The Great Quantum Transition: Ops In Polynesia Part 3

On the Island of Bora Bora, following the Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee’s instructions, Lightwarriors conducted an operation to disassemble and purify the Matrix of the Reference Constants of Earth from the decay and death viruses introduced into it by Black Archons.

These viruses disrupted the natural energy exchange of our planet with Greater Cosmos, knocked down Earth’s center of gravity. Several shock Black asteroids completed the imbalance of the planetary core. Gaia was doomed…

The Matrix consisted of the Goddess Gaia’s aspects. Lightwarriors had to split it as well. It could no longer be saved, since the reboot of the Gaia’s Monad had already occurred.

But the team deputy head decided to restore it all the same, and return it to Gaia, saying that he couldn’t do otherwise.

For it, Co-Creators removed the Matrix of Reference Constants from the sanctum of Mount Otemanu and introduced into the Lightwarrior’s Monad who carried out the necessary rehabilitation.

Then, he restored its original version and returned it to the Temple of the Reference Evolutionary Constants. Now, Co-Creators use it for Earth’s transforming and Transition to 5D.

The site of the next Lightwarriors’ operation was Moorea Island. They have been preparing to work on it for many years.

From the first minute, Moorea defied imagination and charmed them. Eight high pyramid-shaped mountain peaks and many smaller pyramids were beautiful.

On the Island, every mountain has that form. They fill the whole of Polynesia with positive energy. It is no coincidence that Co-Creators chose Moorea for the Earth’s Womb. This is a purely feminine territory, a female hearth on a “male” Hemisphere (see – PART 2).

Black Archons have left their sinister mark here too. They knocked down not only the Earth’s gravity center but also an ideal Coefficient of Foundations’ Harmony. Under the destructive energy-informational impact of their incorrect frequency were those who lived near Bora Bora. As a result, their DNA mutated, and transmitted from generation to generation.

Now, in Polynesia, one can meet people with a disturbed Foundations’ Harmony: masculine-looking women and feminine men. Even the children who are born there are vulnerable to this trouble…

Moorea is a projection of the Earth’s Womb. But Gaia herself couldn’t bear anything and no one in her womb. It was forcefully used for that by many space races, Light, Grey and Dark, who turned the Island into a Galactic maternity hospital.

The Earth’s Womb is an ideal environment where any embryo, any natal Matrix, can mature. Lightwarriors discovered more than a hundred incarnation Matrices on Moorea, embedded there by various extraterrestrial civilizations. The main fetuses were under mountain peaks, filling them with cosmic energy.

All this had an extremely destructive effect on Earth whose permission for such experiments was not asked by anyone, neither by the Darks, nor by the Lights. In the era of duality, Gaia did not have the freedom of choice.

Due to the forced feeding of many extraterrestrial hybrid embryos in her womb, Earth was losing a lot of vital energy which she always lacked.

Black Archons intensively abused not only Gaia. They drained vital power from the marae system, where bloody rituals and human sacrifices were performed, from vampirism of people living on the islands. Part of the energy was withdrawn from the sacred structures of the Pacifide’s civilization whose Temples are now on the ocean floor of the Polynesian Triangle.

On Moorea, Yaltabaoth crossed his DNA with the DNA of the Goddess Gaia. DNI narrated similar project of creating Yaltabogaia whose Matrix was located in Table Mountain in modern South Africa (see – Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation, Parts 1 and 2).

Unlike this Yaltabogaia, the Moorean hybrid was produced by genetic engineering. On the Subtle Plane, Yaltabaoth introduced a fertilized egg into the Earth’s Womb. Everything was done against Gaia’s will; her wave genetic material was simply taken away.

The forcible introduction of the embryo caused a powerful cataclysm on the physical plane, as a result of which two faults were formed on the future Island of Moorea in the form of and gulfs – Cook and Opunohu, going deep into the island.

So Gaia’s Womb under Moorea became the storage of hybrid Matrix of Yaltabogea-2, and of hundreds other incarnation Matrices.

As mentioned above, the Earth’s Womb was actively exploited by everyone who wanted and had access to our planet – Lights, Blacks, and Grays.

It was used for thousands of years, and during this time many fetuses were carried in it which were then withdrawn by different ET.

Earth-born entities are now scattered throughout the Galaxy. Many gave rise to space races and groups of civilizations.

By Higher Light Hierarchy and Karma Lords’ decision, the ground team was instructed to completely cleanse the Earth’s Womb of all incarnation Matrices and hybrid embryos in it.

It turned out to be an issue since most of those who put them there vehemently opposed to it.

They tried to carry out a secret evacuation but the Karmic Board and Light Hierarchs stopped it at once. A tough confrontation began.

To protect the Yaltabogaia-2 Matrix, Black Archons created the similar entity, Aku Aku, as on Easter Island (see – Easter Island Ops. Part 2). It, too, was fully robotic and programmed to guard the embryo.

Sensed the danger from Lightwarriors, it attacked them with all its might from a Subtle Plan.

Each team member had a sharp heart seizure and blood pressure jumped. Their Monads went into a vibrational afterburner and accelerated to a super vortex state, blocking the embryo and its protective monster in the field of the Earth’s Womb. Immediately, Higher Light Hierarchs stepped in again and took the whole situation under full control.

After these events, Lightwarriors went in the rented car to the foot of the highest mountain of Moorea – Tohiea (Tohivea). It was in it that the Causal-wave embryo of Yaltabogea-2 was kept.

Along the trail, through the jungle, the group went in search of a place for the next op, as close as possible to Tohiea. They had to make way through dense bushwhack, watching their steps every now and then, fearing snakes of which there are many on Moorea.

Soon, the trail acquired a cultivated look; stones were laid out on the side of the path. That confirmed that it led to some ritual sacred place.

Lightwarriors were not mistaken. Shortly, they came to a waterfall, sacred to the aborigines, next to which they saw a large ritual stone. It was the best place for the operation.

Having climbed on top of it, the group fully felt its strong energy. From there, Lightwarriors conducted the first fiery sterilization the Earth’s Womb, cleaning its cavity from everything that was in it.

One of Co-Creators even compared this operation to an abortion. Of course, it wasn’t quite true but a certain analogy was. During and after the op, the group members became very sick. All felt the negative radiation of hybrid embryos.

After the first clean-up was carried out, Co-Creators asked Lightwarriors to build a Situational Ascension Channel through which the keepers of the hybrids incarnation Matrices could leave the Earth’s Womb but strictly under the Karma Lords’ control.

The next day, Lightwarriors repeated a fierce sterilization of the Earth’s Womb. This time they got a good look at its structure. It was divided into levels and zones for different natal Matrices in them. There was even an elite “basement” in which only hybrids containing DNA and aspects of the Yaltabaoth’s Monad were stored.

During the sweep, the group treated the Earth’s core with a fire ray first, and then, the “male” part in the Northern, “female” Hemisphere (see – PART 2). Additionally, Lightwarriors have cleared the sacred axis linking two opposite Yin-Yang foundations on different continents.

By the evening, the cleansing and sterilization of the Earth’s Womb was terminated. Its accelerated reboot in the Gaia’s Monad immediately kicked off, and, then, Earth’s manifestation bodies folded in Goddess Monad.

All this time there was a big debate about what to do next. Should the Earth Womb be given a rest? Or, after rehabilitation, should hybrids allowed by Karma Lords be placed into it for gestation?

Initially, many were inclined to the second option.

But the female part of the team violently opposed it, insisting that Gaia must have a break.

Collectively, the op’s participants developed a plan that satisfies everyone. They decided to create an additional surrogate Earth’s Womb on Moorea, next to the main one, but endowed with different functions.

Access to the surrogate Womb was opened for the gestation of artificial life forms that had passed the Karma Lords examination. At the same time, the embryos’ creators were obliged to support this Womb (an exact copy of the natural one) energetically.

It was a wise decision in which the basic Earth’s Womb and Gaia could repose. Co-Creators gave the go-ahead, and in the evening of the same day, the women of the group began to develop a surrogate version, using their and Gaia’s aspects.

The next day, it was singled out and anchored on Moorea, near the main Womb.

The surrogate copy is a part of Gaia and has the evolutionary status of a temporary manifestation body of her Monad.

After that, Gaia performed a micro-upload of her Monad; more precisely, of its core without folding and unfolding of Monads’ manifestation bodies.

Then, Lightwarriors drove a bit around Moorea and went back to their villa to prepare for departure the next day. In the evening, as always, they went to bed early.

At about 11 p.m., Co-Creators unexpectedly woke up the team head and said that the group urgently needed to arrive at the site of the last operation before midnight. Lightwarrior woke up his deputy; they got into the car and, without disturbing the others, drove to the indicated place.

As they approached along the mountain serpentine to the op’s point, negative energy began to be felt increasing with each meter. It was very destructive, showering both with chilling cold.

Suddenly, on the hill, Lightwarriors saw two … white wolves. Then they vanished.

The probability of seeing a collective hallucination is the same as seeing similar dream. Wolves in the tropics, and even white ones, are nonsense. But they were!

What it was – a hologram or something else, there was no time to figure out, and Lightwarriors continued on their way.

They arrived at the place at 23:33. The energy there was terrible. On the Subtle Plane, they were doused with some kind of toxic substance from which the limbs were numb, the skin was covered with goosebumps and a vibration of fear and aggression was felt.

When clairvoyantly viewing the place, Lightwarriors saw a vast confluence of different ET and spacecraft. Never before had they seen so many extraterrestrial entities, Light, Dark and Gray.

There was a fierce altercation between them. Many came there to make their claims for the lost hybrids. The situation escalated to the limit. An armed clash could start at any moment.

Moreover, Lightwarriors felt that the aggression was mostly directed against them, since they worked on Earth’s Womb.

And now, at the insistence of Co-Creators, in this extreme environment, Lightwarriors had to carry out two new operations.

The first was aimed at the revival the Pleromic Structure of the 12 planetary Flower (Cell) of Life Temples, centered on Moorea. To do it, Lightwarriors installed an Absolutized Matrix of Life in the core of the Temple.

Disclosure News has narrated not once these Temples and the work that was done to cleanse them from karma. Now, there is a fully restored Temple of the Cell of Life on the planet which opens up incredible prospects for Earth and makes it actually the Highest Planet!

The next operation in these semi-combat conditions was balancing the Earth’s artificial chakras. During the work, all 12 exogenous Power Crystals, forming the system of planetary chakras, were combined into a single energy whole.

Meanwhile, the aggressive vibes addressed to Lightwarriors intensified. Both decided to stop further work, and went back to the villa for reinforcements, so that during the main op they were covered from the rear.

They woke up the others, quickly packed up and drove back to the place of operation. Imagine their surprise when, upon arriving at the place (it was already past midnight), they found nothing that they saw half an hour ago.

There was complete calm, a normal vibrating background. Of the extraterrestrial entities, only the Lights remained. Apparently, something happened, and the Grays and Darks left this place.

The team members took their leader into a tight protective ring, and he put the first incarnation Matrices sanctioned by Karma Lords into the surrogate Earth’s Womb.

These were the ORIGINALS of the natal Matrices of Siriusians, Pleiadians and Arcturians. The Matrices of these civilizations were personally delivered to Moorea by the Supreme Hierarchs: from Sirius – by Sinarion, Pleiades – by Ashtar (thanks to their shock space fleet, an ET clash that night was prevented) and Arcturus – by Metatron.

The Matrices were placed in the surrogate Womb so that they could acquire higher-level vibrations. Before that, they had been completely or partially cleansed of karma, and Lightwarriors in other countries remotely helped it.

As a counter-commitment, in exchange for their evolutionary Matrices’ upgrading, these cosmic races have taken patronage of cleansing ALL the civilizations of the Galaxy from karma who wish it. A kind of karmic obligement. By the way, only the Pleiadians had a completely pure evolutionary Matrix.

Such was the end of Lightwarriors’ operations in Polynesia.

**By Lev