The Telosians: What Is Happening In Ukraine Is Wanted By Those Who Lead Your World Part 2

We greet you dear children of the Earth. We will once again come back to the conflict that is happening in Ukraine. Of course many of you do not really understand what is happening and why so much violence towards this country. Of course humans leave earthly life during these bombardments. Of course life is no longer safe at all in this country, which is why a large number of inhabitants will find refuge in the surrounding countries.

But first of all, what led to this fight between these two countries? As we said in our previous message, the world government, the shadow government, the one who wants to have total control over the Earth, its wealth and its humanity, this government has installed in this country as in many others. others all over the Earth, biological research laboratories in order to create bacteriological wars at a certain time. But Ukraine, as you can imagine, is not the only country where these kinds of laboratories are located.

However, you have just had for two years of your terrestrial time, an example of what can be done with viruses which affect all the populations of your planet.

Some wonder if this world government is linked to that of Russia which bombs Ukraine. We will tell you NO!

But who is this world government which has so much weight for the moment on the life of humanity? who is he ? this world government is made up of all the families of great financial wealth, of the families who own most of the international banks, of the families who own the laboratories, of the families who manipulate your rulers imbued with their person and for whom power is the purpose of their life.

These families are very few in number, but their ability to manipulate the media, certain laboratories, etc. means that with the money they can afford anything without any remorse and indulge in very, very delicate exactions.

These families that you would call “rich” at the terrestrial financial level, are for the most part installed in the United States of America and from there, they manipulate all the heads of governments of the countries of the Earth. Why do your rulers allow themselves to be manipulated? Because the manipulation they accept, sometimes unconsciously, is done in such a sneaky way that they let themselves be taken in by the nice words that are said to them, by the possibilities of radiant power that are dangled to them. The weakness of your governments is to have blinders which prevent them, in their great desire to live the “glory”, from realizing that they are greatly manipulated.

So what is happening between Russia and the United States of America? The United States of America by the presence of these families which have the momentary power on the life of humanity, implanted biological laboratories in Ukraine and also act by other embezzlements in this country.

But as we said in our previous message, there are beings who have been part of the shadows awaken to what they have done by being linked to this world government. This is the case of the Russian leader.

But then, why bomb Ukraine, why kill innocent people? This is hard, very hard for humans to live with. But this man has decided to destroy everything that has a link with the actions of this world government, therefore destruction of laboratories and others.

But this destruction unfortunately leads to the departure of humans and this bruises the hearts of a large number of peoples of Europe.

We want you to know that we are very careful, that we will not let this conflict go too far.

We ensure that the shadow government is “decapitated” as soon as possible so that the Earth and its humanity find Peace and Serenity of heart.

Know, children of the Earth, that the shadow is greatly losing its place on the Earth. All those who wished and still wish to manipulate you in a last burst of defense of their power, are threatened by the Russian government which wants to put an end to all the exactions of which they are the actors.

Dear children of the Earth, dear brothers and sisters on Earth, we are watching, do not doubt it, but what is happening is a purification of what the shadow wanted to put in place and activate.

We accompany you with great love.

Part 1

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou


16 Replies to “The Telosians: What Is Happening In Ukraine Is Wanted By Those Who Lead Your World Part 2”

  1. Hugo

    Very good comments, indeed. But you forget the “channeling” message. I think comments are suitable to judge the “channeled” message essence: “Stop the jabbering mind!”. Channeled messages never confuse men or cause mixed feelings. This one does. Its not a channeling, its politics.

  2. Teddy

    Many of those commenting here are chaotically confused . You see a small piece of the kaleidoscope. Please remain as observers without judgment and the truth will emerge. Let’s keep our minds clear and hearts open. Stop the jabbering mind!

  3. linda

    my question is why now, ? so we pour more monies into this conflict, only to distract us off the truth, however this plays out, I am sure we will all experience a new goverment regime, Certainly aid the people of Ukrania , shelter, and food. I am sure the people of Russia are in a mindset of what is really going on, and do not agree with the Miltary force being used. Ukrania army system is not cabable of handling Russia attacks. So ,as an American, are we not in a similar affair. Good distraction, as the NWO takes its stand of American soil. Maybe all planned by the elite, maybe not. Will we ever KNow the truth. Lambs to the slaughter.

    1. Linda

      Hmmmmm. Humans are not lambs to the slaughter – but it is imperative that we all wake up to what’s really going on around us. Why is it we just blindly believe everything we are told about what’s going on in this world? Biden claims Russia is our enemy. Now information about US biolabs and human trafficking operations stemming out of Ukraine, and Russia is working on removing those evils. Which is true? We can’t believe the mainstream media, for sure. However, can we believe any other news format right now? I think we are being lied to by everyone under the sun – even our beloved and trusted doctors, who in my humble opinion have turned into mouthpieces for the cabal.

      We human beings are one with God Who Created All Life. The cabal members have no semblance of human life left in them, so they have to consume human blood, attempt to steal our soul-life and try to behave as humans in front of tv cameras. They wear rubberized masks to appear as human, but underneath that mask is something none of us would want to see. Since the truth is being withheld from humans at this time – by mainstream media, social media and alternative “truth” news outlet – there’s only one thing we must do and that is trust the Word of God in the Holy Bible. It’s all there – the beginning, the end, the middle – it’s all scripted for us to read, take in what we are capable of taking in and live our lives as God would want us to live. The CREATOR GOD of the Bible is pro-life, pro-human (since HE created humans), pro-love, pro-truth, pro-GOODNESS, pro-Jesus Christ. The god of the earth is the exact opposite of all of those CREATOR GOD attributes !!!!! Trust me on this – the demons and their leader/s all know that the Word of CREATOR GOD is TRUTH. It’s we created humans who need to wise up.

      Revelation 21:7 – “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”
      Revelation 21:8 – “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

      It’s become glaringly obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that there is no truth left in this world other than what our CREATOR GOD has written. If one reads the Book of Revelation with a quiet, loving heart and receptive mind, one will be amazed at this great gift given to us from our Father God and His Son, Jesus Christ. It is the Book of Truth.

  4. John Robbins

    Russia IS a state of Mind, not a geographical country. Seeing it that way now makes it easier to bypass the decades long msm control psyops against that Nation.

  5. AlwaysLight

    For those that are buying into the lamestream narrative about ukr. Please be aware of how much of the so called news you’re watching is engineered and staged to manipulate your emotions against you. They know how to pull those strings so you become enraged and are no longer able to see clearly, but for the narrative they associate your emotional response with. It’s a trick to well up trauma within you, then quickly get you to connect that emotion to the images they present to you, so it sticks. I see so many in this state, they haven’t learnt to sit back in balance and look at this with clear eyes… I would simply advise you to be very careful of the opinions you keep that are not from clear unfettered eyes. On that note, do your research, learn to understand where ukr came from and what the real histories of it are. Learn about what it was, and up until recently, was being used to do. Why do you think there are videos from actual Ukr people cheering as the Rus’s came in? They were literally setting off fireworks in celebration… Hint: it’s nothing like what the lame stream media is spitting out.

  6. Hugo

    Exactly the “right” response. I was pretty sure, what kind of responses my comm. causes… And these arent very friendly. Why? Every enlighten man or lightworker never get angry. Angry man arent welcome to this website. Like I said – this is a statement from very angry men, reason of this? Because the author of this nonsense protects himself. Good luck. And I´m not frustrated, I´m quite joyful, because I know – this war thing isnt right thing but necessary and it ends quite remarkably.

  7. Göran R.

    Just listen to what Putin said. He said that he would attack Ukraina. Remember that. And Putin never said anything about biological and chemical weapon, he told bad metaphysics about the glory of Russia and the greatness of all the russian folks. It is folks and not indiividuals that he sees. But now at the religious who are lika fascists and communists it is not Putin that is guilty to the attack it is all the othar bad guys. Empirical evins is not so bad, try it instead of having a meeting where you say hallelulaj to Putin.We see what Putin and his army had done and it is not good at all.

    1. A lightworker

      Putin said that he would demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine. Maybe Putin didn’t have ironclad “they have biolabs” intel, I don’t know.

      I don’t disagree that war is always awful, but the status quo was that neo-nazis were borderline-genociding Russians in Eastern Ukraine. That also wasn’t a good situation.

  8. John Robbins

    Truth cannot be diluted by ‘other versions’, and that (HS) brainwashed channeler isn’t helping here in the least!!

  9. John Robbins

    Spot On Lightworker thank You!!! That is Truth, and only ONE version of Truth. They fly Ukrainian flags from town halls here, and tie buntings on railings feet away from war memorials thanks mostly to msm creeps.

  10. Hugo

    Nonsens. This message is pure nonsens and linked to russians… Be vigilant. Not every message isnt from the source, this warning was made in scrantons channeling mesaages what I trust. Read this message and decide yourself: jn this message is no information at all and justifies russian bombardment! WTF?! If laboratories were true targets, why annihilate small cities over the country, kill babies in ordinary city where´s no labrotary etc???? Nonsens, pure nonsens.

    1. A lightworker

      Russia hasn’t annihilated small cities over the countries and hasn’t killed babies. The Ukranian neo-nazis are doing that and blaming it on Russians.

      Some of those biolabs are underground or hidden. They couldn’t just bomb a few spots and call it a day. Not to mention that even even that would be a declaration of war, because the west and Ukraine pretend like there’s no biolabs. Plus they want to capture the scientists who were working on depopulation viruses.

      Moreover, the Russians aren’t just concerned about biolabs. They’re also interested in getting evidence that the west developed Covid in Ukraine. They’re also interested in stopping child trafficking, which is centered in Ukraine. They’re also interested in stopping Ukraine state-funded and state-supported neo-nazis. They’re also interested in stopping Ukraine from getting nukes. They’re also interested in protecting the Russians in Luhanks and Donekst, whom Ukranian neo-nazis have been borderline-genociding for eight years now.

    2. A lightworker

      “why annihilate small cities over the country, kill babies in ordinary city where´s no labrotary” — if after two years of non-stop Covid lies you still watch and believe the MSM, I don’t know what to tell you.