Duality and Divinity in 2022

There is much in the world that can take our attention away from our own lives and place it in an energy that causes division through personalization.

This is done through assumptions, opinions, disinformation and separation.

Division and fear can consume us, just like a virus does: when something goes viral and infects the collective consciousness, there is a sense of abdication that happens.

The abdication arises from a decision to allow the hot current topics to be the ones you take on and personalize.

Simultaneously, due to the nature of intensified conflict at this time, your ability to focus in a laser-like way on what is true, what is pure, what is heart-centered, is being crystallized.

Being aware that this is happening is the easy part.

The challenging part is how to live your life and engage with others from a place of total neutrality and love.

Your internal desire to recognize that YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS, that you are eternal, will force your hand to move away from everything that leads to judgment, assumption, disinformation, and separation.

It will force your hand by bringing you back to the question – what are you mirroring?

Why is this being mirrored in your life? Why is anger, war and judgment being mirrored for you? Well, look no further than what you are placing your attention on. You have chosen that path.

  • There is no greater liberation than your total honesty to be conscious of what is – without judgment.

2022 embodies the light and the dark of the number 2 – the choice of living the middle path between the two sides, meaning that you will always be aware of ALL of consciousness, both light and dark, and choose to stay neutral.

The acceptance of that duality is your liberation.

The awareness of two sides of the coin, this place of neutrality, walking the middle path, is going to be more and more your source of inner peace, internal compassion, love and joy.

You will be those frequencies.

So the living and being of what it is you want opens up your heart to explore that frequency.

Now, if you are still seeking separation from others out of fear, out of lack, you will experience that separation in your life. You will experience fear on many levels.

It will be mostly expressed unconsciously.

Just be clear that it is all YOUR doing. This is the key. Since you drive the car, you can change how it is you’re taking the wheel.

The triple 2 of 2022 forms a triad. Anything in triplicate manifests the code of creation.

Accept that you live in a dualistic universe – night and day, north and south, black and white, male and female.

In 2022 the dualistic universe is being fully manifested to bring the nature of duality home to you. Which is why this year is so pivotal…

Your only role is to MERGE the light and dark with the full acceptance that both are always present.

And this is why honesty is your only guide.

  • It is easy to have the awareness.
  • It’s far more difficult to embody the knowing we have all woken up to.

Surrender to the present moment by reaching within to your heart.

Decide everything by listening to your heart. Speak from your heart. Trust from your heart.

Live through your heart.

You will very quickly realize that consciousness arises from that place.

That… Love is the only reality.

Blessings and Love,

**By Tania Gabrielle