Powers of the Soul

The deepest and highest truth will always resonate deeply within your heart and soul – as truth.

The deepest and most unconditional love will be felt within you in profound ways, which defy words. It is a deep knowing, which goes beyond all human knowing.

The greatest of powers of the soul, lie in the heart and soul center, the intuitive and psychic powers, when the Higher heart and third eye and crown center unite as ONE. The monadic Knowing is now activated, as we become AS ONE with the Mighty, I AM Presence, and the Monad, the amplified Soul Groupings. We now embrace the Christ/Buddhic Consciousness, which is pure unconditional love, as ego dissolves.

Interestingly all Great Mystics,from all religions, describe this state, as a state, where one become no-thing. You dissolve into No-thing-ness, yet in the No-thingness everything is found. When this happens, you now are ready to step into the fullness of the much higher 7th Dimensional State.

As we rise in 5th dimensional frequency, as souls, we then start merging our Solar Plexus area, which acts as a psychic pump, with our higher heart and higher Third Eye – the All Seeing, All Hearing, All Knowing Eye, and thus then start to reclaim our Universal consciousness and thus return to the 7th dimensional state, which is often referred to as the 7th Heaven, where we literally embrace the angelic, archangelic qualities and return to the ultimate Oneness and Unity of the THE ONE. The Divine Source.

As you progress from the 3rd, into the 4th, and then into 5th dimensional state, you will always go through stringent testing which the ancients called, initiations, in order to see if you are ready to leave the old behind forever, and thus are allowing yourself, transcend that old state, and transfigure into the new.

Transfiguration can literally be described as that state, when the caterpillar becomes liquid (no-thing) and then slowly but surely, the butterfly emerges and is born. If the caterpillar refuses to dissolve into no-thingness (liquid), then the butterfly will never be born.

So often we resist that dissolving into no-thingness, because our negative ego is clinging onto the persona, the form, the structures, the false belief systems, fears, attachments, unforgiveness, shame, blame and guilt, etc. because the ego has no place in the higher dimensional state anymore.

The I becomes the WE in the higher dimensional states – meaning that one becomes the I AM THAT I AM – which indeed embraces the Divine Source – Divinity. Thus the infinite knowing that there is no separation, there are no divisions, there is only ONE. My soul brother and my soul sister are ME and I am my soul brother, and I am my soul sister, and I am All That IS! This is in truth the Power of Love, unconditional Love, which is all-embracing.

It is only when you are no-thing – that you can finally see and experience the highest truth – and thus the transfiguration is the beautiful and profound emerging of the butterfly, which in truth is your soul, as it embraces the Divinity within itself and in all sentient Beings, and All of Creation! This is what is often referred to, as the resurrected state. The Dying of the Old and the rebirth into the New Christ Consciousness or Unity Consciousness steeped in unconditional Love.

**By Judith Kusel