Our Possible Intentional Evolution

The great challenge for us on the inward path is becoming aware of all of the parts of us that we need to transform from negative to positive polarity. We are asked to transform every bit of fear and doubt into love and confidence. It’s a matter of perspective. Whichever one we choose intentionally or by default, is the energy spectrum that we create for ourselves. As humans, we have been unaware of this process, and in our encounters, we have relied upon ego consciousness to react, often defensively or aggressively. In this state of being there is little awareness of intuitive heart-energy and guidance.

In our emotions, we possess a great tool for our expansion into positive polarity. Emotionally we know what stress and fear feel like, even in minute magnitude. We also can feel true love and joy. This is the difference between ego consciousness and intuitive awareness. When we become sensitive to our intuition, we can dissolve ego consciousness into intuitive awareness, because the ego is no longer needed as a survival guide. In the vibratory level of the unconditional love that we can realize that we are enveloped within, we can also intentionally realize our eternal presence of Self-awareness of unlimited Being and creative ability.

Each of us has the ability to awaken to unlimited awareness, in alignment with the consciousness of life-creation and enhancement. In our intuition we have a direct connection to universal consciousness. When we decided to play the game of human incarnation, we knew that we’d be locked into a compartment of our consciousness that we might not be able to get out of. We made our non-intrusive intuition the way back to our true awareness, but we have to choose to become aware of it in all its subtleties.

In order to truly know and feel our intuitive guidance, we can disengage from the drama of human life and just be present in awareness on a positive, high-vibratory level. Out intuition is beyond polarity and draws upon the experience of all lifetimes and ways of being. When we’re focused on our intuition’s loving and wise guidance, our emotions let us feel that we have arrived at a state of knowing. Intuition is the source of everything that we deeply know without any kind of proof. It is the first cause of knowledge and wisdom, and it ranges in all dimensions beyond the empirical. It is based on the unconditional love of universal consciousness, which we are part of in our presence of Being. In our essence, we are fractals of the Creator, and we are the same Being with all conscious beings. All have the light of conscious life force, which continuously emits conscious photons, tiny quanta of light, creating a radiant energetic aura. The magnitude of our aura depends upon the polarity and vibratory level of our chosen energetic alignment, and we can intentionally access our intuitive sensitivity to this radiance.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


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