From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Lessons

Yes, Earth is restoring now mainly by feminine energy, balanced with the male one, returning Gaia to Its Divine origin.

The lessons of the incarnation of all beings, that are now arriving on Earth, are individual but in many ways similar. All Souls from thousands of worlds come here to undergo a grandiose experience.

Each Soul can differ many times from others in its background. Some, for example, have embodied in more than ten lives in this Intelligence form, others have had millions.

That is why it’s impossible to level everyone under the same comb and attribute the same expectations and, moreover, fate.

Here are the typical lessons of the 5D Soul’s incarnation, this time in a female body. For ease, the narrative is given in the first person.


Since the my vision of the world has been saturated with fear for a very long time, to survive psychologically, I often adjusted to situations, met other people’s expectations, played roles, violated my boundaries and suppressed my will, and others treated me accordingly.

The world seemed to me hostile and sometimes very cruel. I realized that it is necessary not to be led by fear, not to live to the detriment of myself but to show dignity and self-respect, to believe in myself, to have the determination to do it my own way.


My parents gave me what they lacked in their childhood.

But since they haven’t learned to show love and acceptance without conditions, these basic feelings have been replaced by attachment, hyper-care, total control, financial support, sometimes indulging my whims, and sometimes excessive strictness.

The standard of Love, as a basic energy, as a field that unites everyone and everything, was not in my picture of the world. Because of this, I did not develop a basic trust in it.

I did not have a sense of security.

For the sake of attention, a surrogate of Love, I was ready to give all of myself, all my resources, adjust, and merge. And the surrogate of acceptance was involvement in something bigger – society, the collective, as a guarantor of security. I was constantly looking for Love and acceptance from the outside.

Now I understand that both Love and acceptance are my essence. Blocking my heart by fear and hatred, I could not fully manifest my true energies. Forgiveness and Love came to my rescue.


I rejected it for a long time, confused it with wealth and power. I didn’t want to but I had to follow the programs of society: “power and money decide everything”, “the price of a thing proves how valuable and loved you are”, “if you are so smart, then why are you so poor”, etc.

Many concepts have been distorted and substituted for me: power, love, goals in life… The programs gave an imaginary sense of security and attention but severely limited the manifestation of unconditional value, my talents, undermined self-confidence and limited free choice.

For a long time, I threw stones at my mother and resented her choice of career and power. Resentment of the mother blocked my material success. I have always felt the fear of loss, poverty.

Because of the above, I lived very modestly, did not value myself and my potential, worked hard, and did not require payment in accordance with the energy and time spent.

I did not know how to manage my resources, there were extremes in spending, then excessive generosity, then stinginess.

There was a fear that more money could make me either an overbearing tyrant or someone would manipulate me to use my savings.

The lesson learned is to accept and assimilate the energy of abundance with gratitude, appreciate it, build personal boundaries, and materialize your desires without harm to yourself or anyone.

Do not serve as a source for others.


There was a substitution of many concepts; an orientation towards separation, oblivion, isolation. I had no information and energy connection with the Source. “Do everything yourself, you’re on your own – alone.” This caused me a feeling of abandonment, uselessness, loneliness, rejection, powerlessness. And all that reflected in the scenarios of my life.

Then I realized that there is no gap and isolation. I was not set adrift. My Guardians always support me, take care of me, protect me, help me, and give me the necessary information upon request. I am loved and valued. I remembered many cases when I received timely help and protection.

Our Lessons


Our fears are generated by ignorance and narrow-mindedness, overcrowding of the mind with common patterns of survival. Since childhood, I have had a lot of anxiety, beliefs that I am defenseless, that I have to do everything myself, doubts about my abilities.

My consciousness was in illusions, blocked by scare and the conviction that the world is dangerous, terrible, and hostile. A lot of plug-ins confirmed my impotence, vulnerability and danger of the world. My consciousness has decreased to the level of personality and locked in the Ego.

An important lesson: to immerse self in the Source, to include a vision from unity with It and to distinguish reality from illusions, stupefaction and delusions.

Do not be guided by the perceptions of the mind, since the mind/Ego can be influenced, infected, implanted.

It is necessary to maintain purity and clarity of perception, to act as a person and not to get stuck consciousness in the personality.


Why did some plug-ins come back? It’s because there were distortions in the understanding of strength which I confused with violence.

I remember how I defended myself during games as a kid, and because of fear I did not calculate my strength, and hit the boy with a stick harder than it was necessary. His parents complained to mine, who reamed me out.

They shamed me that the girl should not be such a tearaway and demonstrate physical strength. Out of guilt, I blocked myself once again.

Then I realized that strength is our luminosity, the manifestation of unique vibrations, building boundaries, protection. The purer our energies are, the higher the vibes, the greater the difference with low-freqs entities and any plugs-ins. Therefore, our vibes simply dissolve them in our fields. The true strength is in our unity with the Source and integrity.

Our Lessons


At times, I had doubts about the information I share with people. I thought I was being too smart, telling others in an edifying tone what to do, violating the free will and interfering in their choice freedom.

As a result, I blocked the communication channel, began to conceal information, ceased to be a Messenger. It was one of the reasons for gaining excess weight.

Then I learned about the training processes for the Messengers and Guides which are arranged by the Higher Selves and Guardians, provoking doubts and a desire to give up everything and not share anything else. It was a good test, very informative and helpful. Thank you.


Such states as unconditional Love, respect, equivalence, gratitude, forgiveness manifest from the Spirit, that is, from the implicit to the material, only from and through oneself. From unity, beyond duality, this is Spirituality. And the directed manifestation of these states gives feelings towards someone/something.

Guardians remind us all the time: Love yourself! They constantly show how it feels and manifests itself. They give an impulse of Unity, so as not to confuse it with fusion and identification.

The Guardian’s parting words about Self-Love unfolded in new facets after realizing that all Souls go through the experience of Darkness, complete separation of consciousness from the Source.

When the Light of consciousness is fenced off and does not shine in the Dark, each of us has a Spark of a Source for healing, Its unconditional Love, that not everyone feels and remembers.

Knowledge without Love is like a piece of a puzzle that has not yet fallen into place in the big picture.

For unification, Love is needed, and it can only be unfolded in oneself.

To be healed by Love and forgiveness.

Accept our Dark experience with an understanding of cause and effect.


Being in worlds where the illusion of the absence of Love reigns, Souls often believe in this and follow the path of thirst for power and revenge, accumulation of knowledge, attachment to their invented image. Consciousness captures our Self and becomes a separate entity which is afraid of the exit of our Soul into awareness.

Therefore, our Souls are held in fear, i.e. in ignorance and no-knowledge. For that we are stuffed with ideas of sacrifice, rejection, not worthiness of Love and justice.

The essence of this program: “The Creator rejected me, does not love me, abandoned me, etc.”, and resentment, hatred, anger at Him. Everything is being done so that we ourselves reject the Creator and refuse His support.

Then the acceptance of energies from our Higher Self is blocked and the manifestation of the Creator’s quality in us – joy, love, freedom, will, equality, kindness, respect, research interest, ingenuity and much more.

Souls who have blocked the Creator’s codes in themselves may know a lot, speak intelligently and give interesting info, but this knowledge is filled with fear and its derivatives.

It is clearly felt in communication, causing unpleasantness and rejection. The amount of knowledge does not grow into quality. This knowledge is suitable and works in certain realities, where they coincide in vibes.

Often they say about such knowledge: not God-given. Simply, offended Souls cooperated and created their database and network. Their unifying force is fear, motivation – hatred. It’s an extreme experience of the Darkness, and strong entropy and sacrifice of one’s essence. It’s like a cancer: consciousness is set against the Source and everything It created.

For those who began to wake up and recall their origins, was invented the illusion of love. This is when our Soul thinks that it loves but does not feel love. It seems to know everything, but the reality does not change.

It means that we do not live but sleep and see only a dream about our awakening and enlightenment. We’re playing someone else’s game. And that is a main lesson that we must to learn here on Earth, and recall: where do we come from; what are we; and where are we going.

**By Lev