Reincarnation is Changing

Here is a summary extract from one of the many chapters in my latest book, Spiritual Metaphysics. This information is being released to everyone today as it is vital to understanding life in today’s rapidly-changing world.

The Old Reality of Reincarnation

The wheel of reincarnation concept says that we are born again and again until we graduate from this school of experience. Gaining a wide-ranging experience of all the varieties of human living with all its triumphs and failures takes a lot more than just one life. The surprise is how many times a person may reincarnate in order to complete one full cycle of all types of experience…

Typically, a complete tour of human experience for a young soul takes 288 incarnations!

Lightworkers, on the other hand, are old souls who have already graduated, either here or elsewhere. Their incarnations are voluntary lives of service to help humanity rather than having to re-learn that which their souls have already mastered.

The New Possibilities

The rules of reincarnation on earth have changed. A grand cosmic cycle of 26,000 years is in its completion stage today because it was timed to end at this exact time by Divine Karmic intelligences who foresaw that The Shift would change everything in this, our modern era. Graduation Day is here!

Some people think of Earth as God’s only planet populated by humans. God, on the other hand, sees the entire universe as a playground for self-aware human intelligences. If you’ve ever felt that ‘home’ could be somewhere other than here, you’re probably right because every soul on earth is an extra-terrestrial! It’s a long story but, at a soul level, no one on Earth today is originally from Earth.

The choices for reincarnation which are emerging today are as follows:

(1) Move up to heart-centered consciousness for rebirth on the New Earth, which will emerge soon in a physical 4D realm rather than today’s physical 3D vibration.

(2) People who choose to live more physical lives in the style of life on the Old Earth will still have that option, just not on the New Earth. After they pass on from this world, they will relocate via the soul realms to a new planet where their preferred 3D-frequency lifestyle will continue.

(3) The Lightworker Mission-Accomplished option:

The cosmos is a large place and God’s plan for the enlightenment of humanity on Earth goes back at least 26,000 years, when volunteers were sought to help during a massive influx of human souls onto the planet Earth. In addition to the mass of newly-arriving souls, millions of lightworkers from other, more advanced cultures volunteered to live among the new arrivals on Earth.

The lightworkers’ presence has helped to raise the mass consciousness of humanity so that many people are now ready to advance into 4D physicality at this point in history. After completing their current incarnations in both physical life and the afterlife, some lightworkers will choose to reincarnate on Earth while many will return to their home worlds with their missions accomplished. Many soul families of lightworkers are planning to take this option once today’s challenges of The Shift are completed.

For the full text of the chapter, Reincarnation is Changing, and many more chapters filled with insights into the whys and wherefores of today’s changing world, see my new book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life.

**By Owen Waters


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  1. Anne

    Ummm you are forgetting leaving the Matrix entirely, which is possible at any point in time here on earth, regardless of Harmonic Universe shifts etc… You should read Lisa Renee she explains this better. Its really limiting otherwise.