The Elohim: Using and Mastering your Great Teacher and Companion, Your Pure Emotional Energy

Dear ones we are the Elohim. We are the makers and shapers, the designers, the architects of worlds and realities.

We wish to take this opportunity to give a short message, if we will, to help you understand in more truthful terms the unfoldment that is happening within you, and so without. You are connected into a holographic construct, a rich and complex operating system if you will, that responds dynamically to you.

This is a game, dear ones. A game where you can learn about yourself, your inner workings and the areas that need fine tuning within you by seeing the holographic mirroring or reactions to you by this holographic reality operating system.

Let us speak more simply. The world you see around you is a direct reflection of both you, and of the greater collective, and of the Earth herself. You co-create in this realm with the earth and with your fellow collective members. As humans you are privy to strong and powerful spectrums of emotion. This is why so many have sought to control that gift in you.

So beware of your emotional reactions. They are your greatest ally in understanding what it is within you that is creating both harmony and discord. Think of it like a waterfall. The pure emotional energy starts from the source, it emanates from your heart centre, and it flows and flares through all of you. As it touches parts of you that are at low vibration or illusion, as that energy lenses through those areas, or flows through them, it will be, in a sense, changed in its colouration. It will have the feel or the scent of emotions such as fear, doubt, unworthiness, self-disbelief and things of this nature.

When it flares through high vibration areas of you, it will feel joyful, positive, uplifting, expansive. So we ask you instead of fighting the emotions you feel, your emotional reactions to any happening, watch and feel closely that flaring and colouration of your original emotional energy, indicating to you what it is you have inside of you. So, if you find you are feeling an uncomfortable emotional response to an event you see in your outer sphere, understand that this is a teaching aid. It helps you pinpoint what lies hidden within you as well as where it is and what the flavour of that vibrational construct is within you.

So do you see dear ones, they are your greatest teacher in this game. They show you things about yourselves that you could not see by other means.

It is like you having a flashlight and pointing it inside yourself and then suddenly seeing all these different areas- some translucent and light and bright, and some dark and dense and heavy. Your emotions are like your own lighthouse. They point the way, if you will, to highlight the rocky areas that you would not otherwise see in sailing through the waters of your life. We would like you to ponder on this subject and cultivate the art of working with the emotional energy you have as a human being, and simply bearing witness, not to engage with the emotional responses that you have to anything in your life.

We will leave you now with this to consider dear ones. We love you all so much. You are nearing the finale. We are in great joy in the higher realms, watching you all as you take your individualized and collective steps over that great event finish line, and oh you are so near dear ones. We implore you to feel this hope, this truth within your hearts. Go peacefully, go gently, go in love. We are with you always. We are the Elohim and we thank you for this time with you. Goodbye for now.

**Channel: Davey

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  1. Malissa

    Sew Grateful ALL Source Team Higher Realms

    Instruct Teach Care Deeply 4 Mother Gaia &

    Human SoLites down on the outer planes

    Helping Source Sparks Master themselves:)