Wisdom of the Council: Live Your Adventure

You are here to live your grand adventure. You are here to live the most extraordinary existence of human life, whatever that means for you. You are here to expand the potentials and the possibilities that exist for all of humankind. You are here to fully awaken to the truth of who you are, to come into realization, to integrate every part of you, and then to live as the embodied, enlightened master that you are, that you are here to be.

Your presence in physical form on the planet at this time is so very important. And you are invited in every moment and in every opportunity and in everything that presents itself to you to elevate the consciousness, to go beyond, to expand what is possible, to see from a grander perspective, to bring a new awareness, to raise the vibration, to raise the frequency. Everything is your opportunity, dear master. Everything is your opportunity to alchemize all things back into the light so that it can be created and recreated in alignment to the highest good, to the divine will, to the greater, grander picture of what is really going on here in your human experiences. 

We understand in times like this you begin to take things seriously. There seems to be a lot going on in your world right now, but remember that you are the conduit of divine light in the world. You are the love in the world. You are the bringers of peace and harmony. You are here to embody your sovereignty and your freedom. You are here to be an example of wellbeing and abundance and possibility. You are here to shine your bright, beautiful light into every corner of this beautiful Earth experience.

We have been talking for some time about a New Earth reality. A New Earth reality is birthed from a new level of consciousness, which summons new energy that allows the New Earth reality to begin to manifest in physical form. You are all birthing New Earth realities in every moment, or you are recreating the old. You are contributing to the separation and the lack and the limitation by denying and doubting your power and withholding love for yourself, questioning your infinite worth when we assure you you and only you can keep you from being the bright, beautiful light of potential and possibility in this human experience. 

Everything you feel, everything you think, your beliefs, the stories you tell yourself about yourself and about your life are what is creating your reality. You are here to live the most extraordinary life experience, which is why we say live boldly, dear master, shine brightly, dear master, play and create with all of creation, dance and sing and celebrate who you are and who you have become.

Realized masters, that is what you are—to come into the light or the vibration and the frequency of the truth of who you are, to realize enlightenment while in physical form and contribute to the raising of the consciousness and the raising of the vibration of your beloved human family.

These are extraordinary times, and you are an extraordinary being, and there are extraordinary potentials and possibilities here for you. You matter. Your life matters. You are in this time of the greatest transformation of human consciousness. We want you to understand how important that is. Every problem, every issue, everything that you see as a challenge or an unwanted reality is elevated, is expanded into new potentials as you raise your consciousness.

Consciousness is everything, which is why you drew this to you, which is why we say we are here because we promised we would be, so that you can never forget who you are. And as you elevate your consciousness, the illusion of limitation and lack and separation falls away. You begin to live fearlessly and follow energy fearlessly and follow the light fearlessly and pursue your dreams and desires and highest excitement with absolute freedom beyond any fear because you know who you are and the power within you and what is possible for you.

So, when you are presented with things that seem like challenges, that seem like difficulties, which seem like complications, your first step is to come into the moment and into your power. We encourage taking three deep breaths, breathing in, breathing in again, and breathing in again to feel your power in the moment. And from there as you elevate your consciousness and you elevate your awareness and you allow yourself into a grander perspective of what’s really going on here, all of a sudden that challenge or that difficulty or that problem or that complication seems so much smaller because you are so much more clear and confident.

Always remember in every situation that there is a grander perspective, and if you are in lack or limitation or fear or separation, you are holding yourself apart from that grander perspective. In every moment, you have the opportunity to accept what is, and in the moment you accept what is you let go of all resistance, and that is so important. …  And the instant manifestation is peace, peace within you, peace around you. When you accept what is, the instant manifestation is peace.

Excerpted from Live Your Grand Adventure, channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on March 16, 2022

**Channel: Sara Landon


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