Trump Returning to the White House

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj!

The possibilities are endless on this magnificent planet of freewill. The people have always had the power. It is only that the dark ones used manipulation into making the masses think that they are powerless, among many other false claims.

One thing that is also a possibility is Donald Trump returning to the White House, and picking up where he left off. Here we speak of him returning prior to 2024 elections. More precisely within this year of 2022.

There is more than one way in which this can occur. The take over of the mainstream media by benevolent forces, and broadcasting real truth. Showing a lot of what has unfolded behind the scenes for many years, what the dark is responsible for, and all their monster puppets.

Also showing what Trump truly accomplished while in office as President.

Which would bring a vast majority to rise, and demand that all the corrupt leaders be imprisoned and replaced around the world. And in America with the reinstatement of Trump as President.

The chances of that happening are slim. Why would anyone want to shake the masses awake and hurt their feelings?!

The other way in which Trump can return is if the Republicans win the majority of the House of Representatives, stop being cowards and traitors. Then they would be able to elect Trump as Speaker of the House.

Followed with the process of impeaching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. There are hundreds of crimes the two can be charged with. Not to mention the fact that they are inorganic and soulless beings, placed there by their dark masters.

The future is bright regardless of what takes place. However, having Trump become president again, it would perhaps only fast forward the clean up and restoration process. And trigger the world to the next level of its awakening.

The next few months are to be very interesting. As we always say, focus on the reality you desire, not on the obstacles which may appear on your journey towards the new reality.

Donald Trump becoming president again just might shake the masses awake after all.  It is show time my friends. Justice will be served, as the tsunamis of higher light wash over the world.

I am Kejraj!

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  1. Harriet

    I agree with Dana Francesca Mark
    03/26/2022 at 10:30 AM comment. Two forbidden topics are politics and religion at the dinner table.
    This section of the screen is like a dinner table and I know I can’t do anything about it, and my say means nothing here but I’m not in favor of seeing politics on this site. It is always one sided and divisive. The bickering here is just as Dana said, the Cabal enjoys seeing us argue about politics and the Cabal and 3D people can feed off the negative energies.

    Would this site consider not posting political articles so the negativity doesn’t get fed?

    The Democrats and Republicans in our government are exactly the same. Two rich, greedy, corrupt cliques of cronies who don’t have the courage to decide what’s good for America and act on it. I’ve seen their downfall since the sixties, after the Cabal shot Kennedy. I wondered why America was falling apart and decade after decade every section of society was slowly failing. These cronies saw it too, and to find out that they were convinced, coerced, and threatened to follow the orders of the Cabal and in turn become greedy and lose their integrity was heart breaking. The more I read about the Dark ETs and the Cabal’s grip on our world the more I see why everything, and I mean everything has fallen in value, including us. Nothing is good anymore. The food and medicine, water, soil and air are poisoned. Education for children is useless and modeled after an 1800 view of an education for a simple working man. Job creation has not been a priority for decades. When jobs are created it’s by creative citizens trying to buck a corrupt system. And one example: try filing a patent!! You won’t be able to for less than $25 thousand because the giant corporations set up the system for them, not the small business owner. The tax system is highly unfair to anyone who isn’t rich, and many of the taxes are illegal… but how are we to know, we aren’t taught about that in school. The Federal Reserve system and banks are corrupt and will fail this year, and when that happens there goes the stock market. The gold in our reserves is gone. The election system was never good, the Cabal picks the presidents and we aren’t very good at picking the rest nowadays, with integrity gone. I can go on and on but I’m tired of even my own negativity about this topic. It’s so sad that the Democrats AND Republicans let this go on and on so they can be powerful and rich.
    Please let’s at least get a break from the politics on this site. Most of it is fake news according to the ETs and spirits who provide info to the spiritual articles that are posted here.
    You can tell the info is fabricated, and it’s an insult really. All the fake news is generated to keep us divided and the Cabal loves that negative energy we generate.
    L & L to all.

  2. Tammy

    Thanks for this positive perspective. Revelation and the Great Awakening will happen in diving timing and the very hard work by Trump and all of those for the light will come to fruition very soon now. These light workers have persevered through evil and darkness every day for many years to liberate despite liars, naysayers and critics. I am very grateful to all serving the light and ignore those getting in the way.

  3. Douglas A James

    Imagine if the galactic had to have it done by April 30th.. I mean no more hey there’s no time …so take your time BS real urgency .. I thought this was a war I thought we were prisoners i thought we are on a prison planet.. so prisoners must ask for galactic help but then per codex.galactics can’t intervene so we can ask and though service to others is Paramount per law of one they can’t help.. seriously?? A perpetual conundrum yet they allowed earth to be invaded and taken over by negative ETs.. we ascend long ago if we weren’t prisoners…but again galactic know this but can’t intervene directly…and we are to save ourselves which is.impossibe really as there are toplet bombs .. veil…a host of high tech used against us.. but there it is..

    1. Phillis Stein

      They are subject to Universal law and, in this case, the universal law of non-interference. Help can be had, and yes you do have to ask (otherwise that would be considered interference with your personal sovereignty), but man is responsible for ALLOWING this to happen (on one level of perspective at least) and so we must take responsibility and attempt to solve it. However, we are actually receiving more help than you know, so we should be grateful for that and focus on where we want to go, and who we want to be as humanity. Prisoners must free themselves, or as the old saying went: God helps those who help themselves. Victim consciousness does not get one to the next level of the game, so to speak. Self-responsible humans, however, they can work with. Things are about to get a lot more interesting, and I’m sure we all have MUCH to learn.

  4. Harriet

    The Dark Ones have decided elections since Kennedy (and probably before that too). Each president has been negative or ineffective. They have all been threatened to do what the Dark Ones dictate or face assassination or worse like death of loved ones. Our vote doesn’t count and hasn’t for decades. It’s all rigged by the Dark Ones and their minions. The People would have elected Sanders but the Dark Ones decided Hillary Clinton was to win 2016. The minions misunderstood and by mistake enabled Trump to win. The Dark Ones will not let Trump win again.
    As long as the same old negative greedy, uncaring, cowardly congress and senate is in power the Dark Ones will be in power. As long as the US citizens are negative, greedy, uncaring and cowardly they will continue to vote the same congress and senate to power.
    Important: all at the same time: We need to send lots of love and light to everyone; we need to vote in young people who are not negative, greedy, etc and who have our best interests in their hearts; we need to ask cocreators and Creator to keep sending healing energies so we can all become more Angel-like; and I need to say this again: the most powerful thing we all can do is send love and light to everyone on this planet. That means to love everyone unconditionally, including politicians, terrorists, abusers, murderers, industrial giants, the mean teacher, your next door neighbor, your coworker, the relative no one likes. It doesn’t make sense and doesn’t feel right but that’s exactly what we have to do. Love will drive the Dark Ones from controlling us, and drive all the negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors from all of us.
    The greatest teacher Jesus said “love thy neighbor”. That’s exactly what this means.
    It can’t be simpler. We will NOT solve our problems; we will not ascend to the 5th; we will not see the end of the rich and powerful’s negative influence on us all, if we do not use love, light, forgiveness, and kindness as our mission.
    Even if you have difficulty yourselves, teach your young ones what I have said. It is said in many places (including the Bible) that the young will lead the world out of darkness. Try to set the example and let’s help them.
    L & L

  5. Bob

    As Jesus the Christ said at the Sermon on the Mount: “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits… (i.e. works, history, life).”

    This article is a fun cog in the game we are all playing…that of being of this world yet detached from being in this crazy world. Let’s just take a look at the recorded life of this alleged lightworker/light warrior to see how he has brought a “tsunami of light” to the world and political arena.

    To participate in the the “casino game” one must give up their energy to the “underworld” as it is known on the game board. You play by the rules that the thugs, Cosa Nostra, banksters, oligarchs, sexual predators, politicians (da collective swamp) predicate. If you don’t play by the rules of this sinister game, you lose money, power and possibly your life. It does not matter if the people you make money off of are distraught, suffering addicts or the like. These are not a merciful lot.

    Their swamp philosophy is not one we can glean from the Sermon: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

    There is no mercy in this business. These people are ruthless. They screw each other out of millions yet they are verily attached to the game.

    You rub elbows with people of great wealth and influence and one might frequent parties with swamp hats purveying meta exhilaration…gambling, drugs, or women. Maybe the latter might include a naive youth who believes she may get a break from her poverty stricken life by allowing herself to be recruited into their fold.

    “I have known Jeff for 15 years…terrific guy…he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    Perhaps the swamp hats would relish one of their own in the highest seat of governance. With the whisk of a pen he could protect even the slickest in their dark lot: the sex trafficker. Place in your Cabinet former judges or AGs who are his benefactors, arrest him and stage his death for the unwitting public to appease their discontent.

    Take that same pen and circumvent Congress by using an emergency declaration to sell $8 billion in weapons (manufactured by the swamp
    hats) to the Saudis in a proxy war with Iran. This was a repeat of and not a retreat from policies of former heads of state in the 80s. How many deaths and untold suffering we will never know the likes of occurred which comport with drone strikes on innocent civilians of a previous administration.

    Or, perhaps with that whisk of a pen we should have, while the window was open and our troops still there, “take Iraq’s oil as the fruits of war” to resolve our gluttonous energy dilemma.

    Or wait, instead of releasing new energy and healing technologies for Nova Earth, let’s appease the swamp hats and institute the Old Earth practices of raping Gaia as only good environmental predators know best: mine polluting coal from her veins and “crude” oil from her arteries; frack so that the released methane sours our bodies. At all costs, make sure agribusiness and pharmaceuticals get bigger, with little mercy on the dis-eased.

    One cannot say the swamp hats are proud of their boys; once you join the club their expectations are high while their vibrations are low. Just look at their body of work…or fruit. The sound bites of words and actions unfold; for if you are in this world yet not of it, the game has recorded much for your instruction.


  6. John

    I am sorry but i feel i must chime in again in defence of Kejraj (not that He/She needs it) i just feel the need to say it, We all come here to this eraoflight because we all are mostly lightworkers and feel drawn to the preachings and messages that Kejraj provides for us under one roof, the changes that i have become aware of within myself regarding all that is going on is profound and i am a very different person from the one i was two or three years ago i would like to consider myself as ascending, most of us proberbly feel the same but i would bet good hard cash that all opinions on any given subject are wildly different and that is due too perception we all have varying levels of perception, how can we say anyone is bad especially as we may have been just like them 2 or 3 lifetimes ago, in this present time there is no good or bad there is only the divine plan and everything is in place that needs to be in place and that includes you me my spouse your spouse friends enemies etc and putin trump and zelinsky and indeed the dark and white hats, all of us have free will regarding ourself and our direction it is not my job to change your opinion on anything as it is not your job to change mine but if i can enlighten you in some way by something i said then i am pleased, there are many who come here and demand action in variouse ways and i feel that these souls still have some way to go much like i did 2 or 3 years ago i would shout and scream that all were wrong and only i could see the truth and i became so upset that others did’nt see it my way, in the end i learned the truth i learned to love all regardless of who they are or what they do we are all in this together we are all one if i shout at you i am shouting at myself do i really want that.
    i will end with the mantra
    I AM THE LIGHT I AM THE LOVE I AM THE TRUTH I AM and so are you much love to all.

  7. Maac

    In the future we will have no governments, only councils to guide humanity…Meanwhile we need someone like Trump…No one is perfect, but with the dark ones being the way the are, there is a need for someone like Trump…He is done a lot of good for this country but the MSM has done a very good job at discrediting him under the guidance of deep state…Those under the control of deep state have done every crime possible and any illegal actions to impeach, kill, and God knows what else to Trump…Any one with any common sense and with some observation of Biden and Trump…the choice is not too difficult to make…Let us be honest…The economy and just about everything was much better when Trump was president…The election was stolen, have you forgotten? That alone gives Trump the best card in the game…

  8. John Green

    This article is trying to to deflate the hopes of many, guised as an article of hope. Fix 2020 should be happening well before the November mid-terms. I am done with this website.

  9. Douglas A James

    Interesting KejRaj because you said a year ago the election fraud would be exposed and Trump would be returned to office …now 2024 or speaker of the house this is galactic justice? WTFudge. Military supposedly knows who won.. also military supposedly took over the govt and supposedly Biden is played by 3 what’s the deal here.. also event supposedly is to occur.. and supposedly mass disclosure and mass arrests and supposedly nesara has started w Russia and India and China backing their money with gold and supposedly Q is real and supposedly near death experience and supposedly galactics have removed chimera Draco’s and Archons and supposedly and supposedly and supposedly.. I have seen the narrative change even from kej raj.. sad really to see this.. we all saw election stopped fake ballots brought in.. movie 2000 mules now highlights it all…but meanwhile Trump promotes jab as does pentagon so I give up… Galactics wont intervene despite mass mediation and signed petitions .. it’s all a joke to me now…sorry it is all a joke we are just being played it appears.. raise.your vibration…oh ignore those chemtrails ignore those poisons… 11.3 11.4 on and on.. Trump keeps holding why I don’t know .. meanwhile not 1 state has decertified the this rate 2030 it might happen.. just pissed off.. law of one 2012 solar flash was to happen.. we are 10 years late.. and counting ..send it!!

    1. A lightworker

      The future is not carved in stone. If it was, humans would not have free will.

      A result of this is that no one can predict the future, not even the most enlightened master. The best anyone can do is predict what’s likely to happen, but things change. So I can’t fault KejRaj for making a prediction that didn’t come true.

      I do agree that I’d like to see more in-the-open action as well.

    2. Christed Light

      Agreeable Douglas! This is so tiring. I don’t believe these channels are contacting any true source but their own delusions.

    3. Kiki

      Hey check out Cosmc Agency on YouTube and you’ll find the REAL truth about the so called Galactic Federation of Light! They like playing these games unfortunately.

  10. Malissa Liburdi

    The End of the Dark History Hellogram , FINI’ FOREVER

    Real Clean-up Approaches on BLESSED HOME, *MOTHER GAIA*













  11. Gustavo Frein

    “Republicans stop being cowards and traitors.”

    😂🤣😅 You’re a good man Kejraj but I can only consider this to be your attempt at some comic relief. 😀

  12. AA-G

    Hm. The same MSM that said ‘Orange Man Bad’ is now saying ‘WWIII GOOD.’ Do the math.

  13. Derek

    Wow! Big kudos to Kejraj for having the guts to mention the T word. Just the mention makes peoples heads explode. If your stomach turns at the sound you may want to start asking yourself why. A big part of this ascend thing is forgiveness. Whatever you think you hate him for you might consider letting that go.

    I have done the same for obama, hillary, etc. They were just playing their part. I might have acted the exact same way as them if I were in their upbringing and circumstances.

    Let it go, forgive, love. Don’t close yourself off to all possibilities.

  14. Lois Price

    Be aware that every soul, like him or loathe him, is of the Creator. Pick out the person you dislike the most in this world – Trump, Hillary Clinton, Klaus Schwab, the guy who cut you off in the parking lot today – focus on him or her and then see the Creator in him or her. There is nothing or no one in the Universe that is NOT of the Creator. All are One. I AM.

  15. Dana Francesca Mark


    On the one hand – countless lightworkers loathe Trump for his relentlessly pro-business/anti-Nature legislation as President, his many attempts to destroy the Affordable Healthcare Act, etc. etc.

    Other lightworkers idolize him as their Savior geopolitically.

    But the cabal doesn’t care – they just want us divided, because that’s how they maintain their planetary rule!

    LOVE, HARMONY, PEACE – when each of us anchors these high-plane energies within, then radiates them out into a tumultuous world – that’s how we vanquish the cabal and hasten Ascension.

    1. Kathy Bigby

      Boy, this website sure has a lot of trolls…….. that is proof to me that you are doing the work of the Father. Personally, I just ignore the trolls: those who plant themselves as huge ugly rocks in the middle of a beautiful river to try and divide and disrupt the living water. What does the river of life do? We flow around the rock, wearing it down with our loving flow of life. Just ignore the rocks and flow on: just flow on together people of LIGHT!

    2. Emma

      Trump is not anti-nature. He has never taken salery as president, but often his salery went to restore nature parks (donated his salery every year).
      Also he sat aside millions every year to have the oceans cleaned for plastic and trash.
      You can easily look that up in his EO’s.

      1. P.S.

        Don’t forget the trillion trees program, which is the proper earth-loving way to clean up and balance the atmosphere and ecosystems.

      2. Dana

        Hi Emma

        Yes, Trump donated his salary (just in the first quarter of 2017) to the National Park Service – specifically to protect America’s historic battlefields, though, rather than beautiful nature.

        He also reauthorized the “longstanding amount of $10,000,000 annually for NOAA’s Marine Debris Cleanup Program” which is great!

        And you’re right – Trump joined the international Trillion Trees Initiative, which is a wonderful way to support a healthy planet.

        All the more troubling than, is his legislative record revoking more than 70 laws protecting our clean air/waters/wilderness/ sacred tribal lands/wildlife and vulnerable communities – instead supporting major drilling, mining, logging and factory farm industries. (Some of his rule changes have been successfully fought in court, with many other cases pending.)

        He’s certainly a complicated fellow!

    3. Spiritualjon

      I agree Dana There is no right or wrong all is as it should be nothing is out of place all that needs to be revealed will be show at the appropriate time everybody on earth is doing exactly what they should be doing due to the energy they have created during this cycle from the light comes darkness and from the darkness comes light if you have not known the dark you will not see the light so do not judge the darkness or idolise the light go within and get yourself into balance anchor your light to the earth and love all things because you are part of all things and all things are part of you it’s all consciousness which is the source energy of our creator and he love’s us all❤️

  16. Ann

    This does not ring true to me. Trump pushed the vaccines and still endorsed them last summer when he was not in office. Trump is not the savior. The last election woke me up to that fact. An article like this makes me question the validity of the entire website.

    1. Dana Francesca Mark

      Note – Ann is referring to the main article, “Trump Returning to the White House,” not Dana Mark’s comment. 🙂

    2. Emma

      IF… Trump went against vaccines he would be jailed. Same people as the J6 committee would make the case that a man with that many followers saying vax is bad, would kill many that then did not take it. Trump knew most of his followers would not take it, even if he promoted it.
      Imagine if queen Elisabeth of UK said to people; Do not take the vax it is bad. Then all death would be nailed on her, and they could easily make a court case an have her jailed for causing death to that many people (like all her fans).

      Trump in jail would mean never running again, not in 2024, not ever. That would be bad, as he has the tenacity to take out deepstate. I dont know many with his will power, and fearlessness <– if that is a word.

      Also I have a feeling he is not promoting the vax that we know, but the single dose the military has made, that cure many many things.

      Trump is not a savior, he is just the one that can do stuff if enough people are behind him. Without the people he can do nothing. He is waiting for enough people to stand up, as he can not do it without all the people. One man can not take the evil system down, even as stubborn as he is. WE ARE ALL THE SAVIOURS of this planet, he is just the front man with the connections in that environment.

      However he likes to follow the law, and if he does, he will not be back in 2022. A president can by law rule in 10 years but no longer. He can change that, but he likes the law, and he does not want to be accused of a coup. He himself has said he prefered not to take the 'speaker of house-plan'. He wanted another plan already moving, and he hoped that plan would work out.

      Americans have hat another president that served 10 years. Was that under war?, or was it a VP taking over because the potus died, and then served 8 years of his own election as president, I dont remember.

      I hope people has read something about devolution, from Patel Patriot, that gives so much more insight, than I have.

      1. Adrienne

        Right you are, Emma!
        I’d also add that this main post is just another iteration of the talk going around about DJT possibly becoming Speaker.

        First of all, this would be a very bad look (who could blame anyone for calling it a coup?); and secondly, no one has yet explained how it’s even possible. Since when can the House elect a non-elected representative as its Speaker?

        Now, 22A must be read carefully, and there’s absolutely nothing in the Constitution that addresses our unprecedented situation of a completed stolen election. But this much is clear:

        People have talked about DJT being able to serve 10 years. That’s sort of true. Actually, it would have to be just a sliver under 10 because
        “No person shall be elected to Office of the President more than twice.”

        It goes on to say that if a person were APPOINTED (as acting POTUS) and IF that appointment ended up being MORE THAN 2 YEARS, then that stand-in person can only be elected once. (Which he was in 2016)

        So, even though we know he already won twice, Trump would have to keep the loss so that he could run again in ‘24 and be elected for “the second time.”

        And to do that, he would have to be appointed by the military or Congress and serve UNDER 2 YEARS as Biden’s stand-in. (🙄)

        Bottom line: DJT cannot come back until after 1/20/23. He serves the 2 years minus a day, then runs & wins in ‘24. Ten years minus a day. Twice elected.
        NOTE: The only other option is a Constitutional Amendment. But we cannot likely do that until the new Red Wave is seated in Jan. 2023 – in which case they may as well just appoint Trump as acting POTUS a few weeks later.

        The only other possibility for DJT to come back sooner is for martial law and new elections VERY SOON. That could happen.

        1. Emma

          Thanks for further info, as I am European, and living in Europe, I dont know as much as an American.
          If like this summer a new election, then he gets 4 years, and then he cannot run again. I would like for him to get those remaining 2 years of Bidens term, and then run in 2024.

          Or … wartime president as he call himself. You have had a president that served for a very long time, because there was a war, F.Roosevelt, and I am sure Trump made a war-thing-EO, so maybe he can sit 12 years too.

          I do not see the speaker thing. First enough have to agree to make him speaker, and there are RINO’s. Then they have to impeach Biden, and impeach the Camel too (Harris). Takes too long.

          When the decertifying starts (me hoping), then he will be rightfully installed, and after that people may understand the world is in war with deepstate, and chose to have Trump continue til the war against deepstate is won, or limited to 2028.

          1. Mike Ohira

            Hi Emma,

            I read all the comments here but to me what you have written looks to be the most accurate so I’m gonna reveal the truth only to you:

            What was written in Kejrej’s article will not become a reality.

            Trump will take over but just for a short period of time. He will be president of the New Republic USA and not the USA Inc. as this old one does not exist anymore.

            The new president of the New Republic USA who will replace Trump will be a woman, I know who she is but cannot reveal her name at this time.
            Exactly when this replacement will take place, I do not know.

            How do I know this? Well, I will only say that I heard it from “above”. Let’s see if I will be right or wrong.

        2. Keri S

          I love Our Trump! So many are going to be very surprised when they find out just how much he has been doing for all of us behind the scenes ! It’s all gonna come out and I can’t wait to see peoples reactions to the very core of the truth of things ! So we will see ! Much light and love to you all!! Love our Trump!!!!!!

  17. Tom

    He is not coming back to the Whitehouse.
    Wake up people the man is a Con mam. Has been his whole life.
    If this story ring’s true to you I feel for you.

    1. Deborah Butler

      Nevertheless Trump’s return would be much better than who is currently pretending to run our country. Trump’s presidency far exceeded anyone previously in office since Reagan…

  18. Dan

    I know many people are just waiting for Trump return , that is good because 2020 election is disrupted and ruined by dark forces using current political systems . That election incident just prove the fact that there are flaws in our current various systems , including political ones . So the political systems should evolve first with our evolving consiciousness , then a very young and spiritually advanced one elected as Prisident to set the example [ Lets give our younger generation a chance ] , and finally our beloved Trump will begin his term [ 2020 election and Americans owe him one ] . This solution will be fair and benefit everyone .

  19. Deborah Butler

    Is it constitutionally possible for Trump to be seated as SOTH when he is not a seated congressman?

  20. John

    I agree with everything you say Kejraj but it really do’es surprise me that still this day some people cannot see past the media drivel regarding Trump and Putin these two warriors of light have been massively demonised by the controlled media these two heroes have had to tread lightly in the begining because they would have been assasinated indeed one of them has been but the light forces were able to convince the double to work for the light, to the naysayers i say this dont let your ego get in the way of truths the truth is there in front of you if you open your eyes and belive what you see. however saying all that i accept that we all have our own perception and mine might not be yours. i do feel though that as lightworkers we must see all with a clear and loving heart and not to bear judgement in any way shape or form, victory to the light i send this with much love to all regardless of political choice light or dark color creed etc

  21. Mike Ohira

    This don’t make sense to me, Kejraj. The real Biden died years ago and his clone was jailed. Kamala Harris was arrested and executed. The so called Biden administration is fake and illegal because the real people don’t exist anymore. What the hell is going on!? This is an illegal administration and should be removed immediately. Kick them out! Who can tolerate this kind of stupidity?

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Hi Mike,

      All you have said is true. However, it would be difficult for the masses to grasp such truth. So should Kamala and Biden be impeached, arrested, it would be a play.

      1. Linda Rosa

        Kejraj, your words ring true. Something startling does have to happen to jog the brains of many humans. Mr. Trump was not going around the world starting wars, as is “Biden”. Trump was bringing our troops home. He got us out of the Paris Peace Accord, which had as it’s goal the heavy taxation of humans in industrialized nations so the mega corporations could continue to chemtrail us with heavy metals and omicron and various other diseases, and continue to kill our food with glysophate, and continue to brainwash and dumb down our beautiful children in schools, and raise the prices of our food and gasoline in an attempt to bring to our knees the family of human beings created in Genesis 2 by the Lord God. Oh yes and let us not forget that a gallon of gasoline during the Trump presidency cost a mere $2.30/gallon. Pharma drug prices were also lowered, Was he authentic or was he playing us? This I don’t kniw. Did his words and demeanor sometimes make me cringe? Yes. I thought he was real, and still have a hope that he can awaken the masses to the abject horrors we have been exposed to by the monsters that seemingly have power on this earth. The simple fact is – they don’t have power. GOD IS THE ULTIMATE LIGHT, LOVE AND POWER and GOD WINS!! Love you Kejraj!

      2. Mike Ohira

        Is there any meaning in arresting and impeaching dead people? It is meaningless, just a waste of time.

        1. A lightworker

          Well, the normies have proven in the last two years that if you tell them truth that’s outside their worldview, they’ll simply refuse to believe it. If there’d be an EBS today saying “Biden has been dead for years”, they’d simply disbelieve it. If that was coupled with action to have Trump openly be president, they’d think “ORANGE MAN COMMITTING COUP” even if you’d send an EBS alongside it.

          The only way you can get most people to agree that yes, Biden is bad and yes Trump is the legitimate president, is by staging a play where say Biden gets publicly arrested due to the contents on his son’s laptop. Or something like that. It has to be a narrative that normies can accept (so no “Biden has been dead for years”) and it has to be broadcast on the mind control box aka TV.

          I agree that this stage play sucks, but given how brainwashed and intellectually lazy the normies are, I don’t really see another option at this point in time.

        2. Emma

          Hi Mike

          Thanks for sharing 🙂

          I do not mind a female president, but it sounds “installed”, when she is already selected. How can above be sure that enough people will vote for her?

          I know that future cannot be predicted far, as our vibrations change a lot, these days.

          I also know that US today is inc. and the hole DC is even not america, birth certificates sold etc.

          (Was not able to reply direktly

          1. Mike Ohira

            I don’t think the voting system that we are all familiar with will be used. There is no time for that. I believe there will be a divine government installed to lead us to a new world, a 5th dimensional world where only Love, Peace, and Prosperity exists for all of humanity. It will be a great and wonderful world where no evil exists.

            Trump did a fine job and he accomplished what he needed to do. Trump is not a man suitable for the New Republic USA. The new woman president is equipped with far superior knowledge and ability to take on the role as the president of the New Republic.

    2. Gustavo Frein

      If the current Biden/Harris beings are clones wouldn’t they have made them more intelligent? More articulate? Neither one of them can form a coherent thought.

      And if they are not the originals what difference does it make? Clearly, they are in power and are doing all they can to destroy America.

      Next up: Food shortages, famine and more vaccines, economic collapse, gas and energy shortages and prices we can’t pay.

      So this talk of the “reals” being executed makes no sense, the clones are filling in very nicely.

    3. Douglas A James

      Exactly.. 2024??? WTF .. drip drip drip…the galactics must enjoy watching us.. hey keep raising your vibration though…where are.those dominos .. the announcement so many have stated.. ebs 10 days darkness..on and on ..let’s go!!

  22. Lemurian brother

    My stomach turns at even his picture , I subscribe to zero political party’s , I really like this website except for this Lock HIM up

  23. Trí

    “The take over of the mainstream media by benevolent forces, and broadcasting real truth.” This really need to happened!