Pain will make you more empathetic towards other people’s struggles and will open your heart towards helping and supporting those who need your help and protection. 


If you are a spiritual warrior, you were probably born with a high level of spiritual awareness, which is raised even more through spiritual tests and challenges. 

Spiritual warriors usually manifest high awareness since they are small children, and they have an intelligence quotient above average as well as wisdom and wit that leave adults amazed. 

If you were born a spiritual warrior, your parents probably noticed your cleverness and sharp mind since you were very young, and so did other people around you.

Even as a child, you had a level of comprehension above the average, and could see and perceive things that others could not.


Many people are courageous, but the courage of a spiritual warrior is amazing for those around them. 

It’s not like spiritual warriors don’t feel fear, because they do, but they manage to defeat it very fast.

Spiritual warriors are very much connected to the Divine; thus, they know deep in their hearts that they are guarded and taken care of.

Even if at any point they are meant to suffer some mental or physical prejudice, they don’t fear that, but rather accept it as part of their journey.

Their attitude in front of danger is either to laugh at it or to dismiss it, which often leaves people in awe.

A spiritual warrior knows deep in their heart that they are bigger and stronger than anything that could come their way and that there is a solution to any problem.


You know you are a spiritual warrior if one of your main concerns has always been to protect those who are weak and vulnerable. 

Maybe you always felt the need to stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves, to give to those in need, to feed the stray animals, etc.

Whatever it is, as a spiritual warrior you felt a calling to protect and support, and you did your best to fulfill that calling, even when this meant standing up against dangerous people or circumstances.

People often admire you for your courage and come to you when they need help and protection.


As a spiritual warrior, you find it easier than other people to be disciplined. 

As you are an old soul, you have the bigger picture in mind and know what is it that you are meant to achieve.

For a higher purpose, you are willing to give up on small or unimportant life pleasures.

As a disciplined person, you usually achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve.


A major sign of spiritual warriors is that they are relentless when it comes to achieving their purposes and fighting the adversities of life. 

They are so determined that nothing can scare them or make them give up on what they desire.

Many people look up to you and wish they had your determination, courage, and relentlessness, especially when it comes to moving forward in life, protecting spiritual truths, or protecting others.


In contrast to your feisty side mentioned in the beginning, as a spiritual warrior, you also have a side that is quite the opposite – sweet, loving, and gentle. 

This is the side you show to those who manage to make you feel safe enough to show your vulnerable side, or to those whom you love dearly.

This side of you is very important as well, as it’s a big part of who you really are.

You show your feisty side to people who wrong you or others, and you show your loving side to those who need protection or love.


A spiritual warrior knows that being humble is a very admirable trait that very few people possess.

They also know that being humble is a rare quality that will help them get ahead in life.

The opposite attitude of being humble is having a big ego, which can draw a lot of trouble and challenges to a person.

When you have a big ego, you give off the vibe that you think you’re above other people.

When you are humble, you can show understanding and appreciation to everyone, regardless of their spiritual level or social status.

Being humble is one key trait that a true spiritual warrior possesses to help them evolve spiritually and pass the terrifying tests they are faced with.


As a spiritual warrior, you are connected to the truth in any situation, whether it’s about a spiritual truth or not. 

Your intuition is very accurate, you instinctively know how things are going to unfold. 

When you hear information of any sort, you intuitively know if it’s true or not, because you are strongly connected to the Divine, and this makes you attuned to the truth in all situations.

This is why spiritual warriors are oftentimes real “BS detectors”, and other people find it impossible to lie to them.


I don’t personally think anyone has to worry about becoming a spiritual warrior because spiritual warriors are born with this path ahead of them.

Even if the spiritual awakening happens later in life, and your journey as a spiritual warrior starts later, you are still born a spiritual warrior, and everything happens according to the Divine Providence.

If you are reading this article right now and resonate with the information or you feel the desire to become a spiritual warrior, it means you already are one but haven’t discovered it yet. 

Don’t worry, your spiritual journey will start at the right time!

If you identify as a spiritual warrior, I would love to know your opinion about this article in the comment section below!

**By Alexandra Tiodar


30 Replies to “Fifteen Signs You Are A Spiritual Warrior”

  1. Glenda Butcher

    MANY, MANY THANKS, Glenda Butcher from Stephens, Arkansas.

  2. M. A. T. L.

    I would call myself a light worker but never a warrior. I did not like the resistance just my very presence could cause. But finally now I am able to make peace with this part of me. Recognize myself in every sign you mentioned. Would like to add one: #16 As a spiritual warrior you have faced some of your biggest challenges alone. There was nobody there to give you guidance or direction, instead you had to reach very deep within to find your inner strength. That is how you have learned that your guidance and protection comes from divinity.

  3. Katarzyna Ostrowska

    Dziękuję..od małego wiedziałam, że jestem wojownikiem. Ale teraz dopiero wiem, że duchowym. Wszystko się zgadza. Dziękuję

  4. Jani DiStasio

    Thank you for this article. Every aspect is spot on. I was told in my early 60’s that I am an Empath, a Healer, and a Medium. Your article filled in the gaps. Now I understand the missing parts of the puzzle. Namaste 🙏🏻

  5. Franciely

    I knew… I always knew. Because a “normal” person wouldn’t get throgh so many tests mixed with so much pain (emotional/mental). I say this without any ego, just stating the obvious.
    To all of us warriors of light, our prize at the end of all this will be joy, peace and endless well being.

  6. Maniju

    Very insightful description of spiritual warriorhood. And let us also remember we are in a human experience and always in learning mode as we meet each challenge. Our guidance is constantly around and available, especially when facing the toughest of experiences. It is at these points that our spiritual wings expand. Namaste .

  7. Peter

    It’s been said many times in the past few years, especially since Covid-19, that only the toughest of the tough spiritual warriors are here on Earth at this time. Others in the spirit world were begging to be part of these times in history, but we here now we’re the chosen ones. Something to feel pretty proud of!

    1. Trisha Perretti

      Yes, we were chosen but, asked to come for this very time that is upon us now. We all have different gifts, skill sets & we are Ancient! I would love to have a conversation with you, Peter. There’s not many people I can talk to about these things & the ones that I do talk to, think I’m crazy.

  8. Gail R Parsons

    I am a spiritual warrior in every way, including the family curse! I was born into a family with an inherited eye condition that we actually called the family curse. I notice that several people have trouble with the discipline issue. If I read that right, we can be very disciplined when dealing with important issues, but perhaps have a bit of difficulty with day to day living, like eating properly or doing exercises regularly! Those are two of my issues. I have been “different” all my life and learned early on that I could not share the real me with anyone else. As I came to know my true identity and mission, I have come to be grateful for all the challenges. At age 77 I am now looking forward to helping others awake and move into 5D.

  9. Harriet

    So that’s who/what I am. I once was very disciplined, will be again. Life is easier then and every day falls into place.
    I remember as a baby seeing for the first time another child getting disciplined and I cried for him and myself. Life was never the same after that. I watched everything wondering what and why. Life never lived up to my expectations and I knew even as a little girl our lives on Earth weren’t right.
    Most of my life was unbearable. Finally now, understanding it all and the role love plays, I can change it and I can put my strengths to better use.
    Thank you for this explanation. XX

  10. Aemilia

    Life is not always funny but this made me laugh real hard ! It is such a release to find the words and attach them to feelings.. you intuitively know, right? Lol ! Discipline? It shook me because i only saw it from a materialistic point of view.. ex: exercise, reading, bla bla. I just learned i am a disciplined person, im just on another dimension! Lmao always felt like a come from another planet, now the case is that it is normal (for me) to be? Completely weirdo but how so blessed is the truth.

  11. Denise

    Yes, it’s me, lacking the discipline in most areas of life other than what I happen to focus on, no control. However when something piques my curiosity or attention I will put every ounce I can spare into knowing what I need to know.
    I find this information saddens me some however, I’m a 53 yr old who has failed at life spectacularly, in all ways. I fail those I love on a daily basis but that has more to do with me not being very good at 3D living than anything.
    Thank you for the information, it’s yet another piece of the Me puzzle I’m still piecing together after all these decades!

    1. Kelly


      Am strongly getting the message that you haven’t failed anyone or anything. You are here to shine your light. It’s something that you do naturally. You hold and shine your light.
      Sometimes this means that you may get resistance from others of lower vibrations. Yet, you are still doing what you were meant to do. You’re holding a mirror of light for others. Even though it may sometimes feel that you are making little progress, you are. Trust me. You are.

      Many souls volunteered to come to Earth… to be here at this time. Only the strongest and bravest were chosen. It’s an honor to be here, now.

      On a soul level, you agreed… prior to coming here… to take on certain conditions, pre-agreements, and missions.

      You’re still here. You’re still holding your light in the face of adversity! How can this be considered anything but a sucessful mission?

  12. Colleen

    Spiritual warrior here. Since my 20s I was fascinated with all things of a spiritual nature. I’m feisty and loving. I love studying people and figuring out what makes them do what they do. But not very disciplined and don’t really like helping other people beyond praying for them. I credit my daughter for inadvertently waking me up 10 years ago and she credits me for waking her up.

  13. About Vladimiro Di Vito

    This article give me the possibility to see myself as reflex in a mirror and unveil few truth that I was try to hide for avoid the complete acceptance of events that I was look at as to be way to far my human understanding.
    Finally I am able to accept and validate complicated sincronicity since I was kid and that is ok follow with serenity the evolution of my real true spiritual identify.

  14. van Roon

    How familiar recognizable! Thanks for mentioning. It heals the pain and struggle with my family. Another step to let go. YES.

  15. Christine

    What a great and beautiful description. Thank you so much. I feel seen, heard and understood.

  16. Măndița Vlăduț

    Da, hă recunosc =n mare parte a acestor caracteristici, am simțit asta încă din copilărie ! Mulțumesc !

  17. Maria Eksteen

    Oh my God! I’m in awe! This is me through and throught. To the dot.
    My spiritual awakening became full blown for the last two years. Sunce then I’ve been referring to myself as a “sensitive warrior” and recently due to family health challenges I’ve said mire than once that I’m here to break the family pattern. It couldn’t be more accurate!
    Thank you for the amazing article!

    1. PS

      Same here. I think the spiritual awakening for me has been trying to occur all my life, but I wasn’t ready for it each time it started to happen. The last 6 years have been a process of waking up the warrior (picture a roaring Viking). The last year has been a process of disciplining the warrior (picture a Shaolin monk). This year is the process of straight up becoming a Jedi Master.

      1. Franciely

        I still feel like I’m on the Viking stage. Until all fury and pain heals and dissolves so that the much-desired peace settles and reigns forever.