The Siriusians: In The Night

Energetically we come to tell a story.  We will give our take on things.  You don’t understand today’s energy levels.  Beaming at you are rays that heal.  We are sending a thousand times more energy to your planet than you are used to.  We are beaming rays at you when you don’t know it.  It is to expand the ability to receive the next phase of evolution.  Everybody receives our rays.  How you absorb the technology we provide to you depends on how your soul wishes to evolve.  Some want to shoot right to the top.  Some say not this lifetime, and some are in-between.  You take in what you have agreed to.

If you have trouble sleeping relax and ask for more of our energies.  We give a healing touch.  We are helping humans who want to awaken, who want to go through a personal journey to higher planes.  You cannot hold this off.  Don’t say in 10 years I will go through this.  It’s now or never.  If you do not feel you are up for the challenge your body will have a harder time.  Don’t fight the changes.  If you feel that the energy is upon you relax and say, “The time is now.”  We cannot wait for you to have a good day.  We must do our work when we need to.  Your bodies take our energy and evolve to vibrational codes placed internally, that allow frequency work to be conducted.  It is our time to complete our upgrades within each person who chooses so.  If you feel woozy think to yourself, my soul is happy, my soul is asking for this, and fear not that something terrible is happening.

We give to you infused light that penetrates your cells.  You will walk taller and feel brighter.  We typically work during the midnight hour when bodies are sleeping.  It is necessary for us to contact you when you are in a relaxed state.  If you were uptight the energy would not absorb.  There is no recollection for you when this occurs.  You will not feel you have traveled out of body, no one is abducting you.  It’s an energetic frequency that surrounds you.  You want to have an experience that makes you know it is working.  Many will not even know it happens.  We have designed it to be smooth, if it were jarring there would be fear.  Don’t mark on your calendar the date you want it.  We have our systems to track each individual and conclude the work on schedule.

It is for the masses to know that we assist.  We prepare your bodies for higher levels.  This is not a process that everyone will go through.  Do not ask if you have gotten your upgrade yet.  We do not grant that knowing.  For it would not benefit you to be counting the days.  Our message is to provide hope that things happen when you are sleeping.  Your body is going through new changes.  You are waiting patiently for the day you notice something, and we want to tell you it’s happening.  Just know it’s happening.  Our support will see you through the biggest change in our history.  Rely on our messages to give you the understanding that things are changing on subtle levels.  The grand events are building up for the future, but the groundwork to get there is underway.

Our message we hope inspires deep thoughts about your hearts involvement in becoming spiritual warriors.  Things are happening, have faith, don’t loose sight that the path you are on takes time.  You are on a journey that you have begun.  Don’t run or you will lose your breath.  Be fortunate that we paced things out.  When you are antsy for things to show themselves, imagine you sprinted a marathon.  It’s not sustainable.  You have to find the right pace.  We wish to tell you our plan to help you so you may relieve your worries that things move slowly.  You are exceptional humans moving through this with understanding only bits and pieces.  Plan that you will know only bits and pieces through the journey, and will revel in the glory after the race is won.  Support your own race with no fear, positive thinking, companionship, and mentoring as your partners.  We want for this transition to higher levels to be an awe-inspiring experience.  Enjoy the unknown and excitement that is waiting for you.  It’s OK if you don’t know what happens tomorrow.  You were not designed to know what happens tomorrow.  The experience you are going through needs our applause.

Sleep well, relax well, and we will visit you soon.  We are The Sirian Race.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


4 Replies to “The Siriusians: In The Night”

  1. Anne

    Interesting timing… I am Sirian and requested the other night to see them. They have a funny sense of humor as they sometimes speak to me through song lyrics. Their downloads are fitting every single time I have a day I’m “expecting” something. This night I didn’t see them but instead woke up to the lyrics from the song The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. I won’t go through all the lyrics but the first thing I hear is “It just takes some time….” This post was very fitting to my down day yesterday . Wonderful timing, as I am working on moving out of expectation. I will keep this post handy so at any time I am not feeling anything is happening, I will reference this. Thank you!

  2. Denise

    So THATS what caused these changes??
    Thank you ALL so very much much!!! I had been noting the changes in my overall mood and personality a couple weeks ago and thinking about how different I AM now compared to my Awakening a year and a half ago but especially in the last couple of months, as if something in me had started to finally “shift” and it was easier to hold a positive mood making it more of a natural state than the usual!
    There an no words that can describe how Grateful I Am for all that you have done & continue to do! I was in a very bad place back then so it makes it easier to notice the changes I suppose so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!!🙏🙏🙏

    1. A.

      Welcome Denise…Those of us that have awakened many years ago are so happy that so many are awakening now and see the
      truth…It is so beautiful to finally begin to be our true selves…We are no longer being manipulated for we know and discern the truth from the lies…Many blessings to you and yours…

      1. Denise

        Thank you so much! It has definitely been an interesting journey and I am SO excited to see this glorious and amazing time in human history.
        The sheer magnitude of the Divine plan and how it’s weaved together in such an intricate dance of Free Will and Divine Creation is stunning to behold!