Senior Adviser to Zelensky Invites Biden to Kyiv Next Week ‘If He is Brave’

An Ukrainian official has invited President Joe Biden to visit Kyiv next week amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country, saying ‘one should not be afraid to – if you are brave.’

Ihor Zhovka, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief diplomatic adviser, has asked America’s commander-in-chief to visit Ukraine in person when he travels to Brussels for a NATO summit next week.

Zhovka has requested that Biden facilitate Ukraine’s upcoming acquisition of U.S. weapons, which include fighter jets and missiles.

The adviser also slammed Ukraine’s allies, alleging Zelensky is ‘disappointed’ in the U.S. and NATO’s apparent rejection to fulfill the nation’s request to impose a no-fly zone over its airspace.

‘If NATO is not able to provide us with a humanitarian no-fly zone, please provide us with fighter jets, please provide us with anti-missile air defense systems,’ Zhovka said during a CNN interview, Mediaite reported. ‘So, my president will keep doing this. He spoke about this in the U.S. Congress. He’s talking about this on a daily basis.’

Biden, who has not publicly issued a decision on Zelensky’s request, was warned earlier this week that imposing the no-fly zone would be an ‘act of war’. It remains unclear how Biden will proceed.


2 Replies to “Senior Adviser to Zelensky Invites Biden to Kyiv Next Week ‘If He is Brave’”

  1. rht smythe

    Clever but it wont work.
    The PLAN of the DARK: Invite Biden here….have him killed by a “Russian Artillery barrage” or airstrike or whatever and then watch for the USA to declare war.

  2. Gellert

    The more I see and hear from Zelensky, the more I see a snake. Govt’s the world over are being played by a con-man. Yes, his country has been invaded by Russia, and whilst civilians are tragically being caught in the crossfire, the atrocities that are happening in-country where hospitals, maternity units, schools and theatres have been attacked have not been carried out by the Russians. What possible military advantage is there in targeting such places? All that’s likely to do is bring the entire weight of NATO down on Russia, and Putin KNOWS that. He already has virtually the entire world railing against him, he was NOTHING to gain by attacking humanitarian targets. Civilians on the ground have already accused their own military of attacking civilian areas and have cautioned people about believing the official narrative being peddled on MSM.

    Zelensky…who a few years ago was just an entertainer with no political experience…now finds himself being afforded unprecedented access to personally address via video link major Western govts, where he proceeds to admonish them for not doing his bidding and then begging them to gift him state of the art military jets, missiles and other weaponry. Where did he get such power from? There are very dark forces behind him who snap their fingers and govt leaders sit up and fawn all over him.

    Ukrainians who have escaped the country tell of being turned back at gun point by Ukrainian soldiers and ordered to return home or else, and that they only managed to finally escape with the assistance of Russian soldiers. The Ukrainian military are using civilians as human shields. If Western govt’s were to comply with Zelensky’s demand to impose a no-fly zone over his country, you can put money on whose aircraft will be the first to be downed…a NATO country. That would then GUARANTEE the full weight of NATO wading in to fight his war for him.

    The Ukrainian people need to be freed of the Khazarian Mafia and deep state iron fist that has ruled over them for so long, but it WON’T be achieved by the West helping one their main subjugators…Zelensky.