Saint Peter: What You Do For You and the World

There is no gap between what you do in yourself, for yourself, around you, and what you do for the world.

Hello to you dear souls. It is rare that I borrow a body to speak. Some have known me as Simon Peter, others want to call me Holy Father, Saint Peter, but it does not matter, no matter what identity I was. The time has come for me to give a speech.

I warn my channel that, yes, I will repeat words that he has already heard and maybe even spoken before, but it does not matter, because I really want to ask here and now what is important, what can take importance in your illusory world should I say, to be complete in what I am talking about.

You are still going through this tunnel, this disturbing time of planetary change, of vibrational change, of personal change for many of you, for whom this time tunnel will also represent a change of life, different choices, a different evolution, on this planet that is the Earth.

You are incarnate on this Earth. Being incarnated in it makes you “possessors”, intermediaries of this energy that is present on Earth. Every thought you think counts. Every action you take counts. None of you, none of you, is useless. None of you are listened to or selected to hear. Planetary thoughts matter enormously in this evolutionary passage, in this passage of growth.

While it had been requested by many guides – I will return to our function, our part – it was asked by many guides to prepare to have courage, to prepare to be warriors of Light, to respect courage, faith, self-denial, to know how to go to the service of a conscious humanity, to place oneself in this service, in this divine service, to turn, not to heaven or to heaven, but to one’s heaven, one’s own heaven, one’s own divine nature.

It is true that we have, if not been heard, in any case very little listened to. Many took what we were preparing, what we knew from that moment, because we don’t know everything, many took it for a light thing: “Yes, they ask us to be warriors of Light; yes, they ask us to prepare, but for what? Has everything in fact, because everything will happen to you!

Everything will happen to you in this tunnel of transformations. There will be no slower or simpler step than another. Everything is in preparation, a whole lot of things that cannot be described, because they will all be more surprising than the others these steps, and all more necessary than the others: need to go beyond, above all, the fear of death, the need not to separate, not to disunite, while you are in the process of doing so. You are cutting a world in half without knowing it, without wanting it for most of you, but in any case, thinking about it since you continue to think as good and as evil, which is customary in a dual world, but which is not the most efficient way to cross this tunnel temporally.

I will discuss with you later the techniques necessary for this, to help, to work if you wish, alongside us. And maybe here first, I’ll come back to the fact that we are at the service of your energies.

We accompany you. We do not create or subdue your world. We do not create it. We do not suffer it. The Creator allows everything. He has no desire, no need, no will, because everything is known, everything exists, everything can exist. Difficult to hear for people who, once again, created the Tree of Good and Evil.

The original Work, the original Paradise is possible. This original paradise requires trusting in Nature, not trying to possess it, not trying to master it for sure, and especially not considering oneself as master of Nature, but as an element of Nature.

What made the human incarnation, the various human incarnations of the earthly Paradise, leave was this desire to conquer a world, to find the possessors and not, ultimately, the possession of this Nature. It is Nature that possesses you, a benevolent Nature, a benevolent and loving divine Nature.

Then, Man wanted to conquer. Man wanted to possess, master, and is used.

These are cycles that we have known as souls, for a long time, for so long.

Original Sin was to designate, instead of divinity within you, what was right and what was wrong. This is how I determine and designate the human being, Man, as the creator of the Tree of Good and Evil, finally.

By creating this cycle, you also created something that could be used, because returning to the Light is an act that generates a Light even greater than its destination. In other words, each of you produces an immense Light – and my speech is synthetic when I tell you this.

Each of you, through your thoughts, creates what you call the future of your world, in truth, calls the future corresponding to your thoughts.

From the moment Man created thoughts of division, division existed on Earth. Thus, were created wars. Thus, were created the battles, the conquests, the possessions, the idea of domination. These are cycles, we repeat.

Therefore, you are, through this temporal tunnel, in a divine decision by each of you, to unite again, to reconquer non-duality.

Right now, to win it back, you go through times where you exacerbate the opposite of what you want. You make yourself feel like yourself, coming out of yourself, out of your energy, everything that does not make sense to you, to work it, not just to take it out but to work it a little, to work this energy.

You are not on a rare occasion, I repeat. All this is cyclical, and on cycles exceeding twenty thousand of your years you know this regularly.

Right now, you are exacerbating division, while you want union. You exacerbate the fear of death, when you know that death does not exist and that you should celebrate life. It is because people have prepared for war that war is taking place. It is because many on this Earth have separated populations, considering that one part of the population was doing well and the other was doing badly, that you too have prepared for war.

We have shown it to you. It has been presented to you. It is very difficult for each of you to believe and admit, and we are not disappointed, but we know that you could, you could have, with courage, with force, with the action of the whole people, act differently, on another timeline. But nothing here is really as bad as you imagine.

The role of the guides is to accompany you, to accompany you on your will. Your will is Peace, Love, Joy, so we will accompany all thoughts of peace, all thoughts of love and all thoughts of joy, but we cannot accompany these thoughts in beings that are divided.

If someone asks us for peace, prays for peace, but if that person says that this side is the camp of good, this side is the camp of evil, then his prayer, his vibration is not that of peace.

Peace, the state you want, is a state that does not separate. Peace is not a state that determines a camp of good and evil.

We can, and this is our work, only amplify your thoughts, your emotions, your electromagnetic field of action to attract events.

If you tell us, “We ask you Holy Father – often I am called that too – we ask you Holy Father to stop the war,” your vibrational state, when you ask for this, is war. When you ask us to stop the disease in you, your vibrational state is the disease. We cannot amplify your request.

We cannot amplify a negative start. We do not drive one state or another. We don’t know – how do we explain this in human matter? – we do not know the progression. Thus, you have often been asked, said, to ask what you want in the final state.

The Son of Man told you: “What you desire, believe that you have received, and you will receive.” You have been told that. This has been promised to you by the One who, within and for centuries, knows the creative truth of the human being. What you desire, believe that you have received. So this sentence is very different from: believe that you will receive it. In other words, here, dear souls who loved the technique of creation, understand that you have to vibrate the final state of your desire, the final state of your will. You cannot ask for a healthy body by vibrating the disease. You cannot ask for peace, by vibrating war.

Your emotional state must be begotten from the desired end state. In other words, your prayers are not a request to bring you this state, so that you amplify it or that we amplify it, but the reality is that it belongs to you in your work, in your human work – we prefer this term indeed – it is up to you to awaken in you, already, this feeling of peace, to feel it, to perceive it, and this sense of peace can only be in you when you stop creating the camps of good and evil.

In this way, to the one who is at peace, his prayer is heard. And we hear from those who have been asking for peace since peace, and we work and work with each of them, each of them, relentlessly, day and night, at any time. Then we amplify your ability to create.

And at the same time, dear souls, when a majority of the planet is in a psychic positioning of a camp of good and evil, we can only wait. We can only await this inner call for deep peace, lasting peace and proven peace.

Go and spread peace. Be Peace. Smile at your brothers, your neighbors, your friends. Sow, the non-division, and you will reap the non-division.

Sow the idea of moving from war to peace, and you will see war and some peace, for that will not be your real feeling.

It is not your desire that is fulfilled in heaven. What is achieved by heaven is the amplification of your emotion in the present moment, what you desire, believe that you have received it and you will receive it. Right now. Believing is now, not in another time, not even in an improvement. True prayer, in truth, requires a miracle, in other words, requires the immediate execution of energy, not progression.

The informational reality is this: in a dual world, seen from your point of view, there are two states, sick or cured. It is quite obvious that seeing you in the process of healing is something that works, and that actually accelerates this healing potential, but seeing you sick and then healed, does not serve. So, at least get on your way in your application. Feel this path, and already feel the victory of this path.

I repeat, the ideal is to ask to feel the destination of your request. It doesn’t matter who you ask. If you do not arrive at this ideal, at least set out on the way, but do not stay on the starting point, do not stay on the disease, do not stay on the war, do not stay on the fear of dying, do not stay on the fear of knowing beings who do not look like you. Don’t stay on that.

The trials, which you are experiencing and which you will experience, are also there to work each of your fears deeply, not to live with them, but even better, to overcome them, to live beyond, to become again the masters that you are.

The masters that you are have a temporary body. They are interested in it, but they know that they are not the body. So, in this knowledge, in this knowledge that they are not just the body, your work may be greater than your material life, greater than your physical life, and your desire may reach a level more powerful than yourself, more powerful than the unique and lonely character you think you are. Dear souls, we accompany you in this time.

Many of you imagine that you have to wait for signs to act, that you have to wait for symbols to act. We repeat, the moment of divine action is the present moment. The role of the guides is to accompany, to amplify your energy going towards the good. To pray is to ask for an amplification of what we already feel. This is prayer, asking for the amplification of what you already feel, not asking to feel what is not in you. We don’t know how to do that, and we don’t have to. It is up to you to produce the necessary sample of your own existence, to walk in your footsteps, in your decisions, to be honest in this, regardless of your choices.

We do not consider that one choice is better than another, but we know that the global planetary destination is peace, the union of each of you.

So dear souls, feel our invitation, no matter what words we say. We try, when we speak to you, to produce an energy superior to words, to help you feel in you this connection, this contact that we have with you.

We are all acting very strongly at this moment to make you feel our presence, to tell you we are here, but we are not here to do for you, we are here to do with you.

Blessed is he who believes without seeing.

Blessed is he who knows how to trust, trust in his own divine energy, trust in his own divine power, in his own ability to sow order rather than chaos, to spread joy rather than fear, to speak of love rather than camps. He is also our apostle, the one who can help and work as a brother or as a sister, with us.

We do not have the powers that you give us. We do not have the power to stop a war or start it. Powers are at work on your earth, strong powers are at work to separate, to divide, to conquer.

We remember, remember my original speech, you created these forces, and today these forces overwhelm you, but they overwhelm you because they know their time is up. As a result, they will use everything they can in this tunnel, in these times, to try to survive, so to give good reasons to fear, to give good reasons to all types of anxieties.

Many will try to conquer free thinkers. Many will try to prevent them. Many will try to imprison your freedoms, but it is up to you to demonstrate peace, I insist, to demonstrate peace, not to ask for it, to demonstrate it, that is, to prepare together, individually, or collectively, whatever, acts that spread peace, that spread this love.

I participated, in a time not so long ago – I think it’s your 70s – in concerts spreading peace, in a work that spread on the planet, spreading peace, where everyone came to present themselves in peace and with love, where everything was simple, quiet, without questioning. It was demonstrated. It was not the general mood of the time. It was these people who came and said: here it is, for a while – the young people had decided to recreate the world and show the world they wanted, to demonstrate it – it is possible, it is done. It’s long, it lasts a long time, these concerts.

It is this concert of love, which I invite you to recreate. This great concert of unity, which you are invited to feel in your essence.

Know, dear souls, that it is now time not to repeat the same mistakes. Since the beginning of this time tunnel that you pass, of this childbirth would like to say some other Masters of Ascension, it is no longer time to be afraid of the disease. It is no longer time to let yourself be possessed or directed by an illness. Nor is it time to let yourself be possessed or directed by the fear of losing, by the fear of no longer having, by the fear of…, of what? These are all the fears that you’re going to have to test.

Fear of losing one’s life, yes.

Fear of losing your friends, yes.

The fear of losing your home, your possessions, yes.

The fear of losing even your status as Earthlings, you will see, yes.

The fear of being dominated, yes.

Yes, because the solution you already have, because the solution, we have been talking about for decades: create a community.

The farther away those who lead you, the more controlled you are. The more you are with friends, with relatives, with neighbors, with brothers and sisters of heart and soul, the more Nature creates a self-control of this mini civilization.

Yes, the solution lies there. The solution lies in a group of people in solidarity with each other, who help each other, each with their skills. We must put this forward, know how to put ourselves at the service. Those who know how to pray, pray for others. Those who know how to make roofs, you will make roofs for others. Those who know how to use modern tools, you will do it for others, but in a community that you will join.

You are not afraid when you are with your family. And remember that feeling that you had for most of you, not all of you, but as a child you were not afraid, because you knew that your family was protecting you, that your family was feeding you, that your family was protecting you.

You have lost this family bond, entering into separation, sometimes also deciding to assemble only with those who resembled you, whereas the true gathering is the mixture of all that is, the acceptance of all that is.

Tolerance, benevolence, all these values are worked on now. These are the ones that we set out decades ago, but they are the ones that are being worked on now, in this time, in this passage, in this tunnel. Kindness, tolerance, each of you is invited to this. Each of you is invited to feel this in him.

So here, now, even reading what I say, enter into you dear friends.

Enter into yourself and look for that point of light, that point of light in your physical heart.

Look for that point of love within you. Look for this point.

Just want to touch this point; just want to touch this point.

And feel the union.

Perhaps first feel the union you have with yourself,

this feeling of being one, with you,

then look for that sense of unity you have with the place where you are.

Welcome this place in you. Be this place. Become this place. Allow yourself that.

In truth, you already are. And feel peacefully the place where you are.

Feel united with your loved ones, with your family.

Have thoughts of love. Like. Love them and also love the place where you are.

Begin to love him, to apprehend him as himself a brother,

as being completely alive in fact,

as a sum of energy that surrounds you.

Encompass that. Stay peaceful and quiet.

Don’t think about your needs, just think about loving, about being.

Now extend that feeling of being connected.

Extend it to all those who listen or read my words.

Extend this fraternity to all that you are, here, now,

and for centuries centuries for that matter, for you have always been united.

Extend this union, the one you are.

You are a loving fraternity, give yourself a smile.

Don’t think about what could take it away, think only about what can keep it going,

to this union, to this simple joy.

We will first take care of this small group that we are.

Together we will smile, smile at this life, at this existence, in this present moment, unique and wonderful, we, united, in peace.

Maybe there is noise, maybe you are disturbed, but center yourself, dear souls,

on this peace that rereads us all, here, now, and not only your physical brothers,

but also, all the Souls of Light who join us now.

Let a wave of love spread around you,

let a wave of energy spread around you,

and let it take all the place of the planet.

Let a wave of peace go away from you, don’t try to control it.

Let it go, let it go of this wave, let it spread everywhere,

And keep feeling that little natural smile on your face, that natural peace,

this space, for those who can, which says:

“Here, now, everything is fine, we are united as brothers and sisters,

by the Light and for the Light,

accompanied by guides and angels of Light,

accompanied by the saints, by the Most High,

we want that smile for everyone,

we want this Peace, for all, for the multitude

and we want it now, in the present moment,

as we feel it,

as we accept to feel it,

as we agree to make it feel,

without demanding or asking for anything in return,

may everyone be contaminated with our Peace, our Joy, simple

a simple peace, a simple joy. »

Give yourself 30 seconds in this state.

Allow your body to feel it in each of these cells.

See, feel how you are the center of this world, the center of your world.

Dear souls, feeling peace is a choice, a choice that requires you to leave the reflection, to leave the ” I would like to be at peace, but…”. Be it now.

Of course, you will feel a part of your opposition to being peace on this world, as if something came to tell you that it would deny the obvious, that it would deny reality. You are not asked this, you are asked to be peace to yourself, yourself, for a few moments, not forever, just to accept a break.

If you want a ceasefire, start already to wish for a break inside you, to give yourself this break, this time of pause before returning or not, to duality, but in any case, allow yourself, allow yourself this pause, this inner radiance.

Dear souls, by touching this, you are touching your greatest ability. There is no formula. There are no other exchanges. Radiate, illuminate the world. Do it from the vibration you desire, not from the vibration you no longer desire, but from the vibration you desire. Your desire is heard, understood, accepted by each and every one of us.

We did not judge. See how long it takes. We are here to accompany you on this path.

The phrase is hard to hear, but that the passage you are going through lasts a day or a hundred years, in truth, does not matter. It does not matter on the path of your soul. When you touch this within you, when you touch the idea that progression, the victory of peace, the stabilization of duality so that it no longer exists, but is stable and no longer as separate, not in such powerful gaps, all this will happen. In the end, in any case everything will be fine, because your soul, in this body or in another, will succeed. You can already feel this victory of your energy.

And there is the divine paradox, which is that when you accept this victory, whatever the time, outside of time, the more you accept this victory outside of time, and the more this victory is drawn into your own temporality. Whoever wants a miracle knows that this miracle is accomplished in a time, and that this time joins him. It is not a question of creating from scratch, but of manifesting what you desire, of manifesting your will.

Dear souls, we truly thank you for the power you give us to change everything, but we don’t have it. We have the power to make you change. We have the power to bring you more easily, more often, into states that can generate a new world. That is our real power, that of the guide, that of the council, that of help. We help you to become the knights of Love, the knights of light, the daughters of the stars, the men of the cosmos. We help you to become those beings who are already in this potential, but who continue to feel victimized, guilty, responsible.

You have a responsibility, but it is the one that is related to your emotions. This is your responsibility since it is you who decide to welcome them again and again, and again, and again.

Welcoming is wonderful, but also knowing how to liberate is wonderful. Of course, it’s fantastic to welcome an emotion, but then don’t feel responsible for it.

See, if a butterfly comes to rest on your hand, you do not become responsible for the end of life of the butterfly, for what happens to it. You may find it wonderful or even ugly, no matter what it becomes after it does not belong to you. The same goes for your emotions. What they become once they have passed through you does not belong to you. But if I had to keep this allegory, know all the same that if you observe a butterfly, and if you ask us to reproduce it, we will reproduce it, but again, when they leave, they no longer belong to you, trust. Trust them, just like your children.

You know, you react in emotions as you react with your children. They are tall, they are independent, and you think about them again and again, because you do not trust life. It’s not even in them that you don’t trust, it’s in life, in all its potential accidents. The more you learn to trust in life, the more you will protect yourself, and the more you will protect your world integrating your family, integrating the world in general.

You are not the father and mother of this world. You are the child of Nature.

Then Nature, yes, will also be part of the trials you will experience. It will also remind you, not to order, but to remind you of its power, in the work, in the help too.

Many wonderful events are underway in your time tunnel. I repeat, they are often very surprising.

There is not a specific time or date that is noted for every change. There is no specific sign related to this change, but this change still corresponds to a rise in energy of your souls, to an inner recognition, to this power of your souls in you.

From then on, some of you will see that the dimensions are getting closer. You will see that this powerful dual time is coming to an end. You will feel that you can finally act rather than react. So, listen to your soul, listen to your heart.

It’s not the outward signs that matter most, it’s your inner energy that matters most.

Some will see, yes, but others, no, but all will feel. All of you are able to feel this change, this possible joy. This possibility, you are all able to touch it. So, touch him, kiss him. Be proud of yourself as we are proud of you because we know that your will is to make this path, we know that you are committed to this.

We know that you have left in this moment, which is not the moment, one of the most joyful moments – they repeat themselves – of the existence of your Earth, but these are moments of transformation, and you yourself go from the chrysalis to the butterfly, and you are that butterfly on the hand of God, and God trusts.

Be blessed, dear souls. Be blessed with the Light.

My message today is a call to Love, a call to work, a call to spread communities of peace already, from now on. By doing it locally, you will do it for the world. There is no gap between what you do in yourself, for yourself, around you, and what you do for the world.

Be happy. Be truly happy, because you come back to yourself, you return to your divine essence, you return to who you really are.

Blessed be each one of you in form, in energy.

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot

**Translation by


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  1. Peter

    A message from St Peter! How wonderful is this! I got a lot out of this and would like to thank you, St. Peter, and the channeler of this message, and to Eraoflight for its translation and of course, posting it. I’ve talked about manifesting “from the end” in many of my videos and it’s lovely to have that confirmed by St. Peter as the proper way to manifest. As a man who is also called Peter, I was very thrilled to see and read this post.

    Thank you and God Bless. 🙂