Archangel Michael: Angelic Energies Align With Humanity’s Choice

Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. The light within you continues to expand and in this expansion you will begin to know yourself in new ways.

Inner evolution will flow into outer expression, expanding your participation in the collective and changing how you know yourself to be. This inner expansion is the presence of Divine Light within you, and the real you — the true Self, revealing itself and fulfilling itself, within your embodiment.

As you express more fully and clearly, more directly, more through inner knowing and in alignment with divine order, you will find that you are sharing more of your innate divinity with the world. Your gifts are many and as you feel less self conscious and more attuned to your own wholeness you will make decisions and flow, more easily — based on what is true for you — and this will lead you to know yourself more fully and to feel more open and free in your life.

Life Itself is flowing in and expanding in amazing ways in your world now. Inner realities are changing. The rearranging of things and the discord you see all around you, is occurring because the energy within each and every human being is evolving.

The response to this inner change varies, but all human beings are participating in the evolution of humanity. No one is standing on the sidelines.

Some of you feel this expansion as joy and possibility.

Some feel inner conflict as they feel their inner truth arising and yet see a world in chaos.

Some are reacting by trying to reclaim what is slipping away or what they feel they may no longer be able to have, given how much has already changed and the direction things seem to be moving in.

Recognize the humanity in all these choices. You have each made these choices in different times. You all know the feeling of trying to prevent or resist change. Each of you have, at times, held onto the past because the future is unknown and you aren’t certain you’ll like it. All of you know the feeling of trying to hold back time, or speed up time, or to assert control and try to figure out how to make things as you think they need to be. These are all ways of being familiar to all humans and they are of the past and the slipping away of this familiar approach to “getting what you want,” can be unnerving. Especially when the new ways of being are still taking shape.

Be gentle and open as you feel and view the varied responses to this inner change in composition and presence. Be aware that fear and the assertion of control in response to fear has been part of your lives in the past.

We encourage you to see where this may be happening in your own life right now and if it is, and if you are willing, invite your own wholeness, to help you let go and flow. Ask that you may grow in trust and faith and allow your Inner Divine Self to lead the way. To open you up to who you truly are that you may be here as a presence of love and wholeness.

The light within you knows how to navigate this enormous shift and is leading you, as it always has. You know this energy and it is familiar to you, it has always been there as inner knowing, as what feels right and true, and as the energy within you that is open and spacious. This inner light is becoming greater and greater within your embodied presence. The composition of your energy and the expression of your form are opening to Inner Light and the true Self, the Divine as You.

The Divine Self is manifesting as you, and as this inflow of higher light expands within your presence, you will feel many different things. Physically you may feel tired and wired at the same time. You may not realize that you are becoming new and that this reorganization is in fact, affecting your form in ways that liberate more energy and also may, while reorganizing, require you to be more sedentary and to rest.

Your human mind is used to fearing what it does not recognize, or is not familiar with. So know this and be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you allow yourself to evolve.

Your emotions, more than anything, may be affected by all you see and all you feel. Insecurity is not unusual in times of great change, but this is the emotional energy of the small self, the self that does not KNOW who it is, in TRUTH. In Truth you are Divine Infinite Light made manifest as love. And you are expanding your presence and awakening within human form to the power and glory of your Divinity.

Divine Source is fulfilling you, and bring you into new expression. The Infinite Oneness that is your Source is reliable and steadily moving into this realm of focus in new ways. Recognize the new energy within yourself. Invite it to show itself to you and to lead the way.

Be open to your own fulfillment.

Be in communion with all that you are, often and with openness.

If you are willing, state your willingness to participate in this growing field of light as the Inner Divine knows how to do so and how to make the most of all that is present here — for you and for the collective.

Great expansion is upon you.

New frequencies are opening up within you. There is much that will feel less stable to you because so much is fluid and so much is new. Your mind cannot fathom all that is taking place now, so it is good to use your heart to navigate and your inner knowing, to make decisions.

If you are not clear, ask for clarity. If you need to know something and do not, ask for it to be revealed and for your Inner Divine Self to guide you.

Ask for the ability to stay centered in your inner knowing and to know grace and ease.

Pray for peace. Ask that you may be a presence of peace, of grace, of kindness and love in these dramatic and unprecedented times.

Your choices matter greatly and determine what you are present as and how you know yourself now. If you are willing, dare to let go of what you think you know and approach each day with openness and curiosity, to see what is revealed and to sense what is emerging.

Being true to yourself is the way forward. Make time for inner listening and tend to your body with gentleness and sweetness. Love yourself generously. Do what you can to feel at ease, at peace, relaxed. Do the things you love and bring your best self to each day.

Your best self is not some external ideal or something you need to strive for. Your best self is you, present and available to this moment, relaxed, and present to yourself, with love and openness.

The way to be who you truly are here, is to be open, and present and inviting and orienting to your own vaster energies. Intend each day to do so, and to be available to what arises within you and to see it with clarity, wisdom and openness. Truth is emanating into you and it is changing life as you know it. Truth is being revealed in the world around you. The vastness of what is being seen now and the recognition of your Oneness makes the conflicts in your world all the more intolerable.

Realize that the feeling of connection you have with all those who suffer is the Divine Light within you, seeing and knowing it’s unity in form. Receive this awareness with gratitude that you are now becoming more and more aware of the truth of Oneness. Recognize the Divine Light present in every human being and claim this as Truth.

You dear one, are powerful beyond measure. You deserve to be here now, in this time of amazing transformation and have come, specifically to know yourself as LOVE, to shine your light, within this world and to enrich your field with the experiences of participating in this planet and all it’s people, going to Light.

There is great joy in the non-physical when you are in this knowing and allow yourself to feel the immense support and confidence we have in you. We love you very much. We know you, in your wholeness and in your beautiful humanity. We are here within you now and always and will be, with you, as this change unfolds, encouraging you and reminding you so you might feel alive and present and available to the inner expansion and the re-knowing of your embodiment, as DIVINE LIGHT made manifest, in love.

We align with you and with Life Itself in this emerging New Creation.

We are One, now and always. Eternal Life in divine expression.

Know yourself in Truth and be at peace.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.

**Channel: Ailia Mira

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  1. Vicki

    Thank you for the message. I am more excited about life lately lots of possibilities ❤️