Is being RIGHT really WORTH IT? 

Is Putin a good guy or a bad guy? Is Obama a good guy or a bad guy? Is Trump a good guy or a bad guy? Is Hillary a goo…
Here’s a better question: Does it even really MATTER?

Whatever these ones are doing at the moment, whether that be positive or negative in nature, they WILL have to reap the effects (or side-effects) of it. For such is indeed, Divine Law. Also known as Karma, if you so will. Based on what is possibly THE most simplest principle within existence: “What you put OUT, is what you get BACK.”
There’s FAR too much warring and polarity and division going on within the human collective consciousness at this very moment regarding who’s What and who’s Not. And you can see numerous reflections of this play out in the online comments sections of your blogs and videos and social media posts and what-else-have-you. Everyone’s either getting triggered, or busy hating on one another, or debating or criticising or dying to “prove their point”, or what-else.
And yet, once again I ASK you ALL: Does it REALLY even MATTER?
Your externally projected holographic “reality” isn’t going to change (much) with your debates, disagreements, criticisms and your (online or offline) WARS. Rather, the more anger and vitriol and critique (no matter how “well intentioned”) you direct at another, the more do THEY feel the need to protect themselves and their respective egos. Anger breeds more anger, hate breeds more hate, and all for what? So that YOU could be the one who’s RIGHT about things? So that YOU could be someone else’s SAVIOUR from utter and total DOOM?
Folks, if THAT method WORKED, Twitter would’ve converted Planet Earth into a UTOPIA by now.
If THAT method WORKED, just the very FIRST World War ALONE would have ALREADY led to everlasting World PEACE by this time.
Don’t get me wrong here, SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH (when and where and however so you DEEM FIT) is an EXCELLENT way indeed to truly and deeply AWAKEN people.
Even ANSWERING Genuine + Well Meaning + SINCERE queries/concerns/comments of your respective audiences (by supplying them with all of the necessary info) works WONDERS in assisting that which is the planetary mass awakening process.
That being said, (Non-ideally Conducted) “Debates” and Harsh Criticisms and the Dissings and Cussings and Name Callings are by Far WORLDS AWAY from absolutely ANY of the ABOVE MENTIONED things.
So here’s a MUCH better way to settle these issues, ONCE and for GOOD.
Try “settling scores” with everyone you hate or even wish to “change for the better” using this all-new, (literally!) dimension-shifting formula of the ages…
The formula known as LOVE.
Someone looking to argue with you for no good reason?
Step back from the comment/reply button, take a deep breath, and then, send them LOVE instead.
Family members calling you names for not being aligned with THEIR religious/political/scientific beliefs?
Take a step back (unless there’s a threat or a danger of some kind involved to you — in which case, by all means, defend yourselves); take a deep breath, and then, send them LOVE instead.
Someone has a different point of view than your own?
Excellent! Just appreciate the fact that they are honouring their God-Gifted FREE WILL by holding on to their chosen PERSPECTIVE, step back from conflict, and send them LOVE instead!
Can you see the pattern already?
Can you see the toolkit to building a better, more joyful, more positive, and more LOVING world?
And above even all THAT…can you see the NEW YOU?
It’s all super SIMPLE folks. You simply CANNOT change everyone’s views on everything. And even if such was possible, you absolutely SHOULDN’T BE doing so. Because THEY have as much right to using their OWN, GOD-GIFTED FREE WILL to make choices, decisions, and hold differing perspectives as YOU.
If other people are making mistakes, let them LEARN from them.
If other people are being silly or ignorant or unwise or even outright FOOLISH, then, my friends, THAT ITSELF, is THEIR learning, and by NO means YOUR OWN.
Much like you can’t protect a CHILD from harming or hurting themselves at all times 24x7x366, you can’t protect ADULTS (from destroying their very lives even) as a part of their (own) unwise choices or decisions either.
So unless someone is directly interfering with YOUR life in some way, shape, or form; there are exactly ZERO reasons to get involved with other individuals making their own life choices — REGARDLESS of whether the said choices are seen by YOU as either “good” or “bad”.
We’ve argued violently with one another for AGES; and NOT ONCE has it ever WORKED OUT for (either of) us.
We’ve fought violently with one another for AGES; and NOT ONCE has it EVER brought us lasting PEACE!
So, the better way to do it, then, is through sending out THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, ENERGIES and INTENTIONS that ACTUALLY WORK and GET THE JOB DONE.
Thoughts, Energies, Intentions, and Expectations that are aligned with GOD.
Thoughts, Energies, Intentions, and Expectations that are aligned with everyone’s HIGHEST GOOD.
Thoughts, Energies, Intentions, and Expectations that are aligned with the very intelligence that CREATES ENTIRE WORLDS.
Thoughts, Energies, Intentions, and Expectations that are aligned with the VERY POWER that CREATES and MAINTAINS COMPLETE UNIVERSES.
It is but common sense here that SUCH A POWER can get the job done far, FAR more effectively than absolutely ANY human (or human mind) can EVER hope to achieve!
GO APPLY this power by sending people LOVE.
APPLY this power by sending people HEALING.
APPLY this power by sending people COMPASSION.
APPLY this power by sending people FORGIVENESS.
APPLY this power by sending people your very greatest BLESSINGS.
APPLY this power by sending people PEACE.
These energies are what you might want to call the “divine secret sauces” for bringing in GENUINE and LASTING transformations that benefit ALL so concerned in the very HIGHEST imaginable ways.
And deep down, YOU TOO already VERY MUCH so KNOW THAT to be a FACT.
After all, there’s a damn good REASON as to just why people are even willing to DIE for someone they truly LOVE.
It’s not called THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE in ALL OF CREATION for no good REASON you know.
For indeed it IS God. God IS Love. And Love IS God.
And in that very stream of INFINITE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and INTELLIGENCE and POWER and HARMONY and WELLBEING and UNITY and ABUNDANCE and PEACE — lies the very power to ACTUALLY, TRULY, assist the entire WORLD at large.
As a matter of fact, try answering the following question with your very DEEPEST INTUITION and GUT FEELING:
What would change a person the fastest — being given LOVE, or being ARGUED with?
Another useful way to (re)frame the exact same question is…
Who would YOU much rather listen to? Someone who’s RADIATING the very energies of LOVE towards you — or someone whose very eyes are filled to the brim with HATRED and/or ANGER towards you?
When kind and loving people die, tears flow. When angry and hateful people die, jokes flow.
Likely the ONLY real energies of POSITIVITY that these latter ones have EVER really generated in their very LIVES, eh?
Would YOU want your life to be more of the former…or more of the latter?
The decision is all yours. And unconditional love will therefore unconditionally SUPPORT it too, be that (decision) positive…or negative.
Fortunately (or unfortunately!), so will the Divine Karmic LAWS.
So go take your pick.
It’s all so very SIMPLE dear ones. You can either make a sincere EFFORT to radiate LOVE and PEACE and KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION and HEALING and POSITIVITY (and ALL other forms and manners of POSITIVE feelings and intentions) towards this world of yours (and ALL who share it with you) throughout your last few remaining days upon this world; OR you can do the exact OPPOSITE.
You can either pray for another, or hate on them.
You can either be kind towards another in your THOUGHTS, WORDS, and ACTIONS; or you can do the exact opposite.
Doing the former will fill up the entire WORLD with more LOVE, LIGHT, WISDOM, and PEACE. And only MULTIPLY from thereon.
The latter TOO will achieve and multiply things, just in the exact OPPOSITE direction!
Also, IF NOTHING ELSE, even staying completely NEUTRAL and OBJECTIVE here is far, FAR better than putting out even MORE negativity into this world of ours (than what exists in here ALREADY!!!!) Not like we have any SHORTAGES of THAT right now or anything…
And finally, LAST but by NO MEANS the very LEAST — even looking at this from a purely SELFISH perspective that is cognizant of the Divine Karmic LAWS…
…only ONE of the above routes will TRULY give you a good night’s REST (AND a truly better FUTURE to even look forward to).
(Can you guess which?)
Your move, lads and laddettes.

P.S. IF you find this message to be truly HELPFUL and USEFUL to you and/or the rest of the world in absolutely ANY way, shape or form here AT ALL; PLEASE DO CONSIDER SHARING IT across ALL of your Social Media platforms for the highest BENEFIT of ALL LIFE. WRITE IT OUT in those hate-filled comments sections. BLOG about it. MAKE VIDEOS upon it. TRANSLATE IT in ALL of the languages that you so know. MAKE IT FREELY AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE to ALL those who have trouble reading this, or just BRING IT UP in your very CONVERSATIONS (be they with your loved ones or mere acquaintances ALIKE!) PLEASE DO REMEMBER, even the TINIEST OF kind and loving deeds can quite literally change the entire WORLD, so FEEL FREE to do your best here and KNOW that you’ve truly HELPED make the world a better place today…bit by bit by BIT!
Thank you all for reading.

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  1. Tooru Nakachi

    Hello. My name is Tooru Nakachi.
    I live in Chiba prefecture, Japan.
    I arrived at your site yesterday and was very impressed.
    If you forgive me, I would like to upload this sentence on YouTube in Japan. Is that okay?
    I am impressed with your beautiful style and content, and I hope to share it with many people living in Japan who want to know such wonderful information.
    (This English sentence was created using the translation function.I’m not very good at English.)
    Best regard.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Yes. Most definitely! Please do share this message everywhere you can! Also, if possible, please do ask a translator to check and verify that the translation is correct and accurate, so that most people can truly benefit from it! Thank you and Arigato! 🙂

    2. Tooru Nakachi

      Thank you very much for your acceptance.
      For translation, we will use a translation tool such as “Google Translate”.
      I will do it sincerely with accurate translation so that many Japanese people can convey your awakening words and spirits.
      Thank you very much for this time.
      Thank you. From Tooru Nakachi

    3. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Tooru, and Welcome!

      I as well as the original author of this article would appreciate your sharing of this, and all other articles far and wide.

  2. C

    Galatians 5:22-23 ~ But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

    Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of Divine Love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing. ~ Rumi

    “Love is a decision – not an emotion!” ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

    Matthew 5:44 ~ But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

    “Kind words will unlock an iron door.”

    “You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar”


  3. hyavision11

    Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful enlightening post. Much appreciated! I/We need you in our world. Blessings!