Goddess of Light: Meeting Your Universal Self

As we continue to move forward in our lives, we will work with the aspect of ourselves from the universe. We as a soul are massive!! Our energy is spread throughout our planet, the universe, and into the omniverse. What does that mean to you? That you have access to information, experiences, and potentials that are new to you.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya — the Goddess spoke at the beginning about this phrase. Nama Sika — I AM the one meaning I AM in alignment with my soul, with my higher self, with the greater aspect of who I am. I am also through my soul aligned with the remainder of the universe. Venia Benya — I AM the Whole. This means that I am a part of everything. I am aligned with all of humanity, I am aligned with the universe, and I am aligned with the omniverse.

During this channel, you are able to meet an aspect of yourself from the universe. You may also realize your planet of origin. As you meet and create an alignment, you are able to start that movement forward that allows you to grow and expand. Enjoy this new relationship with yourself.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family!

At this time with all that is going on within your world Nama Sika, Venia Benya is more important than it has ever been before. As a reminder, Nama Sika I AM the one. Each one of you when you say that phrase; Nama Sika, you are acknowledging that you are one with your soul, that you are one with the universal sun, that you are one with God and all that is of the highest light frequency.

Venia Benya, I AM the whole. You are a part of everything that is happening within the universe. As you breathe in and out, you are allowing that connection and alignment to move deeper and deeper within you. So, therefore as the whole, there are aspects of your divinity that are a part of the entire universe that are a part of the central sun that are a part of the God source energy. Every cell within you has a consciousness that aligns you with the entirety of humanity.

Humanity upon the earth is transitioning as the ascension process is taking place. Humanity upon the earth is moving out of a place of duality, a place of limitation, a place in which every person is out to get things only for themselves. You may disagree because your reality presents something different. However, it is moving out. Will it be gone in a month six months a year? Probably not completely. However, you as humanity are setting up a new paradigm for what the world is to be.

The world is stepping into a place in which everyone will begin to feel what happens to another. The world will begin to acknowledge that if I hurt you, I am hurting myself. The world will be in alignment with the universe in such a way that those beings the angels, the light beings, the emissaries that have already transitioned through this experience will be made available to everyone upon the earth; so as to assist you as you transform into these higher light frequencies.

Who are you? Are you the person walking upon the earth independent of everything else? Or are you the person directly linked to your soul and therefore directly linked to others around you? The world is a place that can be filled with beauty and light. Open your heart so as to allow that to become your reality.

Take a deep breath in where you create that ball of light within your heart center. For those of you that have been doing this for many, many years most likely that ball of energy is already there and you tap into it very easily. As you feel your connection within your heart center, you send that energy. It moves down into your solar plexus into your sacral center and into your root center. As you do so you are finding a balance that is created you then send that energy all the way down into the earth. As you feel yourself aligning with Gaia, take a moment to just breathe in and out, feeling the pulsation and balance that is here.

You let those energies come back up within you, you send them up through your throat your third eye your head center and it moves out into the space of your higher self. Look around at what this is. Look around and know that these are the projects that you are working upon this is what you seek to manifest.

As you take in all that is here, ~whew~ clear out anything at all that no longer serves you. As you clear out those things that either you have moved beyond or that are no longer in alignment you open up this space for more. You then let that stream of energy continue to move upward.
As you do so you align with your divinity within the space of the soul plane. Here is where you have access to not only your soul, but you have access to the universe, the omniverse, the central sun, and all that allows for expansion in your consciousness. Experience what that may be.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. I reach out from my heart to yours and as we do so we merge our energies and it moves you into the All That Is. I invite you to look at the All That Is through new eyes. Do you see the vibrations, the frequencies, and those opportunities for what you seek in your life; in and around this space?

I now ask you to have a sense of looking beyond. The All That Is is a frequency that merges in and amongst many others. As you look beyond the space in which you work perhaps you will see another planet, the central sun, perhaps you will see some of the ships that have the beings that are working with you at this time of ascension.

Within this space, as you look around ask to connect with a greater amount of your soul essence. Yes, this is a place of balance and alignment. It feels good to some of you and it feels as if it’s awkward or different to others. I, therefore, invite you to reach towards that which is most supportive of you in this now moment.

Okay quite diverse! I see some connecting with Jupiter, some connecting with Venus, some connecting with ships, some connecting with the sun, some with the moon. So, I believe I made that too broad! I’m going to ask for each one of you as you are within this space to open up towards a greater awareness of your divinity than what you could pick up when you were within the earth’s frequencies.

For many of you, this is what takes you into the eighth, ninth, and tenth dimensions; for others, it is different from that. There is no right or wrong. The intention is that as you connect with this more expanded higher frequency of your divinity, is that you are opening up to receive an even greater influx of knowledge and information. There we go I could feel many of you receiving that download.

You are very accustomed to working with past lives, future lives that were associated with the earth plane. From within this higher frequency, look towards that which is a part of your aspect that is perhaps a future life; but that is outside of the earth plane.

Okay, I am going to be working with you to adjust your frequency because some of you find that you can perceive that there’s something there however the information is not coming through. Therefore, for most of you, you have lifetimes upon other planets. Ask to know what is your home planet. And as you ask to know what that may be some of you may instantly get a perception. It may be one of the planets of which you are familiar or it may be a name that means nothing to you.

So, reach out moving through that space and into your higher, lighter, more expanded energies. Okay, what I now see each one of you doing is most of you stand as if your arms are out in a position of receding your heart and your consciousness are open and you are receiving downloads and frequency from this space of love.

Okay for some of you the perception may not be as if it’s a place of love but a place that feels discordant to you. I would therefore invite you to expand your consciousness a little bit more that you may align with the energy and frequency of your planet of origin.

An interesting thing for you to note is that if you have come and looked for the planet from which you originated the perception may change. Sometimes, it’s that you’ve actually spent time in multiple places and that sense of home can be felt in multiple places. Tapping into that which is most important so as to assist you is the place in which to be.

As you make contact with whatever this planet is, some of you may be on a ship some of you may just be in what feels like suspended animation some of you may have a sense of an actual physical planet. Allow your focus and your expansion to just stretch out.

There we go I now see where each one of you are giving and receiving information. Some of it may be ways that assist you in your daily life but the majority are linking in such a way as to help you know that you as a human are not alone, that you have aspects of yourself in many different situations and they are now coming forth to assist you.

The earth’s consciousness is moving through a quantum leap. The earth’s consciousness is stepping forth to where telepathy, the empathic abilities, teleporting, telekinesis; all of those gifts that you think are part of the sci-fi movies you will begin to recognize that they are a part of you. You are making alignments at this time with the aspect of yourself that will help to open you up to these new perceptions.

There is a massive amount of energy that feels like it’s just rolling, coming from the universe into each one of you and then your own energy moving back out into the universe. Because as you communicate, you are creating a relationship so that they may understand you as you understand them.

Do you have any questions that are upon your heart at this time? The way that you may communicate is to consider that question on all the many levels. As you do so, you send that into whatever the being is that you are working with, and then almost instantaneously you receive an answer. You may know instantly what that answer is or it may come to you filtering in over a period of time.

What do you seek when you consider going beneath the layers of your everyday life, going beneath the layers of where your mental body is when you go into the place of your heart; what do you seek for your life? Again, you may feel waves of energy that come within you. You may also be setting up a means of communication and those answers will come to you over a period of time.

Right now, you have created an alignment that is at a very, very high frequency. I would therefore invite you to as if you are taking this entire space, this entire connection, and create like a flowing river that allows it to come down into a place that is more readily available to you.

As this energy flows back within the all that is and back within that space in which you usually work with your energy you begin to look around again and notice what’s different, what has transformed, what is here. Indeed, that is you.

With that statement, I was responding to the knowledge that as so many of you allowed that consciousness to move back into the frequency that you are more comfortable with and you would look at whatever it is that you’ve been communicating with. Some of you were surprised, felt it was unexpected. Some of you felt startled, there was a tiny bit of fear in a few. This will become easier and easier the more that you interact with these higher light frequencies.

As we are creating this alignment and as each one of you in your everyday life and your meditations are beginning to communicate with and align with aspects of yourself or other beings of light that are new and different. Let me just say to you upfront, that within this space you’re working only with the high light frequency. Within this space, you are incompatible with anything at all that may try to pull you down. Within this space, you are practicing how to manifest and communicate in this new vibrational frequency.

Allow that awareness to come back within you and as you come together as a group, I invite you to feel as if your heart and your consciousness is wide open sending the flow of your own divinity and light into this circle. And this time as you gather together, look around as you are bringing into the circle those aspects that have been out within the universe, or upon the ships, or at a very distant place within your divinity. This is going to become a place in which all can find that balance and merge together so as to create a continuous energy that moves through everything.

Coming up within the group of you is the hologram of the earth. As you look at this hologram, see not only the things that are illuminated within it but see the vibrations and the frequencies.

I invite each one of you to just send forth that frequency from out within the universe and your own river of energy into this hologram. Have you noticed that the circle has gotten to be quite big? As you infuse within this hologram, be open to feel what that may be.

As the hologram moves, it generates an energy and there’s an aspect of it that moves out through the universe. You are now standing with an aspect of your own self that has been picking up on this energy every time we sent it into the universe it also creates alignment with much larger groups of beings.

The remainder of the hologram is released and it moves down. As it moves through the energy matrix around the planet notice the bright, bright illumination. Great change has been going on upon your planet and you can see it as this hologram is merging and integrating.

It then moves down even further. As it goes into the center of the earth it is anchoring, it anchors within that magnetic core of the earth. It then moves outward it comes up through all the many layers of the earth and it shines forth clearing out any residual pockets of stuck energy creating a more rhythmic flow of energy and light and a more constant illumination from within Gaia.

The movement of energy is dramatically different from what it used to be and therefore as this energy integrates into every human, into the rivers, into the trees, into everything that’s alive upon the earth it’s creating expansion.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Bring back the rest of your consciousness. As you do so, it comes back through your divinity, your higher self; it streams back down into your heart center and you send it all the way into Gaia so that that flow from Gaia and the flow from the universe move equally through. You take a moment and allow your physical body to adjust to this expanded flow.

Understand that in the days to come the days, the weeks, the months; your awakening, your expansion, will seem as if it’s getting faster and faster. The more that you are in this flow of light from the universe, the more your own physical body transitions into the light, the more that you are able to live your life from the whole.

Nama Sika – I am the one; Venia Benya – I am the whole. Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net