Archangel Michael: All Life is Being Re-Made

Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. It is always wonderful for us to connect to you, with you. Thank you for opening to us.

The light within you grows and grows, expanding and uplifting your presence. You notice this as some tiredness, some emptiness. Some feelings of being rather empty in thought. Ailia thinks this is brain fog (smile) but it is not. It is the fullness of your being coming in and online. And this energy does not have an agenda. Does not have preconceived ideas or ambitions. This energy IS.

And as this energy IS, the frequency and vibration of your Infinite Wholeness, present and expanding in your embodiment, the composition of your energy field is transformed.

The truth of your being simply IS and it rests within your form, emanating light and altering everything. As you allow this inner light to expand you begin to return to a state of being that is within you always but in a sense, hidden. You begin to emanate into this realm of focus with an eternalness that is timeless, spacious and free. This is the real you. Able to receive experiences and participate in them, but which lets everything flow and accumulates nothing.

The real you, the eternal you, the DIVINE SELF knows how to allow All Life to flow and unfold as it is and also? Alters everything it encounters because it greets All Life with recognition and knowing.

The True Self that IS, is arising within you and in fact, within everyone. This inner eternal infinite light is opening up new pathways of expression but more importantly, new ways of being.

The light within you knows that there is only love, only harmony, only the Infinite ONE that all are arising from, emanating from and so it greets everything with a welcoming openness and appreciation, or love.

If you allow yourself to let go, of trying to reinstate the past, call forth the familiar ways of thinking and participating… If instead you allow yourself to flow, to rise up into this new state of being you will find that you are open to life in ways that are radically different than your past experiences. You will begin to open and welcome with true appreciation and joy, all that comes to you. Seeing the Divine in everything. Knowing the the Divine Self that is You, is bringing to you that which serves you. Bringing to you that which will give you the experiences you need to allow your own evolution. Allow you to change, release, forgive, transpose, transmute, everything that you are holding onto that limits your inner light.

This is done so easily and gracefully in the presence of the Divine Self. For the Divine Self begins to draw you in and makes you new. You begin to be here in a new expression; one that is emanating from the Divine self and like the Divine Self, knows all you have experienced and yet does not hold onto or push away what you have known. What has transpired. Seeing it all as temporary and manifesting out of the Infinite Oneness of Divine Light, the Divine Self knows all that happens is of GOD. Nothing lies outside of this DIVINE ONENESS and all is serving you and the greater wholeness. All of it.

So you wonder how do you respond to difficulty, suffering, pain, injustice? You respond with love, with compassion, with openness and willingness to love all involved. To know that everyone involved arises, as you do, from this same infinite Oneness and that all Life is being remade, in the image of the Divine; Truth Eternal.

Knowing and reclaiming your innate divinity, you recognize this same opportunity in others. You recognize each and every being, and All Life, as emanating from the Oneness and you honor their life and their choices, as they are.

Knowing you too are free to choose, what you say yes to, what you say no to. What you wish to pay attention to and how you choose to see it. You are free.

You are free and whole and innately divine and the world is being remade as you center in this knowing and let everything else rearrange itself in relationship to TRUTH.

Center in the truth of your being and be at peace.

We are the Galactic Dragons, with Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light.

**Channel: Ailia Mira