Archangel Michael: Believe it and See it

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

It is with great pleasure that I discuss here a fellow of mine, a loving man who has gone to great lengths to help me with the freeing of this planet from the shackles of tyranny. A purified being of Light who has descended to the fifth dimension to hold a position of great power within our ranks. This man is a blessing to all, of service to all and a lover of all within his heart. I speak today of Ashtar Sheran, who is debated as either being evil, not of service or of not even existing at all. These are all false rumours created by the dark forces who would desire nothing more than to be free of this leader of the Light and to continue on with their dark treachery. This is their sorcery. Do not fall for their spells; free your minds of them and believe, for he is true.

I myself am too written about, spoken of, and have been seen by so many people to be a myth to the people of earth. They know I exist and with this, my truth among you is anchored. For Ashtar it is not as he is a newcomer to the fight to liberate earth but make no mistake, he is as devoted and dedicated as they come. The nonsense that surrounds him among you is generated by the darkness and it is the darkness within your hearts that will not believe he exists. It is within you all to eradicate this darkness and in so doing, you will see he is there and has been for some time. It is up to you to clear your hearts of darkness in order to believe what is the truth. Only then will you know.

Me: Michael, my cat has seen him. Once when I was channeling him, Merlin looked up and opened his eyes in wide amazement at what was hovering over my head. Cats don’t lie. LOL

Michael: Alas, should you but have the eyes of the feline, that you would be able to see. But the people of earth are blind and it is your belief that makes you so.

Me: Yes. I always say, “Believe it and see it,” not, “See it to believe it.”

Michael: Again, wise Sharon, this is a truth. There is far more to see than what you are led to believe.

Me: Yes.

Michael: You do not see the war in the Ukraine yet you know it is there, so why not believe in Ashtar Sheran? Do you not have faith that God’s plan is carried out by His minions: the people of this universe, to help to liberate you on earth. It is only that you may become sighted that you will be able to understand.

Me: And that refers to the third eye, really because that’s the sight you want, insight as well as psychic vision.

Michael: Indeed. And so then, for this week we ask again that you send your loving energy to the people of the Ukraine. They are being shelled by their own, tortured by their own and are being starved by their own. It is not the proviso of the Russians to seek death among the innocent.

Oh, but the grace of God would befall your earth, that the evil of the devil be released from your world.

Me: We’re working on it, Michael, we’re working on it.

Michael: God’s mercy is good. His compassion is strong. His love for you knows no bounds. Yet you befall your own against His will. I ask but why?

Yes, it is the darkness. And the darkness, the evil, will be removed so that you will know God’s goodness again.

I am Michael, I am your savior, I am your leader, I am your heart. Be blessed, All.


Me: Thank you, Michael. I love when he gets emotional. I can feel everything he’s going through, his agony, his love and his caring.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


2 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Believe it and See it”

  1. Karen

    What a wonderful and heartfelt message! Thank you Archangel Michael. My heartfelt thanks to Ashtar Sheran.