How to Calm Your Anxiety

You can calm your anxiety with these easy energetic techniques. The key is to be consistent. The more you incorporate these stress-relieving tools, you can become more grounded and at peace.

The world can feel overwhelming, especially with access to social media. It’s not just the stress of daily life that can affect you. The energy of the world bombards you too.

Any stressors can trigger your fight-or-flight response and lead to anxiety.

Good News!

You can calm your nerves and restore your presence.

I am an intuitive healer, so these stress-relieving techniques are more energetic than cognitive.

These are the tools I’ve used in my life and can be particularly useful for empaths, HSPs, and sensitives.

I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety when I was younger, and this is what has helped me.

You are an energetic being.

Your root chakra keeps you grounded and feeling safe.

This is what usually happens when a sensitive person feels triggered or threatened with an external or internal stressor:

Instead of staying grounded in your root chakra, the energy rises into the head. The spirit can hover over the body in certain situations, not fully rooted. This event can happen for seconds, minutes, or sometimes months.

To calm your anxiety, it’s important to get your spirit firmly rooted in the body for you to feel safe and secure.

Yet, your lower three chakras tend to hold most of your trauma. You CAN retrain yourself to stay grounded and calm.

Six simple steps to relieve anxiety and stress:

Take time in stillness & quiet

Your nervous system can get overstimulated with too much sensory input. It is important to take time to yourself allow yourself to process the intuitive input you receive every day.

Ground your energy

Your root chakra goes all the way from the base of your spine to your feet. Make sure the muscles in your legs and feet are relaxed, and you are allowing energy to flow through you.

Focus on your breath

Slow down you’re breathing and feel what it’s like in your body. Focus on the sensation of your rib cage expanding. As you focus on your breath, you calm your mind.

Scan your body

Notice if you have tension in your body. Are you gripping or tensing anywhere? Are these areas where you are guarding or protecting with tight muscles? Breathe into those areas.

Imagine a happy, safe place

Take a moment to visualize a safe sanctuary where you are completely secure and at peace. You can go back to this safe space whenever you want.

Focus on your feet

Throughout the day, notice if your energy is all in your head, or if you are aware of your body. Keep your energy focused on your feet if you need a reminder to ground yourself.

As you practice these techniques daily, you will become calmer and more peaceful. You will find yourself feeling more joyful and productive.

As you become more centered, you will respond to the stress of life and the world with more intuitive clarity and joy.

~ Kari


One Reply to “How to Calm Your Anxiety”

  1. Cherie Moresby

    I find being in the now helps center me…dwelling in the past or trying to figure of the future puts me out of balance and ungrounds me and when ungrounded it is easier for the anxiety to creep in. Also the foods we eat and we we drink can help us ground like lovely steamed/roasted root veg in warm salads/soups etc and earthy herbal teas from our gardens. Sugary foods/drinks definitely feed the anxiety/depression/feeling unbalanced.