How To Break Contacts With The Forces Of Darkness

As Lightworkers, We Need Greater Awareness and Knowledge about Demonic Possession.

This subject may well surprise many of my readers. Finally, I was warned very clearly about the absolute need for awareness and knowledge coming to the forefront regarding this matter now.

I am not aware of any Lightworker blogs addressing this issue!? It sounds a bit like “if we just pretend these entities don’t exist, they will disappear”.

Breaking contracts

We have learned as Lightworkers that in order to keep ourselves free from darkness, we must clearly state that we wish to break all contracts with dark beings. I have been informed by my Guides that about 18% of Lightworkers have broken these contracts.

We’ve all had contracts with dark beings whether we like it or not, because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to gain access to this matrix world that has been controlled by archons – the fallen angels.

For example, if we chose to come here to this planet from elsewhere in this galaxy, or in Andromeda’s sister galaxy, to help support the removal of darkness and set humanity free, we had no choice but to make deals with the Archons to be authorized. to incarnate on Earth.

Archons had their draconian reptilians and other parasitic beings under their control-to-control humanity.

Demons don’t follow any laws. Demons don’t make deals or contracts. Demons for their survival depend on the existence of negative emotional energy. They look for environments where they can consume negativity in some way.

People who are basically good human beings and who have an interest in doing good things for humanity can still be usurped by demons due to lack of conscience.

Knowledge is power

I have not necessarily decided to avoid delving into this subject beforehand. However, for whatever reason, I wasn’t ready to do that until now.
Now that I have begun to investigate this matter, I understand that knowledge in this area is key to our ability to see the whole truth of the matter in dealing with darkness.

I see clearly now that because we do not have a basic understanding of this matter, we are open to being continually deceived in various circumstances.

When dark consciousness is not present, it can continue to exist, manipulate and disempower many.

This loss of power happens simply because when difficulties arise in our lives that we don’t know how to deal with, that we don’t understand, we don’t even consider this issue as an eventual source of the problem.


When there are apparent inconsistencies in a person’s behavior that intrigue us, when someone surprisingly acts out of conduct, having knowledge and awareness of this matter may well be important in resolving the situation.

Why do demons choose certain individuals?

Demons do not seek permission to enter a host body. Demons do what they like to do. They choose a victim and enter.

Are they attracted to certain individuals for greater gratification!? That is, for greater success in taking on some aspects of a person’s life.

There are no humans who seek to host a demonic being. However, some belief systems held by humans would certainly make a more attractive host for a demon. Darkness is always an attraction. Darkness can be a lack of awareness.

Let’s give some examples

  • If someone has a tendency to spend their lives telling lies.
  • If someone has very strong anti-religious belief systems, that is, they don’t believe in God or the supernatural world.
  • If someone is addicted to alcohol.
  • Someone who has antisocial behavior with a tendency to avoid interacting with other people.
  • Someone whose life is controlled and restricted in some way.
  • If one is attracted to the knowledge of the ‘dark arts’.
  • Someone who goes through life unconsciously and doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.

How prevalent is demonic possession?

With 100% certainty, you have met/know someone in your life who was/is possessed by a demon. I’m sure this will surprise my readers and many will not believe this statement. That is good. I am in no way suggesting that people start looking for or selecting people who might be possessed in their environment.

My goal with this series of articles is to bring awareness to this issue because with knowledge we can do much more to correct this sad situation than when we are in the dark about it matters.

Different types of demons

I found a very interesting and enlightening article by someone in Central Europe where I found a list of demonic entities. This person, since childhood, has been able to clearly see different dimensions and has a great deal of first-hand knowledge on the subject of demons. I will provide the names of some of the entities my Guides have confirmed.

  • Demons
  • Devil Beings (Ghosts of very evil deceased humans)
  • Hungry Ghosts (Lost and trapped human souls).

This blogger has the following opinion and I feel it is a point of view worth discussing. She says;

“I don’t believe in ‘fighting’ the darkness because we need both worlds… when people have unresolved issues and pain and are avoiding dealing with those issues… the darkness (demons) connecting to that, can bring them into the unresolved spotlight.”

She believes that “this is the functionality of darkness… the cause of the darkness entering in the first place”.

I must say with great conviction that I cannot agree with any of these statements. It is sad to say that this type of opinion about darkness prevails in our world.

Now I will try to explain why I do not agree with these ideas.

We now know a lot of information about the origins of darkness on this beautiful planet. If you are interested and are not yet familiar with the information from the Resistance Movement via Cobra, you can access my website page entirely dedicated to this subject.

Also, I would like to say something here as a reminder that all this darkness is going to end! When I say end, I mean END.

Forget anything you might think you know about 1000 years of peace and then the ‘devil’ being allowed to return for another time, etc.

Is not true

We are the last dark planet to be freed!

When The Event is a fact, that will be the time of the true beginning of the end of the reign of darkness (I must say at this point that we have already taken HUGE STEPS forward and that SO MUCH darkness has passed). The darkness will not make a return visit here.

I remember an interview about 6 years ago with Drunvalo Melchizidek. This same question was asked of him, and he replied something like “this fall into darkness will never happen again. WE (said he) will not allow it!” I realized that the ‘we’ included me! I will never allow that to happen again! My inner voice, the voice of the devil that comes from programming lives says “who do you think you are making such a statement!? The Queen of Sheba!?”

Well, we are all ONE

I don’t believe for a split second that the Divine Mother Goddess desires more suffering on the part of humanity. When I say One and We, I mean the entire Company of Heaven, the entire Council of Love, and the entire Galactic Confederation. And all of us together will never allow these ‘mistakes’ to happen again.

Let’s create a kind of ‘reset button’ to be used so no one gets lost again!

**By Thereze Sumi

**Shared per request

4 Replies to “How To Break Contacts With The Forces Of Darkness”

  1. Harriet

    If you worry about dark beings, dark spirits, or dark energies you are creating dark energy to feed these dark ones. Don’t worry about them, don’t give them any thought and they can’t latch on to you. If you are sure you have a dark one attached to you, smudge yourself with sage, sandalwood, lemongrass and tobacco. Also smudge your home with these herbs/plants and make sure you get the corners of your house too.
    Every morning when you wake up cover yourself with a sphere of white light, and do the same before you go to sleep at night. Also protect yourself with white light when you communicate with spirits or ETs, and when you are with other people, or are going into risky arreas.
    If you want more detail, and you own a pet, set up an appt with an animal communicator (who uses telepathy) to have a conversation with you and your pet so you can ask your pet questions. Ask your pet if you have a negative entity attached to you, inside of you, or living in your house or on your property. Animals know these things! Not only will they know what spirits or energies are hanging around but can also give you details. It was incredible the information I was able to get from my two dogs. I also found out from my last dog that we didn’t have any association with negative entities and they weren’t in our house or property.
    I’d like to add to the list of people who attract negative energies:
    – people who fight in their homes with family members
    – people who are involved with crime of any sort
    – people who are addicted to drugs
    – people who are under a great deal of stress, causing anxiety, depression, breakdowns, bickering, fighting, worrying, etc.
    Hope this helps.
    BTW, stay positive, loving, and kind and the negative entities won’t come near you.
    Good luck.

  2. Mother Goddess Sophia

    Dear star children of light masters , this time you are absolutely right ! The Supreme Creator Mother Goddess Sophia (some call Source) will never allow such dark forces games to play out in this universe anymore even other universes because this universe all the conflicts between dark and light all the wars Which just feeding the 3d hell earth of demons dark entities bloody experiences for so long ! that’s why this time ascension completion through all our mastery star children light works to transform all kinds of the darkness egoistic patterns finally we consciously embrace The One Love within each one of the heartful souls ,it’s the light energy soaring rise up forever in all the universes ! Mother Goddess Sophia Blessings To All ! 3/16/2022

  3. AzureLeaves

    “All the world’s a stage.”
    – William Shakespeare
    “…and God plays all the parts.”
    – Neville Lancelot Goddard

  4. Carrie Morrison

    Well, thank you! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for people to be ready to begin acknowledging, accepting and building the proverbial “defense against the dark arts” groups. The fear of it all simply needs to be taken out of the equation and then it seems to be somewhat of an open playing field where anything can be tried and can meet success. Like, saying, “abracadabra” 3x on a 3rd Wednesday of the month will “solve it all” type of scenario is what I mean. The part at the end of the movie Mars Attacks always always always stuck with me for whatever reason throughout my life. The fact that the playing of that one in particular song was the answer that saved the world. Well…. I’m just saying, this IS a game, right? So, Let’s play it. I’ll be glad to have help out here soon, fellow evil hunters or whatever it is we’re doing. One love and don’t be scared. It’s all good.