Magical Equinox Blessings!

Sending you all the most loving blessings and miracles on this most auspicious of days! What a ride these past two weeks have been! I hope you can feel your sacred power starting to truly rise from deep within your beingness. The One that can collapse and create Realities. As we take all of our power back, re-membering fully who we truly are!

After two weeks of the biggest astral attacks and ‘battles’ that unfolded, many of us followed this up with the deepest of dives and final deaths. Going to the deepest depths of my own and the One Consciousness, clearing the deepest of sorrows, heartbreak, sadness and wounds of separation from within The One on behalf of ALL. To alchemise and release it ALL, the past, the stories, the artificial Matrix and its many illusions and inversions. At one point it felt like if I would feel anymore I would die. I could feel the Consciousness fragmenting into millions of pieces and then putting them back together again within my own self. Fully merging into the ONEness with ALL THAT IS. Now I can see how this is bringing online a much higher intelligence and it’s all connected to us clearing the reversals and lower codings from our DNA, and re-claiming and activating our true Source Codes. Clearing the old to bring our True Multidimensional, Kryst-All Avatar and God Source Self online.

It has taken my full and deepest surrender to Source, another death of any remaining ego delusions and any last traces of separation held within. Releasing any remaining worries and fears, false and limiting programmming, especially around any survival themes. I haven’t offered any remote Activations, calls or sessions as I have been strongly guided to let it all go, focus on the inner and outer Grid and Gatework at hand and know that I am always carried from one now moment to the next. I have been strongly drawn to just being fully present in the now moment, fully in body/ Embodiment, which in itself is just the most sacred of processes that requires ALL of ourselves to merge with our Multidimensional Kryst-All, already Ascended Guardian Self and The Great I AM, which is where all else unlocks from and what all of this so truly about. It’s beyond words. I am also spending some very precious time with my daughter right now and just fully present within the now moment, which truly is a Miracle within it itself. It is our full Alignment and Embodiment with God Source Consciousness, and this is coming online powerfully now as our Kryst-All Avatar is ready to fully ignite and with it are the Organic Ascension Realities. All from the inside out!!

In the late hours of the 19th (UTC) we had some powerful Activations and Plasma waves move in bringing very trippy and calming energies and clearing any remaining density and energetic blocks within our bodies, especially around the lower chakras and moving energy up and down our central channel. We have been well prepared over the past many months and years for this final igniting now and the massive Heart healings and openings of late have readied us for the final Supernova of the 💎Heart Event, about to unfold. I am seeing a massive Krystal Cathedral, Crystal Core, Human and Emerald Heart, Rose & Diamond Grid Network, DNA and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Solar Lightbody Activation about to unfold! The Grids are ready and under full Guardian protection! All I keep seeing and feeling is that it’s all about to change in a very big way, any moment now, in the blink of an eye 😉 and I am excited to see what that will look like!

It is time to fully ignite the Kryst-all Avatar within, being the emanation of God Source Consciousness in the body. As we unify matter and antimatter within the self, fusing and merging as One with the Holy Spirit within our physical vessels, as we anchor and then radiate this out to ALL OF CREATION! Now let’s show everyone what is possible with Ascension and by being the Divine Love that changes and heals ALL!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙