Saint Germain: Seeking Your Heart Space, the Love Within and the Great Revealing

Greetings beloveds. This is St Germain speaking through this one for the first time publicly in channeling.

We implore those of you who are able to connect with us to seek our guidance during these times of great turmoil, or the great storm, as many of you have come to know it. But in truth this is in fact the great revealing. Look inside you dear ones. Go deep into the sanctuaries of the very core of your hearts.

Oh beloveds, if you could only see yourselves, and feel yourselves as you truly are in that Holy sacred space. Many call this space the Sacred heart, or the High heart, but it is your Heart of Hearts dear ones. In this special place you will find all the wisdom, all of the balance, all of the true understanding that so many of you are trying so desperately to seek outside of yourselves.

Dear ones, remember, you are in a holographic construct. A game designed by you, for you, and this is the great revealing. The time when the veils drop and you truly understand not only your creatorship, but also your stewardship of yourselves and the reality that is projected before you. When this is revealed to you, and you truly feel this, and know this as the true masters that you are, you will remember yourselves as the true spark of the one Creator from which all has come. That time, or we should say more clearly, that point is nearing very fast now.

The frequencies of this planet the planetary consciousness as a whole is reaching such levels that all the muck and the dross that lay hidden for millennia upon millennia is coming out for all to see. Do not fear this, dear ones, for like a projector’s lens, that needs to be cleared, do you not first see that muck projected on the screen in front of you. And so it is with this.

And perhaps we should call the Great Revealing in truth to be the Great Unravelling for in truth everything that has caused you to project the discord that you see in the outer world is indeed unravelling and moving out of you at a staggering rate.

And so, this is why among many reasons, we ask you to be very clear each day in stabilising yourselves in the truth of truths within your Sacred heart centre. We implore you to do this each day and it is truly important for you to practice the art of surrendering to the Love that you find in your Sacred Heart. Invite it in dear ones. Invite yourselves to blend into it, to become it. And with that feeling that you will feel in this blending use your breath to expand that blended love into your physical form.

This is my message to you this day. But I would like to finish, that truly amazing things are on their way, and I know we have used the word soon, and for some a little too often, but if you could know it as we do, it is truly soon. The great unravellings, and great revealings, and great joy are coming to you faster than many realise.

Now here is your choice dear ones. You may choose to focus on the dross that is unravelling, or you can choose to focus on the great truth. The rekindling of your hearts and the many joys that are going to avalanche into your lives and the many blessings that will be bestowed upon you that you have been asking for do long dear ones. Do you see dear ones, it is always a choice. We implore you focus on truth, focus on love within your sacred hearts. Be that love, blend into that love, and from there you will be able to live in that joy that is you, while witnessing the unravelling but always knowing and living the real truth, which is that no matter what, love, joy and truth are all that exists. All else are but artificial constructs, temporarily generated by you due to the discord that is unravelling. We love you all dear ones. We are with you. We support you in and each day. Call on us when you need us. We stand ready to serve and overlight you as your needs may be. I am your St Germain always and forever. We love you.

**Channel: Davey