Pleiadian Collective: A New Moment

Friends Of Sacred Light!

You Are Living In One Moment.

This Moment Is Perfect.

Now, It Is A New Moment.

You Cannot Find Another Moment!

This Is The Way Of Peace And Forgiveness.

Release And Let Go Of All That Is Not Serving You In Light!

Stop The Endless Projections Of ‘What Could Be’.

In Truth, Beloved Ones, All Things Are Possible.

Choosing Thoughts Of Peace Will Bring The Discovery Of Peace Within.

This ‘Now’ Moment In Which You Find Yourself Is A Statement Of Perfection You Have Made To The Universe.

It Is The Perfect Answer To The Parameters You Have Set Up.

It Is The Perfect Reflection Of The Truth You Hold Within Your Sacred Soul.

This Is The Place You Long To Be.

You Are The Answer.

You Have The Power To Choose The Answer Of Peace In A World Where Fear And Hatred Divide Many.

There Are Many More That Choose Love And Freedom, Than Those Who Try To Destroy With Darkness!

Choose Wisely!

Stay Present!

Go Within!

Breathe Deeply!

You Are Not Alone!

Let Go Of The Linear Illusion That You Are Trapped.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, You Are Power!

Join Us In Light!

In Love We Remain!


We Love You So!

**Received by Judith


3 Replies to “Pleiadian Collective: A New Moment”

  1. Malissa Liburdi

    2B hostage in this inferior body suit is slowly becoming a nuisance,

    relying on repetitive struggling of ridiculous material responsibilities.

    Clashing internally with my real higher self, hoping to hop out of

    optical illusionary pirate party madness, knowing Mother Gaia is

    “within” helping vibrate pure crystal healing to this NRG of her awakening.

  2. Denise

    Thank you for the beautiful message, may everyone who reads it be blessed with love, light, & healing, as well as inner peace and great joy! Namaste