Our Eternal Presence of Awareness

To be aware of our eternal Presence, we can open ourselves to the energy of our higher Self and ask to be drawn into realization of our infinite Being. Once we realize that we are much greater than our human self, we can direct ourselves into positive, high-vibratory visions, feelings and experiences. We can examine our limitations and realize what they are and resolve them. We do not need to be limited.

We can recognize that our human experience is part of a compartmentalized reality, created by the collective recognition of humanity and maintained in our consciousness with our life force. It is designed to reflect back to us the results of our creations. By the focus of our thoughts and emotions, we align with their energetics. Our alignment radiates into the quantum field and manifests the quality of our attention in our experience. This is our creative nature.

Although we are participating in the holographic game of human life, we can realize how to participate in a life-enhancing way that feels wonderful. From the energy that we experience, we learn what we naturally prefer, and we can direct our attention there. We can position ourselves in elevating environments, where we can be naturally thankful and joyful. This level of vibration and polarity is where we can be aware of our intuition with precision. We can know how we feel in great sensitivity with increasing awareness.

In our interactions with others, we can be confident in love and compassion, even in the most difficult encounters. It is always our level of vibration that is important, not the form of what we do. It is by vibratory resonance that we create. We are natural modulators of energetics. We don’t have to know any of this in order to be creators. It is our nature. We only need to know that we are creators with our state of being, our thoughts and our emotions, and that we have absolute control of ourselves. We have our imagination, and we can summon up emotions.

We can realize that there are no real threats to us. We’re playing roles in a game of consciousness, and we create the quality of our experiences. We have free will in every moment, and in every moment we are creating experiences for all conscious beings in the universal consciousness of the Creator, which we participate in and can be aware of.

**By Kenneth Schmitt