Alex Collier’s List Of Alien Species

The list below is Alex Collier’s first release of information from planned ET-22 series.

This release contains a brief list of E.T. races, their body types and the inhabited solar systems by those ET groups:

You can watch Alex Collier’s legacy interview from 1994 below:


4 Replies to “Alex Collier’s List Of Alien Species”

  1. Ben lemurian

    Very articulate , clear I can’t believe this video was from 94 , this is the real stuff of what’s happening now , There are a few new books out about ET species , 1 the et species almanac by Greg campobasso great book , Sheldon nidle put one out a few years ago I’ll totally follow Alex now thanks

  2. chessgal

    Most extensive list, ever!

    Assume the one with (Zeta) are the service to other hominoid Zetas of fame. (A long, gradual awakening to the reality of visiting aliens has been undertaken in the U.S., and the Zetas have the appearance many associate with ETs.)

    Any human being can become a contactee, but I recommend sending a mental call for service to other aliens only. (There are contact rules all visiting aliens must strictly abide by or get the boot.)

    1. Gerlinde Mantey

      Danke für diesen sehr wertvollen Tipp! Ohne diesen hätte ich das Video nicht angeschaut und es ist wirklich so wichtig, um mehr über uns und andere zu erfahren.