Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Spring Equinox Marks Turning Point in Battle to Liberate Earth

There are multiple reports coming in from all directions indicating the war for control of the planet earth, one that has been literally raging for thousands of years, is coming to an end. The battle over the Ukraine will be seen by future historians as the last stand of the Satanic Khazarian mafia that has been plotting to turn the entire planet into a giant animal farm ruled by them.

Once humanity is liberated, a massive campaign to make immortality on this earth real is set to begin, white hat sources promise. The quarantine on the planet earth will also be ended and earth life will be allowed to colonize the universe. This will make the Cambrian explosion (when multi-cellular life suddenly emerged) seem like a firecracker in comparison, they say.

The dark side is trying to stop this by killing 90% of humanity and destroying much of the natural world. In other words they are planning ecocide as well as genocide. An example is the push to convert the worlds’ automobile fleet into so-called “eco-friendly” electric motors. To do this, you must dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for ONE battery. 

Here is an example where Ukrainian 24 TV Network (Owned By Oligarch Akhmetov) presenter Fahruddin Sharfmal is calling for genocide of Russian children saying “In order to destroy a nation, you must destroy, first of all, children.” He has been taken into custody by Russian special forces, FSB sources say.

By contrast we could use home solar panels to convert water into hydrogen, powering cars that leave water vapour as a residue. This of course would deprive the Khazarian Mafia of a centralized control over energy and thus over the worlds’ economy. They are trying to kill us all before we figure things like this out, hence the ongoing war.

Anyway, let us now look at the current state of the battle to liberate humanity. Here, the biggest move last week was an Anglo-German peace proposal made to Russia last week, according to MI6 and German intelligence sources. The proposal calls for a return to the pre-1914 borders of Germany. It also proposes using the Dneiper river (see map below) as the de-facto border between Eastern and Western Europe.

This was the Russian FSB’s reply to this proposal:

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin intends to break down the EU into two parts, unite the Slavonic nations and bring an end to NATO. It has been used by the US as an attacking and not a peacekeeping force. 

France and Germany should support this, otherwise they will not get a gas supply.”

In other words, the Russians want to resurrect a version of Yugoslavia and take Bulgaria out of NATO.

The FSB source says the Khazarian mafia also offered a surrender proposal to Russia. The KM say they want to move six million Jews out of Israel and back their real homeland of Khazaria, aka the Ukraine, the source says. They promise to create a buffer zone between Europe and Russia that would not belong to the UN. That is why they are forcing six million Ukrainians out of their homes and into Europe and Russia. By the way, for some reason they have been talking about “six million Jews” for more than a century (perhaps one of our readers could explain why).

Here is what MI6 had to say about this: “The resettlement of the Khazars? There is nowhere on earth for them. Israel and Mossad are ultimately responsible here –nobody else.”

The government of Israel, meanwhile is showing signs the Jews there are finally waking up to the fact they have been enslaved by Khazarian Satanists. That is why their government is refusing to supply arms to the Ukraine or sanction Russia.

The Russian FSB and their Western white hat allies agree the Khazarians (those who are not executed for war crimes) will need to be re-educated and a generation must be raised that will no longer practice human sacrifice, sexual depravity etc.

To understand why the KM must never again be allowed to have a country beyond the control of international law and norms, let us examine just a fragment of the recent evidence of their ongoing attempt to murder us all.

Here for example, a newspaper says in black and white that Bill Gates is going to start “Depopulation through compulsory vaccination”, as it will be the most “environmentally friendly solution.” This article has been scrubbed from the internet and can no longer be found.

The Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation started the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control and then they started funding vaccine production.

Also, humanity needs to wake up about the PCR deception, Mossad sources say. “It’s not about the PCR test, it’s what is in the tip of the swab which contains the mRna and HIV pathogen.” 

Just last week there was an attempt to kill large amounts of Chinese with mass “PCR testing” but Asian secret societies stopped it. 

However, the KM just keep going on and on like the Energizer battery which is why “Pfizer Together With Acuitas Have 10 More Gene Therapy Products in the pipeline,” the Mossad source says adding: “We need to short circuit these demons.” 

More evidence came out as the CEO of one of Germany’s largest health insurance companies was abruptly fired last month after he released data suggesting German health authorities are significantly under-reporting COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

Also, while you were doused on Russia-Ukraine, UK Government has quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

It is for this reason the nations of the world are uniting against the KM and their fake Biden administration.

Here for example is an Iran Russian joint statement:

We have a common stand on the promotion by our Western partners, led by the United States, of the “rules based order,” which they want to take the place of international law. This rules-based order is the epitome of injustice and double standards, The revealed facts point to the enormous scale of the US’s unlawful activities on spreading its military bio-laboratories all over the world.

The facts uncovered show the enormity of the U.S.’s unlawful activities in spreading its military bio-labs around the world.

Putin now says that they have experimented with strains of none other than the coronavirus. The Russian Defense Ministry has also revealed that Joanna Wintrol, the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency liaison officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, served as one of the program’s curators. were-created-in-ukraine-mod-1093960475.html joint-statement-after-meeting-in-moscow/.

No wonder the Chinese government also publicly accuses the U.S. of serious human rights violations. The phony Biden administration, desperate for money to survive, has been trying to kiss China’s ass.

This is reported by the official Xinhua news agency, “President Biden has just reiterated that the U.S. is not seeking to wage a new Cold War with China, change China’s system or revive alliances against China, and that the U.S. does not support Taiwan independence or seek conflict with China, Xi said.

Liu Xin, China’s famous news anchor, responded to yesterday’s talks between China and the US in a single sentence. Also enjoy the collapse of the Tower of Babel the Russian way. A beautiful message to the KM satanic cabal. This massive fire at a Walmart distribution center appears to be a result of the Tower of Babel fire in Russia.

For its part, the KM is desperately trying to cling to power with an avalanche of false reports. A CIA source says: “99% of the images shown in the Western media about the war in Ukraine are fake. They use made-up actors, fake scenarios, computer graphics, and hate speech against Putin and the Russians.

Here is another truckload of fake dead victims in Ukraine. Oops, one of the dead is taking a cigarette break. Caught again.

This video of Branden running after Zelensky shows what you can do with CGI. The whole thing is an illusion. What is not an illusion is the medieval cruelty sweeping over the parts of Ukraine still under KM control. For example, girls are now tied to trees and beaten.

There is no statesman alive today who does not know about the KM’s genocide of Russia under the guise of the Bolshevik Revolution, according to an MI6 source. The KM is the main cause of global terrorism, and nothing and no one was off-limits. There is a wealth of forensic evidence of mass murder, much of it in high office.

What you have to realize is a secret world civil war when entities like Committee 300 and many others die out and leave a vortex, MI6 warns.

Here’s an example: the presenter of Ukrainian TV channel 24 (owned by oligarch Akhmetov), Fahruddin Sharfmal, calls for genocide of Russian children: To destroy a nation, you must first of all destroy the children. He was taken into custody by Russian special forces, FSB sources said. The arrest of this hate preacher is part of a worldwide counterattack and exposure of KM.

For this reason, Britney Spears has exposed the satanic abuse she suffered at the hands of her Illuminati during her 13 years of guardianship, including heinous sexual rituals, weekly blood transfusions and medical experiments with Mkultra. fbclid=IwAR08SqKQ99iUzPvy5QMwzVBDoaueTGjpUbEsMYYRaTq7QBvJkNs7kqn2Pz8

This is also why Disney employees and judges are among 108 arrested in Florida during a sting operation aimed at catching human traffickers and predators. sting-operation-aiming-to-catch-traffickers-predators/

That’s also why Vice President Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, is the first of the four directors, which include the president, first lady and Harris, to contract COVID-19 (code for arrest). for-covid-19

Serious disorders are also evident among top officials in the fake Biden administration. Avatar Nancy Pelosi has been babbling nonsense lately. I have been told by 3 different contacts that Pelosi is 100% an AI construct.

She is not drunk, but her programming is dysfunctional, according to one CIA source. A P3 Masonic source says the whole fake Biden administration is a staging to wake up the sleeping sheep.

General Christopher Miller Military Secretary and Head of the Provisional Military Government of the United States confirms that the US election on November 3, 2020 was won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states.

The Deep State tried to rig it and the media reported that Joe B. won it. BUT: The official ballot was electronically watermarked, which the forgers were unaware of. So every vote cast for President Trump was recorded on a quantum server and the fate of each ballot is known.

The military alliance behind President Trump decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions are, and since then we have been watching a movie that should really open our eyes and wake us up so that this never happens again.

On January 20, 2021. at 12:00 noon, the United States was taken over by a military government led by Military General Christopher Miller and the Commander in Chief, the duly elected President Donald Trump. Until the November 2020 election, Gen. Cr. Miller was Director of the National Counter-Terrorism Service, a disciple of General Michael Flynn.

The role of fake Joe B. is played by three actors…. His entire crew is also a cast selected by President Trump’s team. All of his ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value.

This includes Austin. All of these actors talk and do what President Trump and the white hat military tell them to do. This whole show is about waking people up and doing a lot of work behind the scenes.

The White House, the Capitol and all the federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed since January 20, 2021. These people have never set foot there, nor do they have access to the Pentagon. They are ACTORS!

Russia and the United States have been allies in all wars so far. This is all propaganda from the last remnants of globalism. The new global alliance of white hats controls the situation on the entire planet. Soon it will all be over! In a few days!

Another sign that we are really dealing with an Earth-changing situation, and not just a political one, is the temperatures at both poles, which are now an astonishing 40 degrees higher than normal.

Here’s what a secret space program source has to say about it: Antarctica and the Arctic are now heating up because the magnetic flux on the planet is out of control.

The planet’s dark rulers are heating up the ionosphere too much. Both poles are now moving very fast. The magnetic north pole is moving toward Siberia.

This will cause climate catastrophes. One of the biggest instabilities in the coming years will be climate disasters that will affect many nations unless the Alliance takes full control of these off-world space-based weapons.

The floods, snowfalls and droughts we are currently experiencing around the world are just the beginning. We are in the final war for control of the planet. arctic-antarctica-stuns-scientists/news-story/66b28bc3e55649b4fc0a0ce4cbb02d62

To wrap up this week, here is more material on the bluebeam project. suspects-alien-activity-846478

We are certainly entering uncharted territory.



17 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Spring Equinox Marks Turning Point in Battle to Liberate Earth”

  1. Brian Johnston

    Fulford gets so much wrong. It is why we can’t take him seriously. The Ashkenazi Jew did not originate in Khazaria. They came from the Rhine region and moved East.
    The Khazarian people converted to Jadaism circa 800AD. The Turkic Mongols attacked from the East and the Rus attacked from the North onto their Eastern border. They were dealt with.

  2. Mondexmomma

    If the whole Biden administration are actors put in by the white hats why are they allowing so much death and destruction? Sorry this sounds nefarious to me. Doesn’t sound like a white hat operation to me at all. Not buying g the bull crap it is to wake up the sleeping sheep. You don’t mandate vaccines to kill people that need to work or mandate the military to take lethal jabs or have them court marshaled or lose their retirement. Or have the fake Biden instigate the war in Ukraine. This is NOT a whitehat operation to wake people up. This is outright EVIL. I CALL BULLSHIT. Quite frankly I am tired of the same story over and over again. The country and the world is going to hell and we know who the evil ones are now take them out. Do it now. Of you truly are the whitehats. We the people must be more awake than the whitehats. If to say there are any. God help us all. All I can say all of us need to get on our knees and pray to God Almighty Father on this one. 🙏

    1. Aleph

      Can you really imagine a scenario where sheeple were told that they would not be able to get their poison death jab because the 3 that are available are too dangerous? After no effort was made by the majority of normies to look for the censored alternative treatments, clearly for a portion of the population the vaxxines in name only was going to be the sole way to mentally overcome their fear of life.

      It’s essential to let people make their own free will choices. What kind of person chooses their job or travelling or fitting in with the crowd in lieu of protecting the integrity of their own being? It’s not the mark of the beast for nothing… and the end will not be for everyone.

      Operation Warp Speed means getting everything out in the open as fast as possible so we can be using free energy devices to travel at actual warp speeds. The technology cannot be brought out until the evil doers are expunged from this realm, otherwise they’d hijack it and we’d be even worse off. Whatever things have to get broken would have gotten broken anyways, it would have just taken longer and been more painful. Better to rip the band-aid off immediately.

      I observe without attachment. All karma balances itself of it’s own accord. None of these things are of particular concern when we all still have to chop wood and carry water. Heaven is where you stand…

  3. david k gates

    Same tired nonsense from Ben for the last 15-20 years.
    Climate catastrophes in the coming years?!?!?!? FEAR TACTIC…BEWARE.

    He NEVER mentions anything about the LIGHT Returning or ascension…and yet….these stories are all about the ascension process.
    Most of us, especially folks reading these pages will be in the higher dimension(s) and not one single thing he talks about will exist.

    So we are told many cannot handle the new energy and the new things coming and will leave or choose to NOT ascend at this time.
    Sounds like BEN will be staying behind.

  4. Mike Ohira

    You guys are not seeing the big picture, just picking up pieces of it.

    The real Joe Biden has been dead for more than 6 earth years. And from what I understand his clone was arrested (a few years ago I don’t know exactly when)) and the soulless being is spending its time in jail right now. The JB you see on TV is either an imposter or a fictional computer graphic make-ups, that is the reality.

    If as Ben says Trump knew this was happening and he went along with it hiding the truth from the American people, then he too is complicit for all the damned things happening in our world right now. Why is Trump not revealing the truth to the American people? A false administration set up to fool the people at this time when our world is in chaos? Is he scared of something? I don’t know but I will say a lot of foolish and silly things are happening right here in America!! Or maybe he is just waiting for brain-dead patriots to wake up…

    Forget politics, something more important is emerging. Ben says the temperature at both poles is 40 degrees higher than normal, and that is really astonishing. The earth is tipping at 49.9 degree at this moment. If it goes to 50 degree, this will ignite catastrophe the kind we have never experienced before. It will be the end of 3d earth as we know it. And the reason that the earth is tipping is because the ice at the poles is melting, causing imbalance.

    Let’s be prepared.

    1. david k gates

      There WILL be a Pole shift but humanity will NOT be in 3D. All we Lightworkers and the majority of humans, freshly awakened to a higher consciousness, will move up to the 5th and leave all this nonsense behind.
      Those staying will also NOT be subjected to a Pole Shift as they will be moved to a new 3D reality.
      Earth must shift her poles and there will be massive calamities but there wont be any unprotected life left to suffer here.

      The first solar flare of Mass Awakening will happen any time now….Ben must be reading a lot of the channeled messages.
      As an Old Soul Light Warrior…I can FEEL it coming!
      *******MEDITATE and learn to access the 90% of the human brain not used.**** Ask questions while the mind is quiet.
      THESE are the only answers you can fully trust….dont trust anything anyone says…including me…without true discernment.

      Do you get that little mental “Twinge” when you read something that just doesnt feel right?

    2. Emma

      My belief from all I read is that Trump allows the dark hats to do their thing, to wake people up. If he stopped it (by military) alot of people would think he lied. Biden and democrats are not that bad they would say, but now they see, Biden are that bad.

      Trump likes to do it by law, and he likes to “help” people follow the law, so no one can later accuse him of a coup. I think he is waiting for enough light (people waking up) before he allows the hard truth. For this huge war/operation he does not need like 40% of the population against him. He needs at least 75% that support him, I would say.

      So I do not believe Trump is controlling Biden and his gang. I think deepstate is controlling those clones/actors and corrupt people, but because there is now more light on the planet, their plans fail again and again. That is why they try to create fear all the time. Their plans works better when enough fear and anger is on the planet.

      I do not believe Fulford to be evil, but much of what he writes seems to not come true. However he does catch normies and newly awaken, and open their ears to corruption. Hopefully people will move on to more true intel and channelings.

  5. Miss A

    I hope the WHs get control of the weather manipulation. That is very concerning. Been hearing an ending is near from various sources, so I am cautiously optimistic. Thank you for putting this information out!!!

  6. Han Solo

    Germany borders from 1914. Yes of course. What a bunch of Borders from 1914 means new war Germany against Poland and Czech Republic.

  7. AA-G

    Then why were all members of the military made to get the clot shot? Half of what Ben writes is crap.

    1. rht smythe

      As part of the depopulation plan….the first people the DARK needs to eliminate are SOLDIERS that would protect the people. Once the majority of soldiers are dead, then the Dark can move in UN troops to corral those still alive…..JUST like they did in Canada. Those weren’t police ending the blockade, they were special goon squads 100% LOYAL to the Dark

      1. Emma

        But in America devolution is set up by Trump. I think the one that is called Patel Patriot is writing very detailed about that.
        So in Canada Trudeau and KlausSchwab is in charge. In USA the good part of the military is in charge, following a plan, made many years ago, before Trump was elected.
        I could be wrong, but I strongly believe in the devolution theory. Trump is not a quitter, and he does not like to lose, so he has for sure a plan. He also likes to pay back hard to those that hurt him. He may be big ego and perhaps childish, but a very special person is needed to take down thousands of years of global mafia control. They are everywhere (like Mr.White says in James Bond movie). Everywhere, also in Ukraine.

    2. Mondexmomma

      My point exactly along with mandates for hard working people in order to work. Yep this is bull crap. Whites hats would not kill their own to wake up the stupid. Doesn’t make sense. The stupid are collateral damage.